Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphone Review

If you are looking for a great quality gaming headphones then Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphone could be a good choice.

In this article we will be talking about the Eksa E3000 and also know whether you should buy Eksa E3000 or not?

Eksa is one of the popular brands that make gaming headphones of superior quality.

Eksa is known for making gaming peripherals which was found in 2018.

Eksa E3000 is one of the best gaming headphone in the range of 2000 rupees.

By the way, nowadays in the Indian market, good gaming headphones are available even in low price which are able to provide you better sound quality.

But Eksa is one of the few gaming headphones that you can trust for its quality.

Although there are many cheap gaming headphones out there, but here we would suggest that you choose only the best quality gaming peripherals.

So, now is the time to know about the features of the Eksa E3000, as well as we will also tell you the shortcomings of this gaming headphone.

Which will make it easier for you to take the right decision.

Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphone Review

Eksa E3000 review

Key Features

  • Superior stereo gaming sound
  • Adjustable noise cancelling microphone
  • Cool RGB light
  • Flexible durable material
  • Multiple-platform compatibility (PC gaming, PS4 gaming, Xbox gaming, nintendo switch gaming, mobile gaming)


  • Adjustable ski-band headband
  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable and soft ear cup paddings


  • RGB LED lights cannot be customized

EKSA E3000 gaming headset is a sturdy and well-built gaming headset with cool RGB light for gaming enthusiast.

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Adjustable Ski-band Headband

Nowadays, You may have seen headbands in gaming headphones that have fairly well cushioned, but you don’t find any such cushioning in the Eksa E3000.

Eksa E3000 auto adjusting headband

But there is no need to be disappointed in this because the Eksa E3000 gaming headphone have elastic head beam instead of cushioning which provides better comfort than cushioning.

With the elastic head beam feature, this headphone is better fit on your head, allowing you to enjoy longer gaming sessions without being uncomfortable.

The Eksa E3000 headbands are made of high quality flexible material so that you can bend easily without damaging it.

Its flexible material gives headphones a long life.

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Breathable Comfort Lightweight Wear

The ear pads of any gaming headphones are very sensitive because Whether or not you will be able to gaming with them for a long time depends on their quality.

For your information, let us know that the Eksa E3000 gaming headphones have super soft protein over-ear earmuffs, as well as perfect weight distribution has also been taken care of to give you maximum comfort.

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Cool RGB Light

Everyone likes RGB lights whether they are gamers or not.

The Eksa E3000 has 6 RGB lights on the earmuffs which looks very cool.

When you are playing games in a dark room, these lights look great which takes your gaming experience to the next level.

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2-Types of Plugs

In this Eksa gaming headset, you get a 3.5mm jack of superior quality braided cable which is 2.2 meters long, with the help of that you will not face any problem while gaming.

Apart from this, you also get a USB cable for the LED lights exist in this gaming headphones.

Adjustable Noise Cancelling Microphone

Noise cancelling microphones are an important feature of any good gaming headphones.

This feature gives you better quality in expensive gaming headphones.

But even in the Eksa E3000, you have been given a very good quality Noise Cancelling Microphone, which you can also adjust as per your convenience.

Its Noise Cancelling feature is able to prevent external unnecessary sounds to a great extent.

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Superior Gaming Sound

In the Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphones you get a powerful 50mm magnetic neodymium driver which provides better sound quality than the rest of the gaming headphones (which mostly have 40mm driver).

Eksa e3000 review: Immersive surround sound

Because of which you get superior gaming sound, which will increase your experience of playing games more.

The sound of this gaming headphone is much better due to the virtual 7.1 surround sound feature.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 is another great gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound.

In-Line Control

In the Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphones, you get an in-line controller with the help of which you can increase or decrease the volume of this gaming headphone.

You also get a mute button in its in-line controller, which is not found in most gaming headphones out there.

With this, you can mute the headphone volume with a single button.


Dimensions22.8 x 20.2 x 9.6 cm
Weight520 gm
Microphone form factorIn-line
Headphones form factorOver ear
Connector typeWired
MaterialStainless steel
Driver diameter50mm
Impedance32 Ohm
Sensitivity114dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz
Frequency range20Hz-20KHz
Mic sensitivity-36dB +/- 1dB
Headset cableUSB cable
Cable length2.2M/7.22 ft

Eksa E3000 Review: FAQ’s

If there is any problem, how long can it be fixed?

With the Eksa E3000 you get a 24-month warranty, which means that you can get this gaming headphone fixed anytime within 24 months.

Can we play games on iPhone with Eksa E3000?

Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphone have a 3.5mm jack, which means that you can connect directly to whatever device supports 3.5mm.

But if your phone is supported by type C, then you have to buy a type C to 3.5mm adapter, after that you can use this headphone easily.

Can RGB lights be customized?

No, you get 6 types of colorful RGB LED lights in this gaming headphones, which you have been given USB cable in Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphone to use.

Is the Eksa E3000 a heavy gaming headphone?

No, but if you are using headphones for the first time or have been using very lightweight headphones till now, then you may feel a bit heavy.

Eksa E3000 Review: Final Thoughts

The Eksa E3000 is perfect for gamers who have slightly lower budgets and who cannot afford more expensive gaming headphones.

You will get a lot of good features in it.

I bought this Eksa E3000 gaming headphone and after testing it for a few weeks.

I wrote this Eksa E3000 gaming headset review in which we also did gaming sessions for a long time but we did not feel uncomfortable at all.

We have tried to highlight almost all the features of this gaming headphones in this review to help you take a better decision.

There is no doubt that the Eksa E3000 is one of the best gaming headphones that is easily available at a low price.

We have tried to make it available to more and more people so that gamers do not have to spend extra money and they can get good headphones at the right price.

What was the best feature of this headphone as per your opinion?

Tell us by commenting and If you have any such gaming headphones that are underrated, then you can tell us through comments.

I will definitely include it in our article.

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