6 Best Free Bike Racing Games for Android

In this particular blog, I am going to share the best bike racing games that you can play on your Android phone.

We always like to play games in our spare time.

And just as games like COD and BGMI have gained a lot of popularity over the years, the number of people playing mobile games has also grown exponentially.

In today’s blog post, I will tell you about some amazing bike games that you can download and play for free from the play store.

So, here I am.

Best Bike Racing Games for Android

1. Traffic Rider

traffic rider

Traffic Rider was the first bike racing game that I played on my Android mobile and also one of my favorite bike games.

It is the next-gen of endless motorbike racing game with no timer and no fuel limits.

In this game, we get to see more than 29 bikes which you can buy with the help of cash and points.

The good thing about this game is that it is constantly updated by the developers, in which we get to see new bikes from time to time.

Also, for a better gaming experience, the sound of real bikes has been recorded and used to give a real experience.

The faster you ride in the game, the more score you will get.

To get more extra scores you have to ride in the opposite direction of two-way which will give you extra scores and cash.

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  • First-person camera view
  • 29 motorbikes to choose from
  • Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
  • Detailed environments with day and night variations
  • Career mode with 70+ missions
  • Online leaderboards and 30+ achievements
  • Support for 19 languages

In addition to that, in this game, we are also allowed to do wheelies which are also a way to get extra score and cash.

How do you like this bike game?

Do let me know in the comments.

Download – Traffic Rider

2. Real Bike Racing

real bike racing

This bike game is for those people who like competitive racing.

In this, we get to see superbikes that have to reach the finish line before our opponents do, and thus you can win the race.

In this game, we get to see different modes, which make the gaming experience even better.

On winning the race, you will get some cash as prize money, with the help of which you will be able to buy new bikes.

Which will be more powerful and help you win the race.

In this game, we get to see a total of 10 different types of superbikes, whose color you can also customize.

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  • Take the wheel of 10+ types of unique superbikes
  • Fully functioning rearview mirrors
  • Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects
  • VR mode (virtual reality) which supports Google Cardboard & etc.

So if you are also interested in bike racing then this game is for you.

Download – Real Bike Racing

3. Bike Race: Motorcycle Games

bike race motorcycle game

This game is for those gamers who like to play very minimalist and stunt games.

This is a bike stunts mobile racing game which is available on the Google play store in sizes less than 50 MB.

In this game, we get to see tons of different bikes which are used for bike racing.

The more upgraded bikes you use, the more chances you have of winning the race.

In this mobile bike game, we also get to see an online multiplayer mode in which you can compete with gamers from all over the world.

In this, we also get to see some cool stunts that provide a better gaming experience.

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  • New exciting game mode
  • Race against millions of users on multiplayer
  • Train on single player to improve your skills
  • Fun guaranteed
  • Simple and intuitive driver controls
  • Challenge your Facebook friends
  • Play without Wi-Fi
  • Hundreds of crazy tracks and mad worlds
  • Cool stunts
  • Tons of amazing bikes

Which is your favorite bike stunt game?

Do tell me in the comments.

Download – Bike Race

4. Bike Racing 3D

bike racing 3d mobile game

Do you like BMX racing?

If yes, then you are going to love this bike game.

This is a bike BMX racing game in which we get to see a variety of treacherous tracks.

A total of 5 BMX bikes are available to ride in this game.

Available in a very small size, this mobile game for android offers realistic bike physics and fast-paced gameplay.

And this is the reason why it has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play Store.

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  • 60 tracks in career mode, from easy trials to very technical
  • Authentic 3D physics and feel good graphics
  • Select from 5 unique bikes, ride how you want to ride

As you progress in the game, your skills also improve and you can easily cross all the tracks.

Download – Bike Racing 3D

5. Moto Rider Go: Highway Traffic

moto rider go android bike game

This bike racing game is somewhat like a traffic rider in which we get to see an endless ride with some bikes.

There is something similar in this too.

But in this, we have been given different locations which increase our entertainment even more.

Plus, the game also allows us to customize the bikes to a great extent.

In this game, we will get to see real bikes which are divided into categories like chopper, cross, or superbike.

What I found most interesting about this game is its online mode.

In this mode, we can compete with gamers from all over the world and try to get our name on the leaderboard.

And our goal will be to reach the top of the leaderboard by performing better.

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  • Drive real, fully licensed Honda, Husqvarna, and KTM motorcycles
  • Choose from the fastest, high-performance motorcycles
  • Enjoy extreme 3D visuals
  • Prove your skills in hardcore challenges
  • Upgrade your speed, breaking level, and add extra lives
  • Select your favorite motorbike category: chopper, cross, or superbike
  • Make near traffic misses discovering 9 unique locations like Suburbs, Desert, Snow, and Night City
  • Ride your motorcycle on a highway, interstate, or the autobahn
  • Dominate online leaderboards
  • Unlock 23 achievements
  • Discover plenty of bike tuning options

Then what are you waiting for?

Download the game now and race with superbikes from brands like Honda, Husqvarna, and KTM.

Download – Moto Rider Go

6. Racing Fever: Moto

racing fever mobile bike game

In this bike racing game with more than 100 million downloads, we get to see a total of 21 different superbikes.

The interesting thing is that you can also customize these bikes be it the color or the brakes.

Customization greatly improves the performance of the bikes, which helps you in racing.

There are 4 different camera angles in this game which provide a realistic experience.

Under this, you can also play from the racer’s viewpoint and improve your control of the bike.

Different modes have been given in this motorcycle game which creates a lot of entertainment.

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  • 4 different camera angles
  • Realistically modeled motorcycles
  • 4 different gang leaders
  • Different control options
  • Support in 23 different languages
  • Escape mode
  • Daily bonus mode
  • Private mode

I liked the escape mode of this game where the police chase you and you have to run away from them.

There is no speed limit in this mode, only you and your bike are here.

Download – Racing Fever

Best Bike Racing Games for Android: Bottom Line

You can download all the games included in this list of best bike racing games for android from the Google Play Store.

Where all these games are available for free.

I hope this list has been useful to you; bookmark this page for further updates.

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