Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI July Update: 21 powerful updates

Have you received the BGMI July update? It has become available to all on PlayStore.

But if you haven’t received july update yet, then you can follow this Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI 1.5 update download link article to download BGMI july update.

With this update we will get to see many cool and fun changes that will completely change the experience of playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Let us tell you that in this new BGMI July update, we will not only get to see changes in the maps or settings but also new guns.

Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI July Update

BGMI July Update: Weapon

In the BGMI July update, we have got to see some changes in the weapons, while some new weapons have also been added.

M249 LMG

You must be aware of the M249 LMG, it is an automatic rifle that is fired with 5.56mm bullets which fires 100 continuously at a time.

Till now we used to get M249 LMG only in airdrop but now it has been removed from airdrop and from now on this gun will be available in field drop.

But if you play Karakin Map more, then let me tell you that this gun will be found in all other classic maps except Karakin Map.


In the July update of BGMI, we will get to see a new weapon which is – MG3

Till now, where M249 was seen in the supply crate, now instead of M249, we will get to see MG3 which is available only in the supply crate.

For your information, MG3 is a light machine gun that comes with the feature of continuous fire power.

Player firing with BGMI new gun MG3, BGMI july update

In the magazine of this gun, you can keep 75 bullets at a time, which uses 7.62 mm bullets.

With the help of this gun, you can also fire at distant targets as it supports 6x scope.

However, despite having such great features, you may have trouble reloading it, because this MG3 takes more time to reload.

Tip:- When you reload this gun, keep in mind that you stay away from the encounter.

You can’t use any attachment other than the magazine and scope in the MG3 gun.

Some gamers often use a single shot while firing the gun but in MG3 you have not been given the feature of single shot.

Since this gun is quite heavy and big, we also get to see the bipod which automatically deploys when you lie down.

Tip:- You can use this gun lying down for better and accurate aiming.

ASM Aabakan

ASM Aabakan is a new assault rifle which is seen in Mission Ignition Mode. It uses 5.56mm ammo and fires 30 rounds at a time.

We will talk about Mission Ignition Mode further in the article.

In this gun we will get to see 3 firing modes –

  • Fully automatic
  • Burst mode
  • Semi automatic (single mode)

The attachments that this gun supports are as follows –

  • Scope
  • Canted sights
  • Magzines
  • Flash hider (AR)

If you have used ASM Abakan, then do share your experience with us in the comments.

When we are in battle, our gun bullets often run out and the enemy attacks us until we change the other gun.

To avoid this, after this new BGMI July update, whenever the gun’s ammo runs out, the gun automatically changes.

To see the remaining mag, we have been given different colors in the new update –

  • Turns yellow when 25%
  • Turns red when it is 10%

BGMI July Update: Through Healing Consumables

Often when we are in battle, such a situation is seen many times that your teammates are a little away from you and due to the fighting, their health becomes very low.

And if they do not have healing consumables then it becomes very difficult to save them.

In such scenario, you can use the throw healing consumables feature included in the new BGMI July update.

In this new update, healing consumables have been added to the trajectory slot.

With the help of this feature, you can throw the healing consumables you have towards your teammates.

But keep in mind that when you are throwing the healing consumables, there should not be any kind of obstruction in the middle.


The healing consumables can collide with it and fall somewhere far away.

How to Throw Healing Consumables?

You can follow the steps given below to throw away healing consumables.

  • Choose the healing consumable you want to throw
  • Aim where you want to throw the healing consumables
  • Tap on throw button

BGMI July Update: Ranking Season Update

With the BGMI July update, along with rewards in the new season, we are seeing some changes in the ranking season as well.

The tiers of the ranking season so far were as follows –

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace
  • Conqueror

But after the BGMI july update, these tiers have been changed and 2 tiers have been added between tier Ace and Conqueror and now the tiers will be something like this –

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace
  • Ace Master
  • Ace Dominator
  • Conqueror

Tell us what you think about these tier changes in the comments below?

Apart from this, changes have also been made to the icons of the tier and the effects of level up.

A new system has also been added in the ranking season which will be called the challange point system.

To earn these challenge points, you have to play a full game with your teammates in which some things have to be kept in mind –

  • don’t miss the game
  • don’t hit your teammates

Deduct ranking points can be reduced if you pass a level by achieving these challenge points.

Amazing, Right?

Keep in mind that if you want season series rewards, you have to earn the top tier in the same season.

Do you also want to earn season series rewards?

BGMI July Update: Mission Ignition Mode

If we compare this season with the last season, we will see many changes.

Now we will get to see Mission Ignition Mode in the Erangle map for some time. In this theme mode there will be 6 high tech locations of Erangle Map –

  • Transit center
  • Georgopol
  • Tech centre
  • Sosnovka security center
  • Logistics agency
  • Energy center

Apart from all this, some interesting changes have also been made in Mission Ignition Mode like –

3D Name

When you are jumping with a parachute, you will see the names of cities in 3D which look really classic.

Auto Jump

With the help of the Auto Jump feature, you can mark a place, sit back and you will be dropped automatically.


Hyperlines are very high tech and flying lines that help you reach from one place to another. The routes and timings of these lines are fixed.

Semi Trucks

Semi trucks are such vehicles that keep on running on the prescribed route in which you will see a lot of loot. You can get loot from these trucks by firing them.

G-38 Gravity Free Motorcycle

This is a new vehicle added to the BGMI which looks like a motorcycle but is equipped with many advance features.

It moves in the air instead of on the ground, which can seat two people. With the help of this, you can not only run on land, but this vehicle is also capable of running on the water.

Which means it is a vehicle that can take you anywhere in the entire map.

Air Conveyor

Air Conveyor has the ability to fly you in the air. It can seat 2 people comfortably and can fly in the air.

Petrol Dog

By following the puppy icon in the minimap, you will get to see a special patrol dog.

This Patrol Dog helps you find rare and important items.

Tactical Marking Device

It often happens that our teammates are firing at an enemy and we do not even know in which direction they are firing.

Tactical marking device lets you know where your teammates are firing.

Apart from this, you will also get information about the location of the enemy and the road through the map.

If there are any grenades near you, then you will also get information about it.


What would you do if you had a battle with your enemies in an open field?

You will probably get killed if you don’t have enough resources, but after the BGMI July update, you are going to get a feature that will play an important role in protecting you from your enemies.

Now you will also get to see RiotShield in BGMI as we have been seeing in games like Call of Duty (COD).

It is impossible to move once it is saved, so do not forget to choose the right place before saving it.

Use this feature at the right time and protect yourself from enemies.

BGMI July Update: New Settings

We have also been given new settings to further improve the gaming experience in BGMI.

Now we can set the sensitivity settings of each gun separately and copy and save these settings online so that there is no need to set up over and over again.

I liked this feature very much because many times we do some setting and for some reason those settings have to be changed, due to which we have to set all the settings again.

New Graphic Setting

If you have a low-specs device then there is great news for you.

Now you will be given a graphic setting below smooth in BGMI so that the game will run better.

Along with this, the option of 90FPS will also be available for some devices.


Till now we used to see only 3 options in Gyroscope –

  • Always on
  • Scope on
  • Close

But after the new BGMI july update, we get 2 more new options in it –

  • Gyroscope reverse
  • Mobile phone vibration

Do Not Auto Pick-up Dropped Scope

We often had to face the problem that whenever we dropped the scope, auto pickup would cause it to pick up again.

But in this BGMI july update, by turning on the setting “do not auto pick-up dropped scope” this problem will also short of.

Advance Pick-up Option

Some gamers like to have certain attachments in guns, with the help of this setting you can automate it too.

Here you can set specific attachments for any gun, after which that attachment will replace all other attachments.

Apart from all these changes, we have also seen some other changes which are as follows –

  • Our teammates can be seen in their personal status bar whenever they are being shot
  • Some buildings in Erangle and Miramar have glass in their windows
  • Update cycle duration for Royale Paas has been changed from 2 months to 1 month
  • You can add bronze statue after chicken dinner
  • Added NPC Mini Ray TV that notifies you of message alerts and announcements

Which of these changes did you like the most in this BGMI July update, tell us by commenting.

Source:- BGMI’s Official YouTube channel

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