EKSA T8 Stereo Gaming Headphones Review

Are you going to buy EKSA T8 stereo gaming headphones?

Wait, you must read this articles before purchasing it, because you must have complete knowledge about the product you are buying.

The EKSA T8 stereo gaming headphones launched by Eksa in January 2021 is a gaming beast.

It would not be wrong to call it a gaming beast because in this budget you will not find such great features in any other gaming headphones.

In this article, we will going to cover every features and shortcomings of EKSA T8 gaming headphones in detail and find out that should you buy EKSA T8?

EKSA T8 Stereo Gaming Headphones Review

Eksa T8 gaming headphone review

Key Features

  • 3D stereo surround sound effect
  • 120° degree rotatable microphone
  • 2 in 1 PC adapter
  • One key mute button for Mic


  • Cheap
  • Soft memory protein earmuffs
  • Noise cancellation


  • No RGB LED lights

The Eksa T8 is going to be the most perfect gaming headphones in the range of 1500 rupees.

It is compatible with almost all of your devices.

While we are writing this article, its price is 1199 rupees, if any offer is going on Eksa T8, then you can find it by clicking the “Check Price on Amazon” button above.


The Eksa T8 stereo gaming headphone comes in a box on which Eksa is branded on the top, the model name is written in the middle and on the bottom you get a list of compatible devices.

Which includes laptop, smartphone, PC, playstation 4 and xbox one.

It has a maximum PlayStation 4 written on it, but if you have a PlayStation 5, it is compatible with it as well.

On the side of the box, you will find some information related to the Eksa T8. Apart from this, nothing else in the box is worth seeing.

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What’s in the Box?

In this, you get to see the Eksa T8 stereo gaming headset which also comes with a packing, in which you are given a user manual (which we never read).

And if you are taking this headset for your PC, then a splitter has also been provided for you.

Apart from this, you get a USB cable with 3.5mm jack.

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Design & Build Quality

In Eksa T8, first of all let’s talk about its headband.

Its quality is quite solid, below which a red color rubber type material is given, while the upper part is made of plastic material.

Its earcups are also made of plastic material which is of average quality.

Both its earcups are mentioned left and right so that you will not get confused about the earcups.

The quality of its earmuffs is average but comfortable.

It has a fire design on the earcups which are actually a light.

Which is provided with USB cable to turn on.

The quality of its wire is not braided but is quite thick.

Its quality is quite good considering the budget.

In its center, you have a headset controller with volume slider on the side while on the other side there are mic on/off switche, which helps you a lot in your live streaming.

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Mic Test

We checked its mic on its basic settings without any sound editing and you know what?

In this budget, you will not find such a good mic quality in any other headset.

Eksa T8 review

This mic is better able to convey your voice to your teammates.

Also, it gives you very good noise cancellation, which is a great feature.

Sound Quality

Its sounds are a bit crispy.

When you play any game from it, you are going to get a better gaming experience.

As the craze of FPS games is going on in India, you will hear footsteps very well in such games.

Eksa T8 headphone review

The Eksa T8 gaming headphones provide the same sound quality as the required for gaming.

So gaming wise the Eksa T8 is a perfect gaming headset.

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Our Opinion on Eksa T8

To be honest, Eksa T8 is not made for those who need a headset to listen to very bass songs in addition to games.

Because in this you will not get the sound quality of the level that you need for multimedia.

The Eksa T8 is made just for gaming.

So if you are a hardcore gamer and you only need a headset for gaming, then the Eksa T8 setero gaming headphone will be a perfect option for you.


Dimensions20.4 x 18.6 x 8.6 cm
Weight350 gm
ColourBlack & red
Connector typeWired
Model nameT8
Headphone form factorOver ear
Microphone form factorIn ear
Connector typeUSB, 3.5mm audio jack
Volume controllerYes
Headphone jack3.5mm
Control typeVolume control
MaterialLeather & plastic
Audio driver40mm
Microphone120° degree rotatable noise cancellation mic
LED lightsYes
Mic on/off switchYes

Eksa T8 Review: Final Thoughts

The Eksa T8 is one of the best gaming headphones that has all the basic features that a gamer must have.

As we told you earlier, these headphones are for hardcore gamers.

So if you are going to use it for listening to music, then you will probably get a bad experience.

If you have a budget of up to 1500 rupees then you can go for the Eksa T8 gaming headphone without thinking about it.

How did you like this Eksa T8 review, if we did not mention any of its features which is necessary, then you can tell us in the comments below.

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