Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Review India 2022

In this article, I will review a new gaming monitor Acer AOPEN 27HC5R, which is easily available at a low price.

I have described many of the best gaming headphones, keyboards and gaming chairs so far.

Gaming monitors are as important in gaming as all of them.

The gaming monitor I am talking about today is a great gaming monitor. I have used it personally, that is why I can tell you better about all its features.

Apart from this, I also felt some limitations in this, which I will also cover in this article.

If you do not have much time, then you can take your decision by reading its key features and pros and cons.

Keep in mind whenever you buy a gaming monitor, always buy it keeping your needs in mind.

Most gamers are confused about which gaming monitors they should buy? Can they use simple monitors in gaming?

You will get answers to all these questions in this article so stay with me till the end.

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Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Review

Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Review

Key Features

  • FHD VA panel display with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 250 Nits brightness
  • Blazing fast 165Hz refresh rate
  • 5 MS response time


  • Bluelight shield and flickerless technology
  • 1500R curvature
  • AMD free sync


  • You can’t adjust the height

This gaming monitor comes from Acer, a specialist in manufacturing advanced electronics technology, whose headquarters are located in Taiwan.

The Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Gaming Monitor is a perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts who need a gaming monitor that gives you the best refresh rate.

So understand all these features in detail and find out if the Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Gaming Monitor is a perfect choice for you or not.

By the way, you will also be curious to know what you get in the box with the Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Gaming Monitor.

So let’s see.

What’s in the Box?

In the box of Acer AOPEN 27HC5R you are given all the necessary cables from which you can connect the monitor to your PC.

You are also given an adapter to power the monitor. Apart from this, a stand is also available, which is of good quality and easily fit into the monitor.

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Nowadays gamers are liking curved display more.

The curved display is not only best in appearance, but also gives you a much better viewing angle, which acts as an extra feature for the gaming enthusiast.

acer aopen 27hc5r

Although curved displays are not always a great feature, it also has some drawbacks that gamers often face. We will talk about these in another article.

In Acer AOPEN 27HC5R you get 1500R curved display which is a good feature.

1500R (1500 radius) is capable of giving better immersive gaming experience and gives you a viewing angle of about 178 Degrees.

In Acer 27HC5R you get 2 types of variants in which one comes with 27 inch display while the other one with 32 inch.

Out of these two variants, you have to choose the variant that you need.

Keep in mind that if your graphics card provides the best quality, then you can also go with variants with 32 inch display otherwise 27 inch is a better option.

The variant I used during testing was a 27 inch display.

If you do not need a very big display, then you go with this variant, it will save your money too.


Acer 27HC5R Gaming Monitor gives you full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution display which gives you better gaming visualization.

If you have a better graphics card then your gaming experience with the Acer 27HC5R is going to be really great.

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The Acer AOPEN 27HC5R has been given to you VA panel which according to me is a good feature.

The VA panel is good for gamers who need a monitor, not just in gaming, but they also want to do the rest of their work.

Refresh Rate

Acer has done extremely well in terms of refresh rate in the AOPEN 27HC5R Gaming Monitor.

In this you get a refresh rate of 165Hz which is blazing fast.

With the help of such a great refresh rate, you will not feel lag in gaming at all.

I have played games like COD and Apex Legend in it and I have got a great gaming experience.

But keep in mind that if your graphics card is not better then you will not be able to get such a good gaming experience despite having a refresh rate of 165Hz.

Therefore, the benefit of this Acer AOPEN will be given only to those who have good graphics cards.

Response Time

The shorter the response time, the better and faster gaming you will get.

In the Acer AOPEN 27HC5R gaming monitor you get a response time of 5ms which is fine considering the price.

But if it had been reduced a bit, the Acer AOPEN 27HC5R gaming monitor would have been the best in this budget.

Since in this you have been given VA panel, in which you get better contrast but less response time.

Eye Care Features

Gaming is not easy.

When you are gaming for a long time, you have to face many problems.

For instance, when you look at a monitor for a long time, it will have a profound effect on your eyes, because the monitor produces blue light which is not good for the eyes.

But Acer has given you a feature in the AOPEN 27HC5R gaming monitor with the help of that you can control the blue light of the monitor.

Apart from this, anti-flicker technology has been used in AOPEN 27HC5R.

Anti-flicker technology ensures a comfortable viewing experience by preventing screen flickering as a means of reducing the monitor’s brightness.

Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Review: A New Gaming Monitor

Good For

If you are looking for a budget friendly gaming monitor with curved display and high refresh rate then Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Gaming Monitor is perfect for you.

Apart from this, if you are fond of playing different types of games then this monitor is for you.

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Not Good For

If you need high response time in your gaming monitor then Acer AOPEN 27HC5R gaming monitor is not a better choice as it gives you 5ms response time.

Aslo, if you need Gsync in your gaming monitor, then you should look for another option because it has AMD freesync.


Model nameAcer AOPEN HC5
Dimensions17.2 x 61.3 x 45.7 cm
Weight4.6 kg
Screen size27 inches
ResolutionFHD 1080p
Display technologyLCD
Aspect ratio16:9
Hardware interfaceVGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI x 1
Refresh rate165 Hz
Response time5 milliseconds
Display resolutionMaximum 1920 x 1080 pixels
Display typeLED
Viewing angle178 degrees
Image brightness250 cd / m²
Max. vertical resolution1080 pixels
Connector typeVGA, DVI, HDMI
PriceCheck here

FAQ for Acer AOPEN 27HC5R

Is Acer AOPEN 27HC5R a good gaming monitor?

Yes, after looking closely at all the features of the Acer AOPEN 27HC5R, I can say that the Acer AOPEN 27HC5R is a great gaming monitor in this budget.

Why should I buy Acer AOPEN 27HC5R?

Because in this you get a response time of 5ms in addition to blazing fast refresh rate, with FHD VA Panel display, which are able to provide you immersive gaming experience.

Does Acer AOPEN 27HC5R have speakers?

No, you won’t get speakers in the Acer AOPEN 27HC5R. By the way, if you agree with me, then in this budget, there is no use in taking such a monitor in which speakers are given, because their quality is very poor.

Is this really 165Hz?

Yes, with display port 165Hz but with HDMI 144Hz.

Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Review: Final Thoughts

In this article, I have talked about the Acer AOPEN 27HC5R Gaming Monitor, in which you get the high refresh rate and FHD VA panel display.

If you want a low budget and good features gaming monitor, in which you want to do all kinds of gaming, then Acer AOPEN 27HC5R is a great option.

If you are unable to find a gaming monitor of your choice, then comment below, I will help you in all possible ways to find the monitor of your choice.

Peace Out…!!

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