6 Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 in India

Are you looking for the best gaming headphones under 3000 in India?

Buying the best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 in India can be a great investment with the help of that you as a gamer can easily improve your gaming skills.

There are a lot of professional gaming headsets available in the market, but buying a best gaming headphone under 3000 would be best suited as a beginner.

Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a list of best gaming headphones under 3000 in India 2022 which give you more features in a lower budget.

Apart from this, there are some brands which provide some good features gaming headphones at a low price that are perfect for beginners.

Stay tuned with us, because next we will suggest you to one of these best gaming headphones under 3000, which will be the best of all.

But before that check out this guide of the best gaming headphones under 2000.

Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 in India 2022

1. EKSA E800

EKSA Stereo Sound Over Ear Gaming Headphone

Key Features

  • Rotatable earmuffs upto 15° degree
  • Ergonomically shaped adjustable elastic headband
  • Anti-winding braided USB cable
  • Retractable noise-reduction microphone


  • Rotary volume controller
  • One key mute function
  • High sensitive microphone


  • Can feel tight to some people

Some people may not have even heard of the name of Eksa yet.

But for your information, let us know that eksa is a big gaming brand which is famous for making premium quality gaming headphones and accessories which has been launched in 2018.

The Eksa e800 is one of the best budget gaming headphones out there that offers more features in a lower budget.

You will get many good features in this headphone which will make your gaming experience great.

The Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphone is another great example from this brand.

Design & Build Quality

The Eksa e800 gaming headphones come with an ergonomically shaped adjustable elastic headband that is able to better fit on your head.

Which is made from high quality leather.

To keep it durable for a long time, stainless steel metal has been used, which not only makes it durable but also provides more strength.

Over-ear size breathable soft ear muffs give you a better comfort so you can play games for longer hours without interruption.

The best part of these ear muffs of the Eksa e800 is that you can rotate them at your convenience to about 15° degrees, making it easy to fit all types of head ear shapes.

This feature increases the comfort level of this headphones.

In this headphone, you get 7.1 feet long anti-winding braided USB cable with rotary volume controller and one key mute function.

Sound Quality

The Powerful 40mm magnetic neodymium driver is able to better capture your enemy’s footsteps allowing you to dominate your enemy, provided that you make the best use of this feature.

High sensitive microphone is given to convey your voice to your teammates which comes with 360 ° degree flexible feature.

Along with this, they are able to indentify your voice by cancelling the noises coming from your background.

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Dimensions22.4 x 21.5 x 10.4 cm
Weight460 gm
Headphones form factorOver ear
Connector typeWired
Driver diameter40mm
Impedance32 Ohm
Frequency range20Hz-20KHz
Mic sensitivity-36dB +/- 1dB
Headset cableaux cable
Cable length2.2M/7.22 ft

2. JBL Quantum 100

best gaming headphones under 3000 in india 2021

Key Features

  • 40mm dynamic drivers delivering JBL quantum sound signature
  • Windows sonic spatial sound compatibility
  • Detachable Boom Mic


  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with volume control and mute button on the headpiece


  • If you are a first time user.. you’ll feel a little discomfort with these headphones

You must have heard the name of JBL company, which is famous for its speakers.

This gaming headset belong to the JBL brand which has many great features that will make you buy it.

The design of JBL Quantum 100 Gaming Headphone is as amazing, the more you will get to see the sound quality in it.

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Design & Build Quality

In this, you get an adjustable headband with amazing cushioning which gives you better comfort.

It is made from very light material.

These headbands are attached to earcups which are designed to provide better comfort.

On that memory foam has been made soft, which is quite comfortable when worn.

While this may be a bit discomfortable for those who use headphones for the first time (which are common), although this headset becomes comfortable over time.

Mic & Sound Quality

The JBL Quantum 100 gaming headphones have a detachable boom mic attached to the earcups to better capture your voice, along with a mute button.

Whenever you speak something, this Mic is capable of capturing your voice by reducing unnecessary noises.

Its 40mm dynamic drivers are capable of delivering you the best sound quality.

The JBL Quantum 100 headset is designed to be better compatible with the native surround sound system built into Windows PCs and Xbox.


Dimensions23 x 25 x 10 cm
Weight220 gm
Driver size40mm dynamic drivers
Frequency response20Hz – 20kHz
Max input power30mW
Sensitivity100dB SPL @1kHz/1mW
Impedance32 ohm
Microphone frequency response100Hz – 10kHz
Microphone sensitivity40dBV @ 1kHz/Pa
Microphone pickup patterndirectional
Cable lengthHeadset (1.2m) + PC splitter (1.5m)
Microphone form factorBoom
Headphones form factorOver ear
Connector typeWired

3. Lenovo Legion H300

best gaming headphones under 3000

Key Features

  • Sturdy and stylish all-metal frame
  • Rotatable PU leather ear cups
  • 50mm audio drivers
  • Superior sound quality


  • Soft and perfectly fitting
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Excellent Noise isolation


  • It doesn’t have any media key (play/pause)

Lenovo company is known for making great laptops.

But Lenovo Legion Series is dedicated to gaming, in that you get the best gaming headphones, mouses and keyboards.

Lenovo Legion H300 headphones are a great gift for gamers. So let’s know its design and sound quality a little bit.

Design & Build Quality

Lenovo Legion H300 Gaming Headphone is made of very strong material due to which they are long lasting.

In this, you have been given auto adjustable headband with unique suspension which is made of different and stylish all-metal frame.

If you want to do gaming sessions for a long time, then you will need gaming headphones that have soft ear cups and in the Lenovo Legion H300 gaming headset you get extremely soft and perfectly fitting rotatable PU leather ear cups.

Mic & Sound Quality

In this Lenovo Legion H300 you get fully retract noise-cancelling microphones that are capable of better noise cancelling.

50 mm audio drivers are capable of providing you better sound quality like a premium gaming headset.

This headset is very loud, which will help to improve your gaming experience.

However, you can further increase your sound intensity by using the Headphone Surround Vitualization software.

Its noise isolation is also much better. If someone stands behind you and says something, then his voice will not reach your ears. Which works quite well.


Dimensions21.01 x 9.19 x 18.21 cm
Weight320 gm
Microphone form factorIn-line
Headphones form factorOver-ear
Connector typeWired
MaterialFaux leather, metal
Earcups materialPU leather

4. Zebronics Zeb-Orion

gaming headphones under 3000

Key Features

  • Simulated 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Advanced Windows Software
  • Multi Function Control Pod
  • Mute button for both Mic & Headphone


  • Multi-color RGB lights with on/off button
  • Flexible microphone
  • Lightweight design with suspension headband


  • Doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack

Zebronics Zeb-Orion is a better gaming headset in which you get a lot.

Its design and build quality are very good, which makes it not only much better in appearance but also durable.

This gaming headphone will help you conduct gaming sessions, with the help of that you can find out the exact location of your enemy by listening to their footsteps or other sounds.

Perhaps you are now anxious to know about all its features.

So let us know some of its good features in detail without wasting time.

Design & Build Quality

In Zebronics Zeb-Orion you get a suspended & padded headband which is quite comfortable.

This is auto-adjustable, which will automatically adjust according to the size of your head as soon as you wear it.

Another feature of this headset is that its earcups are made of metal which are not only better in appearance but also provide a lot of strength.

Soft cushioning has been done on the ear pads to provide better comfort which can be worn easily for a long time.

Zebronics Zeb-Orion Gaming Headset gives you RGB lights of different colors which you can control with the button in the in-line controller.

Mic & Sound Quality

Zebronics Zeb-Orion comes with a flexible mic that you can adjust as per your convenience.

Adjustable mic is a really cool feature that allows you to adjust it anywhere.

You will also see a small LED light on the top of this mic which makes its look even better.

Now it can also be that if you use this headphone to listen to songs other than gaming, then you do not need a mic for that.

So in that situation you can remove its adjustable mic a little away from you and mute the mic with the button in the controller.

Simulated 7.1 surround sound gives you a chance to experience immersive sound.

With this you can not only hear better but can also dominate by finding the exact position of your enemy while gaming.


Dimensions11 x 27 x 27 cm
Driver size40mm
Speaker impedance24Ω
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz
Microphone impedance1.2kΩ
Microphone sensitivity-35dB±3dB
Connector typeUSB
Cable length2m
Microphone form factorBuilt-in
Headphones form factorOn ear
Connector typeWired

5. Cosmic Byte G2050

best gaming headphones under 3000 in india 2021

Key Features

  • Xear 7.1 surround shifter
  • Flexible jelly microphone
  • Easy accessible on-cable controller
  • 10-band equalizer


  • Microphone noise reduction
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • RGB lights


  • Doesn’t have 3.5mm jack

Cosmic Byte, which does not require any introduction.

There are many products of Cosmic Byte available in the market which are of very good quality.

The Cosmic Byte G2050 is a new gaming headset in that you will get the best sound quality, making it one of the premium gaming headphones.

Design & Build Quality

The Ergonomically designed Cosmic Byte G2050 Gaming Headphones give you a soft and comfortable ear cups with flexible and adjustable headbands.

Making it easier to do longer gaming sessions.

You also get cushioning on its headband, which makes it very comfortable.

For those who like RGB lights, RGB lights of different colors have been used in this gaming headphones and the interesting thing is that you can also control them.

Most budget gaming headphones did not have this feature, but with the help of in-line controllers, you can also turn them on and off.

Easy accessible on-cable controller is a very helpful feature in which you not only allow to control the volume but can also mute the mic and RGB lights on and off.

Mic & Sound Quality

The microphone of the Cosmic Byte G2050 gaming headphones is made of flexible and jelly-like material which allows you to twist and bend according to your preference and requirement.

The 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter offers you a variety of features such as-

  • Expanding/up-mixing audio to 7.1-channel surround sound
  • Virtualizing 7.1 surround sound over any set of speakers
  • Shift-able virtual speaker positioning allows you to adjust the best sound field easily without moving physical speakers and wires

In the Cosmic Byte G2050 gaming headphones, you get 10-band software equalizer with 12 preset modes.

In the Cosmic Byte G2050 gaming headphones, you get 10-band software equalizer with 12 preset modes.

The equalizer adjusts the energy levels of audio data in one or more different frequency bands.

If understood in simple language, it enhanced the sound quality of headphones by several times.

So if we look at all these features, we will find that in terms of sound quality, the Cosmic Byte G2050 Gaming Headphone is the best gaming headphones under 3000.

Well, what are your valuable thoughts about this, do share with us via comments.


BrandCosmic Byte
Dimensions18 x 13 x 3 cm
Weight350 gm
Driver diameter50mm
Impedence16Ω ± 15%
Sensitivity119.5 ± 3dB
Frequency range15Hz – 20KHz
Microphone6.0 x 5.0mm
Microphone sensitivity– 38 ± 3dB
Microphone impedance2.2KΩ
Cable length2.1M ± 0.15

6. Turtle Beach Recon 150

Turtle Beach Recon 150 gaming headphones

Key Features

  • Large 50mm over-ear speakers
  • Detachable high-sensitivity mic
  • Best gaming headset for mobile gaming


  • Upto the mark sound quality
  • Enough customization options
  • Easy to use by cause of 3.5mm connector


  • No RGB
  • Better options available for hardcore gamer

Turtle Beach, may you have not heard this name before, is a award winning gaming headset brand who sells their headphones worldwide.

Although Turtle Beach Recon 150 is an entry-level gaming headset, it includes some basic features.

Well, I want to tell you something before we dive into this headset

Currently, I am updating this list of best gaming headphone under 3000.

Because I felt that this headset is probably works well for casual gamer and is also a value for money product.

Design & Build Quality

I’d say, design is a much needed aspect of every gaming headset as our convenience depending on the design at a great extent.

Now, if I talk about this Turtle Beach gaming headset, we have a good ergonomic design which improve our comfort level and gives us a good stability.

Well, this headphone have leather-wrapped headband and breathable fabric-wrapped ear-cushions.

Which helps us to do long gaming sessions without any fatigue.

Sound Quality

This is the most prominent feature of this headset, wherein we get to see a large 50mm driver that produces a decent amount of sound.

The 50mm driver will be the best option in this budget, if you want a high crispy sound.

It has a detachable microphone also, which is a high-sensitive mic that picks-up your voice loud and clear.

It will be your best buddy when you play games with your teammates.

Well, if you’re fond of clean and tidy sound being a gamer, this is for you.

Hey, can you do me a favor?

Should I be constantly updating the list of best gaming headphones under 3000?

Please share your valuable thoughts in the comment section.

Turtle Beach Recon 150 Specs

BrandTurtle Beach
Headphones jack3.5 mm
Dimensions19 x 13.5 x 3 cm
Model numberTBS-3355-01XX

Gamingview’s Recommendation

Of the above best gaming headphones under 3000, the EKSA E800 Gaming Headphone would be the best choice.

As it is an all-rounder gaming headset that meets every aspect in this budget.

If for some reason this headphone is not available, then the Cosmic Byte G2050 Gaming Headset can be considered.

What Gaming Headphones Can You Expect for ₹3000?

A headphone in which you get at least 40mm audio driver (which is common) that improves your sound quality.

By the way, if a headphone comes with a 50mm driver, then there may be a better option for you.

Apart from this, a better in-line controller is available in this budget, in which if there are mute buttons in addition to the volume control buttons, they are also better.

Most of the features you get in this budget are available in our recommended gaming headphone.

Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000: Final Thoughts

You will get a lot of headphones for less than Rs 3000, but which of them is the best? It is indeed very difficult to choose.

But we make this difficult task easy for you.

The team at Gamingview did deep research on several gaming headphones, the results of which are in front of you.

We have selected all these 5 best gaming headphones under 3000 in india 2022 which make your gaming sessions more easy.

Which of these did you like better, do let us know in the comments.

If you want a review of a particular gaming headset, then comment below, we will soon get a detailed review of it.

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