Enter E-GPV Review: Enter USB Gamepad India 2022

Are you looking for Enter USB gamepad india?

Enter is an electronics manufacturing company that mainly manufactures monitors and electronics accessories.

Enter E-GPV gamepad is a cheap gamepad that can be a perfect choice for people who are either just beginning into their gaming carrier or who are just playing games for their fun.

In such a situation, you do not need to buy an expensive gamepad. The Enter USB gamepad would prove to be a better option.

But if you need more features, then you can see our another guide on the best gamepad under 1000, in which we have told about the gamepad with good features.

You will get it easily under 500 rupees.

Next we will discuss about some of its features, but before that, let us tell you that you have to download Enter E-GPV gamepad driver.

Where to download the Enter E-GPV gamepad driver?

We will talk about it further and you will be provided with the complete download guide, so you should see it.

Enter E-GPV Review

Enter E-GPV Review: Enter USB Gamepad India 2021

Key Features

  • 8-way directional control
  • Optimized for the PC
  • The joystick has well-designed
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Cheapest gamepad
  • Lightweight
  • Good vibration strength


  • Cheap quality

Do you play games?

Probably yes, but if you are asked who you play games on, then most of you will probably speak here whether on smartphone or PC.

But the Enter USB gamepad is going to change your gaming experience completely because everyone wants them to enjoy it whenever they are gaming, but unfortunately they are not able to do so.

But now you do not have to worry because the Enter E-GPV gamepad is so cheap that you can buy it easily.

First we tell you the features of Enter USB gamepad, after that we will tell you where to download the Enter E-GPV gamepad driver. So stay tuned.

Design & Build Quality

Both the design and build quality of the Enter USB gamepad are averaged.

In this, you get 2 analog sticks, 8-way directional keys and 12 fire buttons to control the overall scenario.

Its best feature we liked was its Vibration feature.

If you get the Vibration feature in this budget, then what better deal than this?


In this, you are given 2 USB ports, one of which comes with USB 2.0 and other USB 1.0 interface which are located on its backward.


You should not expect much from the gamepad coming in at a price of Rs 300.

But in the Enter USB gamepad you get surprisingly vibration feature which definitely enhance your gaming experience.

Apart from this feature, there is no other feature available in this gamepad, but it has received more than 1500 reviews on Amazon.

And the best part is that most of them are positive reviews.

If you also want a cheap gamepad, then the Enter E-GPV gamepad is a great choice.


Dimensions21.8 x 16.2 x 1.8 cm
Weight300 gm
Hardware platformPC
Special featuresVibration
Power sourceCorded electric
InterfaceUSB 2.0, backward compatible with USB 1.0
ControlsTwo analog sticks, 8-way directional keys & 12 fire buttons
PriceCheck here

Enter USB Gamepad Driver Download

To download Enter E-GPV gamepad driver, you simply search on google “Enter USB gamepad driver”

You will find tons of websites there that provide you the Enter USB gamepad driver.

You can download and use from there.


A gamepad definitely provides a better gaming experience than a keyboard and mouse.

Not only do you get to play games easily, but you also get some facilities that you can use in games.

If you are looking for a cheap gamepad then Enter USB gamepad is a great option.

You should buy it.

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