10 Best Rally Racing Games For Android (FREE+PAID)

In this blog, I will talk about the BEST Rally Racing Games for Android.

There are many different types of racing, like sports car racing, drag racing, or formula racing.

One of these is Rally Racing, also known as Rallying, conducted on different surfaces from snow to gravel to tarmac and everything in between.

Let me tell you that rally racing drivers are considered to be the BEST drivers in the world because they are adept at driving even on the most challenging surfaces.

So now, let’s put rally racing aside and bring our attention back to the best rally racing games for Android.

These are my favorite rally racing games for Android-

  • CarX Rally – Best rally racing game
  • Rally Fury – Most downloaded rally racing game
  • Pocket Rally Lite – Best rally racing game under 50MB

Best Rally Racing Games For Android

1. CarX Rally

CarX Rally Game

CarX Rally is one of the best rally racing games, downloaded over 10 million times.

Since it is a large-sized game, it gives us nice graphics, making it an excellent Rally game.

In this, we get to see a lot of different rally racing cars that you can choose according to your taste, and also, the game allows you to customize them to a great extent.

The most important mode of the game is the championship mode, while we also get to see more than 35 different tournaments in it.

Being close to 500MB in size, you probably won’t be able to play it on a low-end device, but if you want to get the feel of rally racing, then CarX Rally is the one.

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Why I Love This-

  • In this, we see high graphics, usually missing in other mobile rally games.
  • The controls are excellent so that you can control the rally car even under challenging conditions.

Download – CarX Rally

2. Rally Fury

Rally Fury Game

Rally Fury is one of the most downloaded rally racing games on the Google Play Store, and it is a low-size game with good graphics.

The best thing about the game is that it offers you an online multiplayer game mode through which you can do online rally racing with gamers worldwide.

However, there is also a single-player mode in which you compete with AI opponents.

In the game, we get to see many different challenge events, such as cone attack, pursuit, and skills test, which keep the excitement of the game intact.

The essential thing in a rally racing game is the track on which you race, and in this game, we get to see six different racing tracks: Test Track, Green Fields, The Circuit, Alpine Mountain, Desert Canyon, & Tropical Beach.

You will be happy to know that there are more than 100 race events (day and night) in this game.

In addition, the game also features over seven high-performance rally cars that you can upgrade with the prize money you win from each race.

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Why I Love This-

  • The games are pretty exciting and will be able to run on most mobile phones due to their relatively small size.
  • You get the chance to play in over 100 race events with high-performance rally cars.

Download – Rally Fury

3. Pocket Rally Lite

Pocket Rally Lite Game

Pocket Rally Lite is one of the most basic rally racing games and a free version of Pocket Rally.

In this game, you get to see nine cars with which you can race on seven different racing tracks.

These cars and tracks are only open when you win in Challenge Mode, which is pretty exciting.

It is the most crucial mode of this game in which you have been given two different modes.

Basically these modes are completed with two different racing tracks in which you have to complete some challenges.

So if you want to play a simple and small-sized rally racing game, Pocket Rally Lite is a good choice.

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Why I Love This-

  • Excellent graphics are seen in minimal size.
  • There are many customization options; you can even set the speed of your own or your opponent’s cars.

Download – Pocket Rally Lite

4. Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt Game

There is no doubt that Rally Racer Dirt is a fantastic rally racing game in which we get to see over 13 rally cars and five different beautiful tracks.

The game’s highlight is that you can customize the suspension, anti-roll bar, ride height, and even the gearbox ratios of all the cars.

If I talk about the game modes, the game has three different modes: Challenge mode, Survival mode, and Realtime Multiplayer mode.

In Challenge mode, you have been given about 60 challenges that you have to pass.

Survival mode is the easiest part of the game, where you can drift and drive as much as you want and pass checkpoints.

And in Multiplayer mode, you can race with real people who can be your friends or random people.

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Why I Love This-

  • I liked the three game modes where you can race as much as possible, complete challenges, and compete with online gamers worldwide.
  • There is a massive collection of Rally cars that you can customize to a great extent.

Download – Rally Racer Dirt

5. Rush Rally 2

Rush Rally 2 Game

Rush Rally 2 is a unique online multiplayer rally racing game in which we get to race in more than eight countries.

What will attract you the most in this are over 72 unique stages, each with different surface types, including snow, gravel, tarmac, and dirt.

It has a World Rally Championship mode where you can compete in a full championship on A-B stages or go metal-to-metal with other cars in Rallycross.

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Why I Love This-

  • The game’s graphics are quite impressive, which you can enjoy at 60 fps.
  • You can also connect the game to Android TV.

Download – Rush Rally 2

6. Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 Game

It is the upgraded version of Rush Rally 2, where you can see many significant upgrades.

In this, you see more unique stages and new rally racing cars.

The game comes with a career mode that you can play offline while you can compete in live events in the online multiplayer mode.

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Why I Love This-

  • You are allowed to customize your garage completely; you can completely change the look of your rally car.
  • A fully customizable control system is provided so you can race with the control system of your choice.

Download – Rush Rally 3

7. Real Rally: Dirt & Rally Race

Real Rally Game

Real Rally is another rally racing game in which some unique features have been given which are not seen in most rally games.

If you have knowledge about rally racing, you know that in a rally car, there is a co-pilot along with the driver who guides the driver.

And this thing is missing in most of the games.

But in this game, you see guidance through a co-pilot, which makes it better than other rally racing games.

Apart from this, I was very impressed by the tracks of this game which are made in spectacular locations.

Why I Love This-

The game has realistic driver graphics and voice co-pilot navigation.

You also get to see different free skins and free realistic rally cars in the game.

Download – Real Rally

8. Rally Racer Evo

Rally Racer Evo Game

Rally Racer Evo is one of the smallest rally racing games you can easily download and play in less than 50MB.

In this, you get to see a total of 12 racing tracks as well as more than 17 different types of rally cars, and you can customize them to a great extent.

Some new events have also been added in the recent update.

The game’s best feature is four interesting modes (License, Events, Arena, and Training), which will give you a whole new rally racing experience.

Why I Love This-

  • Unique License game mode is seen in the game, which will be very interesting and new for the gamers.
  • New rally vehicles like 2WD, Crossover-SUV, and Classic 4WD are provided in very few rally games.

Download – Rally Racer Evo

9. M.U.D. Rally Racing

M.U.D. Rally Racing Game

It is a complete rally racing game in which you get to see many great features.

In this, you get to see real-world racing tracks that provide an authentic experience where you can race and feel the breeze of the Alps’ snow and the heat of the Mexico sun.

The game offers many customization options where you can change the name and country flag of the co-pilot along with the driver and stick them on the car’s window.

Apart from this, like in other games, you can customize the handling and performance of rally cars in this game.

Another exciting thing is you get to see two different championships in the game: J-SPEC for beginners and S-SPEC for legendary drivers.

Why I Love This-

  • The game offers you a lot of customization options.
  • It has different championship modes for beginners and experienced drivers.

Download – M.U.D. Rally Racing

10. Pure Rally Racing

Pure Rally Racing Game

This rally racing game is perfect for low-end devices which you can download in just 50MB.

The game is pretty basic in that you see multiple rally cars and four different race stages.

On the other hand, talking about the game modes, you get to see three different game modes: Freestyle, Hotlap, and Freerun.

Apart from this, you will also be able to enjoy a lot of challenges in the park stage.

Although high graphics will not be seen due to the small size, it is a good rally racing game for low-end devices.

Why I Love This-

  • It is small in size, allowing you to see many customization options.
  • You can challenge a random racer or friends in the online multiplayer mode.
  • Due to frequent updates, you get to see new cars and locations.

Download – Pure Rally Racing

Best Rally Racing Games – Bottom Line

The number of people who love watching Rally Racing is relatively small, so the number of games in this category is also rarely seen.

But some gaming companies have done a great job in this regard and have launched some excellent rally racing games for mobile phones.

All the games included in this list of best rally racing games for Android are as follows-

  • CarX Rally
  • Rally Fury
  • Pocket Rally Lite
  • Rally Racer Dirt
  • Rush Rally 2
  • Rush Rally 3
  • Real Rally: Dirt & Rally Race
  • Rally Racer Evo
  • M.U.D. Rally Racing
  • Pure Rally Racing

I hope your search for the best rally games is over.

However, if it is not, you should bookmark this blog post because I will update this list as soon as new rally racing games are listed on Google Play Store.

Best Rally Racing Games – FAQs

Which is the best rally racing game for Android?

CarX Rally is the best rally racing game you can play on your Android phone. In this game, we see true-to-life physics, a wide variety of cars, regular championships, and tournaments.

Which is the best rally racing game for Android under 100MB?

You can download and play Rally Racer Dirt in less than 100MB. In this game, you get to see more than 13 rally racing cars along with exciting racing tracks.

Which is the best rally racing game for Android under 50MB?

Pocket Rally Lite is a popular rally game whose download size is around 50MB. In this game, you get to see nine rally cars and seven different racing tracks.

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