Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Review

In this article we will review the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03, in which you get a detachable microphone, which is a much better gaming earphone according to the gaming purpose.

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 is by far the best gaming earphones in this budget, according to me, which has many features for better gaming experience.

Although most gamers prefer to use gaming headphones instead of earphones, but you can easily use the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 gaming earphones in gaming.

In addition, I will also tell you whether you should take this gaming earphone in this budget or not.

This is going to be a detailed review, so stay with me till the end.

But before that, here is a detailed guide of the best gaming earphones under 1000 rupees; give that a read.

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Review

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Review


  • Detachable mic for better gaming
  • Good bass & loudness
  • Soft earbud
  • Light weight & portable
  • Dual microphone design
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Very good quality wire


  • Not very good for music lovers

I’ve already told you about gaming keyboards, gamepads, and headphones, so for mobile gamers, I’ll be reviewing the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 gaming earphones in this article.

What’s in the Box

  • Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03
  • Caring pouch
  • Earlock tips
  • Extra eartips
  • Clip
  • Splitter
  • Detachable mic
  • Manuals

Design & Build Quality

At first glance, the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 seems to be a great gaming earphones. You will not feel at all seeing this that these are simple earphones.

In its design, you will get black color while the whole earphones are red.

It has glossy finish which look very good and I like the quality of it, on which the branding of Cosmic Byte has been given.

In this you have been given ear locks whose quality is also good considering the price.

Overall there are no issues in design and build quality. You cannot get better earphones in this price range.

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In the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Gaming earphones you will find a wire made of rubberized material, although it is not a braided wire but gives you the feel of braided.

The jack of this earphone is not completely in L-shape but you will get a little bit in L-shape.

Which according to me are good.

Overall I did not have any problem with its wire and jack. In this price range, you are getting very good quality wire and jack in Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03.

Detachable Mic

Detachable Mic Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 is the biggest highlight feature of gaming earphones.

Till now you have seen detachable mic only in gaming headphones, now you are getting to see in gaming earphones as well.

This mic is not 3.5mm, Cosmic Byte has its own separate input socket so that it can easily fit into earphones.

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Review

Also the upper part of this mic which is covered with metal, so that the position in which you mold it will be molded in the same position.

The front part of the mic is made of plastic, which has a good quality. Looking at the price range, I found the detachable mic quite a good feature.

If you have anything to say about this, then the comment box is empty.

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In Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Gaming earphones you have been given in-line controller which is made of plastic, which is also of very good quality.

In this, you are given a volume controller and a button to receive / decline calls.

Among which you get a microphone of this earphone.

With the help of this button, if you want to listen to the next song while listening to the music, then you can press the button 2 times and press 3 times to listen to the previous song.

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Review

So the controls of this earphone are also very good.

You are provided with all the necessary buttons.

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The design of the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 is a dual microphone design in which you are given two microphones.

One microphone is in the in-line controller and the other is a detachable mic.

Detachable mic is basically provided for gaming so that you can easily convey your voice to your teammates.

For this reason, these earphones are being called gaming earphones.

But some people were getting a little confusion about how to deactivate one of these mic to use another.

When you want to deactivate the in-line microphone, you can simply connect the detachable mic to the earphones.

The in-line microphone will automatically deactivate.

But if you want to activate the in-line microphone, then you can remove the detachable mic from the earphones.

Both microphones cannot be used simultaneously. And I think there is no need to use both together.

So I have no problem with that both microphones cannot be used at one time.

I did not like the sound quality of its in-line microphone, but if you talk about the sound quality of the detachable mic, I liked it very much.

Your voice is heard clearly to your teammates and that’s where we need it.

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Sound Test

I always believe in real tests, so before reviewing any gaming earphones, I not only test it in gaming but also listen to all kinds of songs.

So let’s talk about gaming first.

You can use Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 in any game, it will not cause any problem in the sound.

I know that most gamers in India will play PUBG, so I have also played most games with this earphone in PUBG.

However, now PUBG has been renamed as BattleGround Mobile India.

When I played BattleGround Mobile India with this, I heard a very clear voice. Be it your gun shots, reloading sound or footsteps.

Although you will not get the best sound as headphones from Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 earphone, but after listening to its sound, I can say that this budget has the best gaming earphones.

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 gaming earphone

Now it is not that you will do only gaming, you will also listen to music in it. So I heard all kinds of songs in it with high bass with high vocals.

Talking about its bass, it is very good. Meaning you will get bass like headphones from it, yes it will not be as good but very strong bass is heard.

Apart from this, you get very strong loudness in this, so it is good for those who have to listen to songs in very loud sound.

But there is one thing that I did not like a bit. The Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 does not give you the crisp sound that music lovers are expecting.

But if you are a bass lover then you are going to have a lot of fun.

You can say that its sound is perfect for gamers. Overall its sound is perfect for gaming.

In this, you also get some noise cancellation which according to me is quite good. This feature does not work so well but earphones are quite good.

Good For

  • Gamers who need earphones for gaming
  • Those who want to listen to songs in high bass
  • Need a detachable mic in earphones
  • Good for who is a mobile gamer
  • Those who feel uncomfortable with headphones

Not Good For

  • Who like listening to songs in low bass
  • Not good for who want more crisp sound
  • Who only need earphones to listen to music

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Specs

BrandCosmic Byte
Dimensions3 x 2 x 2 cm
Weight100 gm
Model nameCB-EP-03
Connectivity technologyWired
Connector type3.5mm jack
Headphones jack3.5 mm
Driver diameter10mm
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity100 dB ± 3dB
Plug3.5 mm gold-plated
Cable length1.2 meters
Mic styleDetachable boom + In-line

FAQ of Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03

Are Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 a good choice for gaming?

If you need an earphone for gaming so that you can easily convey your voice to your teammates and listen to the sound of the games well, then Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 is the perfect gaming earphone for you.

Can both mic be used together?

No, you can use one of the detachable mic or in-line mic at a time. If you want to activate the in-line mic then you can remove the detachable mic.

Can I use it for streaming?

If your budget is very low then you can go with these earphones. Their mic quality is very good and you can use them easily in streaming.

Can I use this earphone for calling?

Yes, with the help of its detachable mic you can talk to anyone quite well. The in-line mic also gives good voice output but the quality of the detachable mic is much better.

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Review: Final Thoughts

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 is an earphone in which you have been given a separate mic which further enhances your communication capability.

Not only can you benefit in gaming, but it also proves very helpful in calling.

This can be a perfect option for gamers like me who have low budgets and desire a better quality earphones that can help them in gaming.

Looking at all the features of the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03, do you think the price they are coming in is reasonable?

I am waiting for your reply in the comments below. See you in some other article, where I will bring you more great gaming products, till then …

Peace out…

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