5 Key Aspects to Buy A Good Gaming Chair in India: Ultimate Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Through this ultimate buyer’s guide to gaming chairs.

We’ll be overlaying all the options that you have, the features which you should be seeking out.

Some of the numerous brands and a variety of different suggestions on chairs that are focused at game enthusiasts.

We additionally offer you with a tick list in order to be useful to go over earlier than you make your very last choice.

but with the explosion of alternatives obtainable to pick from, how do you pick the right chair?

This ultimate guide hopes to make your buying decision a bit easier, with insights into some of the largest elements that could make or damage your buying options.

We’ll also spotlight a number of our favourite gaming chairs at Gamingview, looked after via rate range.

So take a seat returned, loosen up, and examine on for suggestions on how to sit down back, relax, and recreation in comfort and style.

Before proceeding this ultimate buyer’s guide, do you know what are the types of gaming chairs?

We will start this guide with the type of gaming chairs.

Types Of Gaming Chairs

A variety of game enthusiasts already understand about the simple gaming chair that looks as your wellknown office chair.

However there are also a lot of different types of gaming chairs available that are quality for exceptional gaming eventualities.

The type of gaming chair that will be the excellent choice for you goes to largely rely upon the type of gaming which you tend to do and what platform you game on.

Types of Gaming Chair:-

  1. PC Gaming Chair
  2. Pedestal Gaming Chair
  3. Rocker Gaming Chair
  4. Beanbag Gaming Chair
  5. Racer Chair
  6. Hybrid Gaming Chair

1. PC Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Buying Guide India
PC gaming chair

This is probably the most common gaming chair in the gaming industry.

It resembles the swivel office chair, and it is suitable for game enthusiasts who play PC games regularly.

To enhance performance and offer a higher gaming experience.

The PC gaming chair has been designed with technologies and designs much like those used in racing automobile seats.

To offer perfect comfort and persistence through the infinite hours that gamers spend sitting on it.

Just like the workplace swivel chair, the PC gaming seat has castors, top and recline adjustment functions, but comes with additional capabilities inclusive of secure armrests, superior headrests and lumber support, in addition to removable cushioning.

PC gaming chairs are considered to be the best in providing supreme comfort.

These chairs offer better support to your entire body.

These chairs are easily adjustable according to gamers.

PC gaming chairs are a perfect option for long gaming sessions.

Because of these chairs, you get the right seating position.

On the other hand, the best advantage is that these chairs make your movement and rotation much easier.

2. Pedestal Gaming Chair

Pedestal Gaming Chair
Pedestal Gaming Chair

The pedestal gaming chair combines the properties of a swivel chair, rocker chair and a recliner.

It is slightly raised, and rests on a pedestal base in place of legs that allowing it to rock and rotate.

The pedestal gaming chair, similar to the recliner, can be tilted and lounged as per the gamer’s desired sitting posture.

It features comfy cushioning on its backrest, armrests and headrest.

Relying on the gamer’s gaming needs, there are pedestal seats with extra features which includes racing accessories, in-built audio system and gaming accessory stands just to call some.

3. Rocker Gaming Chair

Rocker Gaming Chair
Rocker Gaming Chair

Console gaming is extra fun whilst you are sitting toward the floor. 

That is wherein the rocker chairs come in. 

These chairs don’t have any legs or swivel, they’re certainly positioned at the ground in this sort of way that you will be closer to the floor and such that they can be rocked.

Given their L-shape, properly-cushioned headrests and backrests, the rocker chairs are designed to provide more comfort as opposed to sitting posture.

4. Beanbag Gaming Chair

Beanbag Gaming Chair
Beanbag Gaming Chair

Beanbag gaming chairs are designed for plenty of convenience for the gamer.

These types of gaming chairs were pretty common back in the Seventies but they’re turning into increasingly more famous once again.

Those types of gaming chairs don’t have backrests, armrests, headrests of lumbar support.

What they do provide, but, is lots of flexibility and they are light-weight, that’s what makes them so top for game enthusiasts.

If you are seeking to have extra back support and lumbar support then you could opt for a specifically designed gaming sofa or even a memory foam gaming chair.

This could be much like a beanbag chair however with some armrests and a backrest.

5. Racer Gaming Chair

Racer Gaming Chair
Racer Gaming Chair

A racer chair is made for racing games basically.

These chairs consist of proper leather further to PVC leather.

Most of these chairs are in the form of a regular PC gaming chair but can have more cushioning, support and adjustability.

A number of the chairs, alternatively, will take up a lower positioned design that looks a bit like motor sport car bucket seats.

These chairs provide lots of outstanding comfort while you game, but they may also offer you with lots of endurance while you operate them for long hours.

Generally, the basic racing gaming seats come along with armrests, casters and backrests similarly to peak adjustment, tilting and swiveling features and they recline.

Then again, the more superior models include steering wheels, gas and brake foot pedals in addition to wheel and pedal support plates.

These varieties of features are made to replicate a real racing environment, supporting to improve your gaming experience.

6. Hybrid Gaming Chair

Hybrid Gaming Chair
Hybrid Gaming Chair

A regular hybrid chair is generally set up on top of a swivel base, so it seems a little bit more like an office chair.

As far as the comfort is concerned, it has the padding and shape that you could usually find in a recliner.

Some of the more advanced hybrids tend to come with a number of different monitors, a in-built surround sound and a bunch of game control mechanisms, such as a steering wheel for racing games.

So these are some of the types of gaming chairs that are available in the Indian market.

All these gaming chairs come with some special features in themselves.

Which of these gaming chairs do you need?

Let us know by commenting below.

Key Aspects

Whenever you think of buying a gaming chair, there are some aspects that you should never ignore if you want a best gaming chair.

So let’s take a look at the aspects that you have to keep in mind while purchasing a gaming chair.

1) Ergonomic

An ergonomic chair, for instance, is a chair that has been designed to excellent support the human body.

Which include concerns like posture, comfort, support and health.

You want a chair whose height, tilt and armrests are versatile, and then you want to actually learn and use those adjustments so you can get that ideal sitting position at a desk.

In fact, it’s best if you adjust it throughout the day to vary your posture just a bit, rather than staying in one formation.

So, in summary, adjustability is key.

2) Build Quality

Another aspect that is essential to keep in mind, before buying a gaming chair, is the build quality.

The better the build quality is, the longer the chair is also likely to last.

You possibly wouldn’t want to put money into a chair that will ruin or turn out to be uncomfortable after just a couple of week’s use.

Keep in mind that the quality of the frame of the gaming chair should be great.

Usually frames made of metal and flexible steel are of high quality, so you may prefer them.

Frames made of wood or plastic are less flexible and do not last long.

The base is another important aspect that needs to be taken care of.

Bases made from aluminum provide better stability than nylon-based.

Along with this, you will need larger wheels to keep your gaming chair more stable. If the width of the wheels is 3 inches or more, it is better.

Shapeable or cold foam is used in the seat of the best gaming chairs that maintain its shape.

Keep in mind that the seat of the chair is made of a good foam or fabric.

The green soul monster ultimate (S) is a good example of build quality.

3) Upholstery

Upholstery is one aspect that you should always consider.

There are mainly 3 types of upholstery found in gaming chairs.

  • Fabric
  • Mesh
  • Leather


Fabric upholstery is one of the most common upholstery.

Although Fabric is available in many different qualities.

By the way, the fabric is much softer than the leather but there is no liquid resistance.

In addition, the fabric is more breathable, thereby providing the airflow and preventing heat build-up.


Mesh is also very common upholstery which is quite cheap.

Mesh provides the highest airflow when compared to leather and fabric.

However, the mesh is less durable in the long term as compared to leather and fabric.

Mesh are very difficult to clean but they are very cool.


Leather is usually found in expensive chairs.

Gaming chairs made of Genuine leather are quite difficult to find in the Indian market, but you can go for synthetic leather.

Leather is a liquid resistance and is also very firm.

If you want the best gaming chair then you should go for leather.

4) Weight Capacity

Weight capacity does not mean the weight of the chair, but rather how much weight the chair can bear.

Gaming chairs whose base and frame are made of metal are able to withstand more weight than the base made of plastic.

So if you are overweight then you should consider a metal base.

5) Budget

When it comes to the budget of gaming chairs, a good gaming chair is generally available in 15 to 20 thousand.

Although you will also get a gaming chair under 5000, but you will have to compromise with the features.

First you decide your budget, then start looking for a gaming chair.

Usually the best budget of 15 to 20 thousand is to buy a good gaming chair.

Gaming Chair Buying Guide: Final Thoughts

Buying the best gaming chair is every gamer’s dream.

The Indian market is replete with different varieties of gaming chairs which confuse gamers in their choice of gaming chairs.

But here at Gamingview, we have brought a solution to every problem for you. In this article, we have told some important points that you have to keep in mind while buying a gaming chair.

In this ultimate gaming chair buying guide we have included all the aspects that are necessary and contribute to making a better gaming chair.

If you have any question or suggestion, do not forget to comment below.

Hope you have found your favorite gaming chair.

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