12 Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android

In this blog, we will discuss about the best drag racing games for android.

Two cars start the race at full speed from one point, and the first to reach the second point is declared the winner of the race; here is the drag racing that every car lover is crazy about.

But today, we are going to do this race, not in real life but the gaming world, with the best drag racing games on android mobile.

I will tell you a few games here: some will be small, some will be large, some will be offline, and for some games, you have to go online.

Best Drag Racing Games for Android

1. CSR 2: Drag Racing Car Game

csr 2 drag racing car game

CSR 2 is one of the heaviest games listed on the Google Play Store, with a size of around 2 GB.

It is prevalent among drag racing lovers, downloaded more than 50 million times, and has a rating of 4.2, showing that people like it.

Let me tell you that the graphics of this game are of console level, which is the top reason for its popularity.

In this game, all the famous supercars of the real world are seen; by upgrading, you can trounce your opponent.

The best thing I liked about this game is that here we are allowed to customize our cars to a great extent; even you can customize the number plate of the vehicles.

One thing that I found pretty epic here is that before buying any car, you get a chance to test drive it.

You can race the car before buying it, making it much easier to gauge its performance.

Download – CSR 2

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2. CSR Racing

csr racing

It is the first drag racing game of the CSR series, which was given a lot of love by the lovers of drag racing games.

The most exciting thing I found about this game is that there are more than 100 supercars to be seen, from which you will get to drag race.

Let me tell you that this game series has got more than 130 million downloads so far, which makes it the most popular game in the drag racing category.

It also comes with amazingly realistic graphics and fine-grained controls that make it easy for you to get the perfect shift every time.

You will be happy to know that this game is available at around 500 MB, so if you have a smartphone that lacks space, you can go for CSR Racing without a second thought.

Download – CSR Racing

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3. Drag Racing

drag racing

This game is one of the most downloaded drag racing games on the Google Play Store, primarily because of its size.

Drag Racing is a game of only 30 MB in size, due to which it is effortless to install it on every type of smartphone, even if there is very little space in your phone remaining.

Let me tell you that more than 2 million people have given it a rating of 4.2, which makes it one of the most rated drag racing games.

The game comes with over 50 custom cars you can customize to a great extent to increase their powers.

Here we also get to see multiplayer mode in which you will get a chance to show your skills by challenging the gamers from all over the world.

Although this game is not updated frequently, it is still quite a popular and interesting drag racing game that deserves a try.

Download – Drag Racing

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4. Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing

top speed drag and fast racing

If you are looking for a drag racing game less than 100 MB in size, you can try the Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing.

One thing I liked about this game is that despite its small size, its graphics are pretty good, providing a better gaming experience.

To win the race in this game, you have been given 70 different cars, which we can also upgrade to a great extent.

There are five different game modes with a unique theme and gang crew.

When researching this game, I found one thing quite epic about it: the developers of this game are updating it continuously, which is a great thing for gamers.

With this, we get to see new cars and locations so that we keep moving forward in this game.

So if you are also fond of drag racing, definitely try this mobile drag racing game.

Download – Top Speed

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5. GT CL Drag Racing CSR Car Game

gt cl drag racing csr car game

GT CL drag racing game is a popular name in the drag racing games category with a total size of around 200MB.

In this, we see around 70 luxury cars that can be unlocked and take part in the race.

One thing I found very interesting while playing this game is that we are allowed to customize the cars to a great extent; even we can customize the ground clearance of the vehicles, which makes it one of the best games in this category.

Story mode is also seen in this game, but at the same time, you have to race with 20 different professional drivers.

Apart from this, one of the specialties of this game is that different varieties of tournaments are seen in it like Free, Stairs, Knockouts, Daily, and Class Specific.

Because of these tournaments, the game remains exciting.

Download – GT CL Drag Racing

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6. No Limit Drag Racing 2

no limit drag racing 2

In most drag racing games, we are only allowed to control the gears; the cars are in full acceleration mode.

But if you want a game with gears and acceleration in your hands, you should try No Limit Drag Racing 2.

When I started playing this game, I got addicted to it; I kept playing it continuously for many days because of two things I liked very much about it.

First, it is in our hands to launch the car, and we can also control its accelerator, providing an authentic experience.

And second, the game allows us to upgrade and customize the cars entirely.

In this game of about 300MB, we get to see a few different game modes like:

  • Career
  • Multiplayer
  • Events
  • Free ride

As per my own experience, I want to say that you can enjoy this game both offline and online.

Download – No Limit Drag Racing 2

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7. Top Speed ​​2: Drag Rivals and Nitro Racing

top speed ​​2 drag rivals and nitro racing

This game is the next version of another drag racing game, Top Speed, available on the Google Play Store, which has been downloaded more than 50 million times so far.

Top Speed ​​2 is also being liked a lot, and so far, it has got millions of downloads.

This game of about 100MB is a great option for drag racing lovers as it offers a chance to race with the world’s fastest 70 cars.

In this, we get to see different game modes like Story and Elite, which provide different experiences.

Also, this game comes with three maps: airport, highway, and docks, allowing us to race in new conditions.

This game allows us to upgrade seven different parts of the cars with thousands of levels.

In short, this game is for you if you like to drag race with excellent graphics, lots of cars, and different conditions.

Download – Top Speed ​​2

8. CSR Classics

csr classics

This game is for those who still like to race with iconic classic cars instead of supercars.

In this, you will not find any supercar of today’s era.

Still, you will be able to race with more than 50 such cars which are considered to be the best of all time, such as Shelby Mustang GT500, Ford GT40, Plymouth Superbird, and other classic models from BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Plymouth, Pontiac, Shelby and more.

So far, we’ve raced a lot with supercars, and there are hundreds of drag racing games that have supercars to race with.

But very few games offer classic cars, and the CSR Classics is one of them.

Download – CSR Classics

9. Perfect Shift

perfect shift

Perfect Shift is a high-graphics drag racing mobile game with over 25 unique cars.

You can customize these cars to a great extent, and even this game allows you to customize the weight and aerodynamics of the vehicles.

In this game, we get a chance to race in different locations like tunnels, city streets, and industrial areas, which provides us with the best experience.

I’ve raced in all the locations in this game and had a great experience.

Let me tell you that this game has regular races mode and other exciting game modes like club tournaments, challenging daily competitions, ladders, and time races.

Download – Perfect Shift

10. Drag Racing: Streets

drag racing streets

Drag Racing can be a great game for you if you like to race with different cars in different locations.

We see more than 150 sports cars and locations like race tracks and country roads in this.

Also, let me tell you that in this game, we also get to see different lengths of tracks (1/4 and 1/2 miles), so if you like to race long, it is allowed.

On the other hand, if we talk about upgrading the cars, about 38 parts are allowed to be upgraded.

And that will be easy for you to beat any of your rivals in the race.

One thing I liked about this game is that the developers are constantly upgrading it, and when I was testing it to prepare this list of best drag racing games for android, another new car was added to it, which is quite remarkable.

Not only cars but some new tournaments have also been added to it.

Apart from this, I notice that we get the option of automatic and manual gear shifting, which is rarely seen in drag racing games.

Download – Drag Racing: Streets

11. Pixel Car Racer

pixel car racer

This drag racing game is for those who like pixel games very much.

The game is less than 100 MB in size and comes with over 100 pixel sports cars with which you will be able to race on different racing tracks.

In this game, more than 1000 car parts have been given to upgrade the cars, which you will be able to tune in RPG style.

One of the exciting things about this game is that it has a manual gear shift so that you will get an authentic racing experience.

I am not such a big fan of pixel games, but of course, this pixel drag racing game is fantastic in which beautiful pixel art graphics can be seen.

One of the best things about this game is that it is constantly updated so that we get a better experience.

Download – Pixel Car Racer

12. Underground Crew 2

underground crew 2

Racing with the police is a different experience; to live the same experience, this game has also given a dedicated game mode.

Underground Crew 2 is an epic drag racing game that offers different game modes, one of which is COP Smash Mode.

However, Underground and Multiplayer modes have also been given.

The game has more than 15 cars, and you can upgrade them significantly.

One thing I found fascinating about the game is that despite being small in size, this game comes with 3D graphics.

In this game, you get a chance to race with different racers in different locations and let me tell you that you can upload your score to the world ranking and compete with gamers from all over the world to be at the top.

Download – Underground Crew 2

Best Drag Racing Games for Android: Bottom Line

Usually, most mobile gamers are not used to playing drag racing games because, in such games, the gamers have less control of the game.

But still, drag racing games have a lot of popularity, and those who play them will like this list of best mobile drag racing games.

If you are often looking for games on the Google Play Store, indeed, there are many such games in this list that you must have noticed.

I hope this list has been useful to you; bookmark this page for further updates.

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