3 Best boAt Earbuds Under 2000 in India (2023)

Are you looking for the best boAt earbuds under 2000?

This budget range is my personal preference for low-cost earbuds, as renowned brands like boAt offer an array of impressive options in this category.

In this article, I have curated a list of the best boAt earbuds that excel in this price range.

These are the leading choices:

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Best boAt Earbuds Under 2000

Best boAt Earbuds Under 2000

1. boAt Airdopes 141

(Overall Best boAt Earbuds Under 2000)

boAt Airdopes 141 boAt Earbuds Under 2000

The boAt Airdopes 141 is the best boAt earbuds you can find under Rs.1500.

These have all the features that you can expect from low-budget boAt earbuds.

Here are five things that make the boAt Airdopes 141 the best boAt earbuds under 2000.

Firstly, these earbuds offer a massive playtime of 42 hours and interestingly, thanks to the fast charging support, you can get up to 75 minutes of usage with just 5 minutes of charge.

Secondly, these earbuds come with dedicated Beast Mode which provides low latency of 80ms.

This mode proves useful for gamers where they are allowed to enjoy their favorite games with low latency.

Thirdly, the company has supported ENx technology in these earbuds, this technology cancels out unnecessary sounds and ensures that you get the best call experience.

Although better noise cancellation should have been given in these, which would have made the calling smoother.

Fourth, these earbuds have 8mm drivers but boAt signature sound makes a big difference, due to which you can expect the best music experience out of them.

And fifth, these earbuds are very light and compact which makes them one of the best earbuds for small ears.

In short, if the above things succeed in impressing you, then believe me boAt Airdopes 141 is made for you.


  • Massive battery life with quick charge
  • Beast mode
  • Decent call quality
  • boAt signature sound


  • Noise cancellation could have been better

2. boAt Airdopes 191G

(Best boAt Gaming Earbuds Under 2000)

boAt Airdopes 191G boAt Earbuds Under 2000

The boAt Airdopes 191G is quite a popular boAt gaming earbud which you will get in the budget of Rs 2000.

Its special feature is the dedicated Beast Mode which maintains ultra-low latency of 65ms, this latency allows you to play competitive games.

Apart from low latency, the boAt Airdopes 191G has four very impressive features that may compel you to pick them up.

Firstly, their transparent design makes them very attractive and they also look very stylish.

And because they have LED lights, these earbuds give a gaming vibe.

Secondly, these earbuds support a quad mic with ENx technology which allows you to have better conversations while gaming.

These features are also responsible for a better calling experience.

Thirdly, in these earbuds, you will get to see 6mm dual drivers which are capable of giving the best sound experience.

However, this makes the size of the earbuds slightly bigger, which causes discomfort for those with small ears.

And fourth, the battery performance of these gaming earbuds is quite good.

They offer up to 30 hours of playtime with the charging case, while you can use them for up to 6 hours on a single charge.

Apart from all this, these earbuds also carry an IP rating of IPX5 which makes them one of the best waterproof earbuds.

In short, if you are into gaming apart from music, I would recommend you to go for the boAt Airdopes 191G to enhance your gaming experience.


  • Ultra-low latency for lag-less gaming
  • Attractive transparent design
  • Dual drivers
  • Decent battery life
  • Better call quality


  • Not suitable for small ears

3. boAt Airdopes 121 Pro

(Best boAt Earbuds Under 2000 with Long Battery Life)

boAt Airdopes 121 Pro boAt Earbuds Under 2000

If you are unable to charge your earbuds for a long time, then you should take a look at the boAt Airdopes 121 Pro.

These are one of the best earbuds with long battery life which provides you massive playtime of 40 hours.

You can use these earbuds for about 8 hours on a single charge while the charging case is capable of providing an additional 32 hours of battery life.

Also, if you are in a hurry, you can get up to 60 minutes of playtime by charging them for just 5 minutes.

One of the most fascinating features of these earbuds is that their charging cases come equipped with a battery indicator screen that displays the remaining battery life of the case.

This convenient feature allows you to easily keep track of how much charge the case can provide to your earbuds.

Apart from this, four other things make the boAt Airdopes 121 Pro the best choice.

Firstly, these earbuds come with boAt signature sound so if you are expecting the best music experience from them, then you are right.

Although noise cancellation is not as good as it should have been.

Secondly, these earbuds come with dedicated Beast mode which is capable of providing low latency of 65ms and is responsible for lag-free gaming and entertainment.

Third, in these earbuds, you will get to see the latest Bluetooth version 5.3 with IWP technology, which makes them easily pair with any smartphone.

And fourth, the boAt Airdopes 121 Pro sports quad mic with ENx technology which is capable of providing a seamless calling experience.

To sum up, if you want long battery life and have a budget of Rs 2000 then boAt Airdopes 121 Pro is the best choice that lives up to your expectations.


  • Long battery life with LED battery indicator screen
  • Low latency for lag-free gaming and entertainment
  • Fast connectivity
  • Seamless calling experience


  • The noise cancellation is below expectations

The Bottom Line

As a final point, boAt has proven to be the best earbuds brand in India, and with a budget of 2000, there are several options to consider.

From the boAt Airdopes 141 to the boAt Airdopes 191G, these earbuds offer excellent sound quality, comfort, and a better call experience.

The boAt Airdopes 121 Pro is also a great option for those who prefer earbuds with long battery life.

Ultimately, the best boAt earbuds under 2000 will depend on your personal preferences and needs, but with the top earbuds listed above, you can be sure to get a high-quality audio experience without breaking the bank.

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