5 Best Gaming Monitor Under 10000 India 2022: Top Low Budget Gaming Monitors

Recently, my mate asked me about the best gaming monitors. In which he needed a bigger display and faster refresh rate.

Then I remembered that I have not yet told you about the best gaming monitor under 10000.

Today’s article is going to be helpful for those gamers who want a cheap gaming monitor.

You will get to see a bigger display in the monitors that I have included in this buying guide.

Some of these gaming monitors will provide you a very fast refresh rate, while in some you will get to see the best gaming features.

Which one to choose from these, it’s depends on your requirement.

So if you have low budget and you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 10k then stay with me till the end and you will get your perfect gaming monitor.

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 10000

1. Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL

samsung gaming monitor

Key Features

  • 24 inches FHD 1080p bezel less display
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • 5ms response time
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Adequate image quality and colour reproduction
  • Game mode
  • Good gaming performance


  • Tilt is very difficult to execute
  • No height adjustment

The Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL gaming monitor is perfect for gamers who want a good display and performance.


It is very difficult to find a better performing gaming-centric monitor at the price point we are talking about.

But the Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL gaming monitor has a few features that make it a little better than the rest of the monitor.

So let’s find out those features and see if this Samsung gaming monitor will be able to meet your needs.

Let’s start with its design and build quality.

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Design & Build Quality

Its minimalist design looks quite good at first glance. On top of this we get to see the matte finish. The dimensions of this monitor are 23.2 x 53.9 x 42.5 cm.

Its slim and sleek design is quite attractive, which also has an advantage that it does not take up much space of the desk.

With this, we get a Y-shaped stand, which is of good quality but has very sharp edges which are prone to injury, so we need to be vigilant at all times.

The stability of the stand is quite good. It handles the monitor on the desk very well. However, we do not find any adjustment functionality in it which makes it a bit uncomfortable.

By the way, its old model is also available. Although both the models are almost similar to each other but if for some reason this model is not available then you can consider its old model Samsung LS24R356FHWXXL.


In this first gaming monitor of the best gaming monitor under 10000 list, we get a 24-inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080p.

This is an LED display in which we have been given an IPS panel, thereby we get full angle view.

Looking at its display from any angle, we will not see any kind of color washing which is a good thing.

If you have planned to watch a movie with your friends, then you can watch it comfortably.

There are some monitors in which there is a problem of color washing when viewed from the side, which we do not get to see in this monitor.

So, sit anywhere and have a full technicolor experience.

Refresh Rate

We get to see a refresh rate of up to 75Hz in this Samsung gaming monitor which is very good for this price point as there cannot be a better refresh rate in this budget.

Its fast refresh rate helps in providing better fluid scenes in which we get to see flawless picture quality, whether we are watching a video or playing games.

Game Mode

In this monitor we can get many advantages with the help of ideal game setting, thereby we get better optimal color and image contrast.

Which helps to see the scenes vividly and spot the enemies in the dark.

Game Mode adjusts any game to fill your screen with every detail in view.

Eye Saver Mode

Due to constant looking at the monitors, our eyes often start having problems.

In Samsung gaming monitors, we get advanced eye comfort technology which helps in reducing eye strain.

Apart from this, Flicker Free technology has been used in this which plays a big role in removing tearing and irritating screen flicker.

Its Eye Saver Mode is helpful in keeping the eyes fresh for a long time by minimizing blue light.

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In this gaming monitor, we get to see HDMI port as well as D-sub port, which means that we can directly connect multiple devices to this monitor.

Its advantage will be more for those gamers who want to connect multiple devices to the monitor.

Overall, if you want the best gaming monitor under 10000 with a better performance, then you can consider it.

Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL Specs

Dimensions23.2 x 53.9 x 42.5 cm
Weight2.7 kg
Display technologyLED
Screen size24 inches
ResolutionFHD 1080p
Display resolution maximum1920×1080 (Full HD)
ColourDark blue grey
Response time5 ms
Refresh rate75 Hz

2. Lenovo L22e-20

gaming monitor india

Key Features

  • AMD FreeSync
  • Anti glare screen
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • 4ms response time


  • Wall mountable
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Thin bezel
  • Flicker-free


  • No HDR support
  • No USB ports

Lenovo is a leading company that provides computers and monitors at affordable prices.

You can use these monitors for gaming but you will get average performance in comparison to high-end gaming monitors.

But gamers with a low budget can think about it. So whether they are better for you or not, let’s see.

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Design & Build Quality

On the 3 sides of this monitor, we get to see very thin bezels of 2mm, while light thick bezels have been given towards the bottom of the monitor.

It comes with 48.9 x 4.2 x 29.7 cm dimensions and weighs less than 3 kg. With this monitor we are given a stand.

Although its stand is not in Y shape but it does provide tilt feature. Its build quality is also good, considering the price point.

Although the good thing is you can also mount it to the wall, which I found to be quite a relaxing feature as there are many gamers who like to wall mount their monitors.

Overall the design and build quality of the monitor are average. If you are a casual gamer and want to perform other tasks as well, then definitely consider it.

By the way, another variant of this monitor is also available in that we get to see 23.8″ QHD IPS display. It has a better refresh rate and higher resolution.

So if you want, you can also consider Lenovo L24q-30 (the other variant).


It has a 21.5 inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080. In this we have been given VA panel which is a good feature for those gamers who do video or photo editing along with gaming.

Although you will not get such better color accuracy but you will be able to manage to a great extent.

Its brightness is up to 250 nits, which is quite bright, so we have also been given the option of bluelight filter in it. With the help of that we can adjust its brightness accordingly.

If you change the brightness , it does save it. However if you move to another mode say “bluelight mode” and want to go back to previous mode,

The brightness would have reset in the previous mode and will have to tune the brightness again, which I found quite irritating.

But if you need a bigger display with these specifications then you should consider Lenovo L24e-20.


No special features have been given for gaming in this Lenovo gaming monitor. However, it has VA panels which provide some relief.

Due to this we get a response time of 4ms which is very helpful during gaming. Apart from this, we also get to see a refresh rate of 65Hz in this.

Apart from this, AMD FreeSync technology has been given in it which prevents frame-tearing and ensures no new frames are drawn during the refresh period.

These are some basic features, with the help of that we get to see a better gaming in this monitor as well.

Lenovo L22e-20 Specs

Display technologyLCD
Connector typeVGA, HDMI
Screen size21.5 inch
Hardware interfaceVGA, HDMI
ResolutionFull-HD 1920×1080
ColourRaven black
Response time4 ms
Viewing angle178 degrees
Refresh rate65Hz

3. LG 22MK600M

lg gaming monitor

Key Features

  • Virtually borderless design
  • Dynamic action sync
  • Black stabilizer


  • Reader mode
  • Good color reproduction
  • Lightweight


  • Lack of USB port

LG’s products are very popular in the Indian market.

The next monitor in our list of best gaming monitor under 10000 is coming from the house of LG.

In this we get to see the IPS panel, along with which we get to see full HD display.

For a better gaming experience, many features have been given in it, there by casual gaming can be enjoyed.

Design & Build Quality

You will also get to see thin bezels in this LG monitor. In today’s monitors, the size of the bezels is becoming very thin, which is quite attractive in appearance.

By the way, do you like thin bezels? Do tell by commenting.

LG monitors are quite thin, due to which it does not occupy much desk space, which also looks quite neat and tidy.

In this we have been given a U shaped stand which keeps it comfortably on the desk.

On the back side of the LG monitor, we find 2 HDMI, 1 VGA and 1 D-Sub port, which provide it better connectivity.

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It has 1080p full HD display which comes with IPS panel. In which color accuracy is very good.

Therefore, the display is perfect for those gamers who have to do tasks like editing along with gaming.

In this display we get better color reproduction and allowing users to view the screen at virtually any angle.

Radeon FreeSync

In this we get to see Radeon FreeSync which reduces tearing and stuttering that occur between a graphic card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate.

But keep in mind, FreeSync is only available when it is connected with an HDMI cable.

So if you have to face a lot of tearing and stuttering problems, then you can use it by connecting FreeSync to HDMI.

Dynamic Action Sync

In LG gaming monitors, we get to see Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) which helps in minimizing input lag.

With this we will be able to catch every single moment in real-time which enhances the gaming experience.

Black Stabilizer

If we are playing a game or watching videos that contain dark scenes, then with the help of this feature we will be able to see them with ease.

As soon as we turn on the Black Stabilizer feature, this feature will make the dark scenes brighter, with the help of which we will also be able to see the enemy hidden in the dark.


Thanks to this feature, we can take our skills to the next level. With this we will be able to place the striking point in the center of the display.

Which enhances our accuracy to a great extent in first-person shooting games.

Reader Mode

In the LG gaming monitor, we have been given a Reader Mode which helps in lessen eye fatigue by reducing blue light.

This mode provides us with optimal conditions for reading which can be accessed with a single click.

LG 22MK600M Specs

Dimensions18.2 x 48.9 x 38.7 cm
Weight2.7 kg
Display technologyLCD
Connector typeD-Sub, HDMI
Screen size21.5 inch
Hardware interfaceVGA, D-Sub, HDMI
Resolution1920 x 1080
Display resolution maximum1920×1080
Response time5 ms
Refresh rate56~75 Hz

4. BenQ GL2480

benq gaming monitor

Key Features

  • Stunning 16:9 full HD 1080p TN display
  • Brightness intelligence
  • Low blue light
  • Fast 1ms GTG response time


  • ZeroFlicker technology
  • ePaper & colour weakness mode
  • Eye-care technology


  • Slightly heavy
  • Thick bezels

BenQ is a manufacturer of esports monitors and gears.

The next monitor in our best gaming monitor under 10000 list is the BenQ GL2480, which has great features for immersive gaming experience.

It has many such features that will not only help you in gaming but tasks like editing can also be completed easily.

So let’s explore all its features and see how much the BenQ gaming monitor is worth it.

Design & Build Quality

The BenQ gaming monitor does not look so attractive when viewed from the front as it has been given very thick bezels which can irritate some gamers.

It is made from high quality plastic on which matte finishing has been done. The monitors are quite slim which looks attractive. But its weight is a bit high.

It is built up with premium etching texture and sculpted base which provides better build quality.

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Out of the list of best gaming monitor under 10000, the display of this BenQ gaming monitor is probably the biggest.

In this we get a large 24-inch display which is very good according to this price point.

It is a 16:9 full HD 1080p display that comes with a TN panel.

Yes, you read it right.

You get the TN panel in the BenQ gaming monitor which is the highlighted feature of this monitor. It provides the slowest response time.

In this gaming monitor we get the fast response time of 1ms which is also the lowest response time on this list.

For immersive gaming experience, the lower the response time the better and we are getting the lowest response time in this monitor.

So if you are looking for a gaming monitor with better response time, then this BenQ gaming monitor can become a better option for you.

By the way, if you want a bigger display then you can consider the other variant BenQ GL2780 gaming monitor, which has a 27-inch display but all other specifications remain the same.

Refresh Rate

Better refresh rate is also very good in terms of gaming.

Although it is difficult to get the best refresh rate in this budget, but we get refresh rate up to 75Hz in this monitor.

But why am I saying that up to 75Hz refresh rate is available?

Let me say, because in this we usually get a refresh rate of 60Hz. If we want a refresh rate of 75Hz, then we have to connect to HDMI for that.

Because only HDMI supports the refresh rate of 75Hz.

Brightness Intelligence Technology

In this gaming monitor we get to see brightness intelligence technology which detects content intensity to avoid overexposure of bright scenes while enhancing dark areas to maintain clear visibility.

This feature saves our eyes from strain by automatically adjusting the brightness, which is a very useful feature.

Apart from this, this feature helps us in providing perfect picture quality, which will not only provide immersive gaming experience but also make the experience of watching videos quite spectacular.

Along with all these features, there are some other features like low blue light technology, color weakness mode and ePaper mode, which provide us superior picture quality.

With the help of these features, we can use this monitor continuously for a long time, which is very helpful during gaming sessions.

BenQ GL2480 Specs

Dimensions43.3 x 56.5 x 17.5 cm
Weight3.9 kg
Display technologyLCD
Connectivity technologyWired
Screen size24 inch
Hardware interfaceHDMI
Resolution1920 x 1080
Display resolution maximum1920×1080
Response time1 ms
Aspect ratio16:9
Number of HDMI ports1
Number of audio-out ports1
Voltage220 volts
Wattage25 watts

5. HP 3AJ92AA

gaming monitor under 10000

Key Features

  • Ultra-slim LED backlit design
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • AMD Freesync
  • 178 degree viewing angle


  • Micro-Edge
  • Smooth gaming performance
  • Low Blue Light mode


  • Lack of USB port

The next monitor in the list of best gaming monitor under 10000 is of HP brand.

This is for the gamers who like branded monitors.

In the HP 3AJ92AA, you get to see a much better refresh rate and response time which makes the gaming experience much better.

Let’s talk about its design and build quality.

Design & Build Quality

Out of all the monitors mentioned in the list of best gaming monitor under 10000, this HP gaming monitor is the thinnest and lightest.

In this, we get to see very thin bezels on 3 sides while a slight bezels have been given in the bottom side which makes its design much better.

It has a well-built stylish stand, whose quality is also very good.

HDMI, VGA and power connector ports are found on the back of the monitor, which provide it better connectivity.

The best part is that we can also tilt it from -5° to 25° which provides better viewing experience and maintains correct posture all the time.

This monitor is built from lightweight, high-strength metal with a matte finish and high-polished resin.


In this HP gaming monitor, we get to see a 21.5-inch FHD display which comes with 16: 9 aspect ratio.

It is a 1080p display that comes with an IPS panel which helps in providing crisp and clear picture quality.

Thereby we get to see incredibly clear image quality and true-to-life colors which provide immersive viewing experience.


There are some features for gaming in this monitor, which help us to enjoy games in a better way.

In this we get to see AMD free sync and refresh rate of 75Hz which avoid lags and jitters to keep up with all the gaming action.

With the help of these features, we get rid of issues like stutter, input lag and screen tears.

HP 3AJ92AA Specs

Dimensions49 x 18 x 38 cm
Weight2.33 kg
Display technologyLCD
Connectivity technologyHDCP
Screen size21.5 inches
Hardware interfaceVGA, HDMI
ResolutionFHD 1080p
Display resolution maximum1920 x 1080 (full HD)
Number of HDMI ports1
Response time5 ms
Aspect ratio16:9
Lithium battery energy content4.9 watt hours
Lithium battery weight0.85 gm

My Recommendation for the Best Gaming Monitor Under 10000

Overall, if you need a great gaming monitor that should have fast response times and a large display, then the BenQ GL2480 can be a better option.

In this, where we get to see the fastest response time of 1ms, a large 24-inch display has also been given.

Best Gaming Monitor Under 10000: Final Thoughts

All the monitors included in this list of the best gaming monitor under 10000 come with some special features. I have explained the features of all the monitors in detail.

Although it is very difficult to get a gaming-centric monitor in this budget, but these are some of the monitors that you can use as a gaming monitor.

If you are thinking of making your future in gaming, then I suggest that you should go for better performing gaming monitors.

With them, you get better performance as well as a chance to improve yourself so that you can do better gaming.

But if you are a casual gamer or you do not have enough budget to afford a high-end gaming monitor, then you can consider these monitors.

Which one did you like best among these best gaming monitors under 10000, do let me know in the comments.

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