6 Best Ways To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire India 2022

If you are fond of Free Fire game then you must know the importance of Diamonds, today I will tell you some such ways, with the help of which you can get free diamonds in Free Fire.

Free Fire is one of the most famous game in India. It is a competitor of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) which is a battle royale game.

This game allows us to play with gamers from all over the world.

In this game, we get to see different characters and guns, from which we can further enhance our gaming experience.

You must have often seen many players in Free Fire who are seen playing in different colored costumes.

You must have also come to mind that after all, where would they have such great costumes from?

All these things are purchased by making in-game purchases which are made possible due to diamonds, although diamonds are not the only option.

In today’s article, we will know right here how you can get free diamonds in Free Fire?

But before that it is very important for us to know that what are these diamonds?

What is Diamonds?

Have you ever shopped from the market?

you must have done.

We often keep buying clothes for ourselves, for which we have to pay money which is the currency of our country i.e. Rupee.

Similarly, to buy something in any game i.e. for in-game purchase, we have to pay something which is known as its currency in that game.

The name of these currency varies from games to games.

In the Free Fire, these currencies are called Gems i.e. diamonds which allow us to shop like in real life.

Importance and Uses of Diamonds

Their currency is very important in every game, so that players are able to buy some things easily.

In Free Fire, we can buy mainly four things with the help of these diamonds –

  • Characters
  • Costumes
  • Gun skins
  • Pets

You must have often seen players playing with different characters. These characters are not only different in appearance but they also have some abilities which make them very special.

For instance, the character Alok of the Free Fire game is considered to be the best character, who has some such abilities due to which the health and speed of the player increases to some extent.

We can buy Alok by paying around 599 diamonds.

Not only the characters, but the player’s costumes and the skins of the guns also have a variety of abilities, with the help of that we can dominate our enemy.

We can also buy all these skins with the help of diamonds.

You must have often seen pets with players in Free Fire, these pets not only give you company, but also give you additional abilities.

But not every pet does this, some pets like Mechanical Pup do not provide any extra help other than giving you company.

You can also buy these pets with the help of diamonds.

But we have talked about the importance and use of these diamonds but how to get them?

Will we have to pay for diamonds?

And is there any way by which we can get free diamonds in Free Fire?

So let’s try to find answers to all these questions.

How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

best ways to get free diamonds in free fire

There are many ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire, some of which are legal and some are illegal.

I would not suggest you try any method that is against Free Fire’s policy.

Still, if you try to get diamonds for free through illegal means then you can be banned from playing Free Fire game.

But you do not need to worry because I am going to tell you some of the best ways which are not only authentic but can give you diamonds consistently.

So let’s start with the first and easiest way by which you can easily get free diamonds in Free Fire.


You must have often seen YouTubers and content creators doing Giveaways.

Some people may not find this as an effective method but you can get thousands of diamonds very easily from it.

You should subscribe to the channels of creators on YouTube who play Free Fire. He often announces diamond Giveaways on his channel.

You have to join their giveaways after which you can win free diamonds.

Although this method may not always get you diamonds but you can win diamonds many times for free with this method.

Since these are quite easy and have the potential to win diamonds, you should not ignore it.

Earn Google Play Credits

I really like this method. With this we can not only get diamonds for free but can also buy other games, apps, movies, books, gift cards etc.

Although this method is only for those who are Android users, if you do not have an Android phone then you cannot get diamonds for free this way.

In this we will have to earn Google Play Credits, with the help of which we will be able to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

There are many ways to do this, but the easiest and best way is to participate in surveys.

All you have to do is participate in the surveys, with the help of that you will be able to get Google Play Credits easily.

I find it the easiest and best way to participate in surveys through apps, in which you just have to install the apps on your phone and you will be able to earn Google Play Credits by participating in surveys whenever they live.

Its best app is Google Opinion Rewards.

I myself participate in surveys and earn Google Play Credits with the help of this app.

But if you need more free diamonds then you can use other apps along with Google Opinion Rewards.

You will get the list of all these apps here.

Booyah App

Booyah is Garena Free Fire’s own platform that lets you stream on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

Booyah App is a very good opportunity to get free diamonds.

Often, there are events and offers going on in this, by participating in which you can easily get free diamonds in Free Fire.

Here you are often given some tasks, for completing which you get free diamonds as a reward.

In some events you just have to watch video clips for 10 minutes and in return you get free diamonds in Free Fire.

Such events keep going on in Booyah App, so you have to keep an eye on it so that whenever a new task comes, you can complete it quickly and get free diamonds in Free Fire

In-Game Events

Free Fire often hosts in-game events within the game to entice players, giving you free prizes for participating in.

In the rewards given in these events, we often get to see diamonds which are absolutely free.

You just have to keep in mind the in-game events and whenever such events start, you have to participate in it and get free diamonds in Free Fire.

Bug Reporting Program

Most of the Free Fire players do not know about this Bug Reporting Program.

This program rewards you for finding bugs in the game.

Interesting, isn’t?

Although this is not the first time. We have often heard big companies like Facebook awarding lakhs of rupees to the bug finders.

Under this program, you have to visit the official website of Garena Free Fire, after which some steps will have to be followed –

  • Visit Website
  • Register yourself with the help of Facebook but keep in mind that your Free Fire ID is linked to Facebook ID.
  • Fill all the required details and create your account.

After which you can find bugs and report here and on every successful report you will get around 100 diamonds for free.

To get more Diamonds for free you can find more and more bugs and report them in the website.

Redeem Codes

Redeem codes are also a good option to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

You can get these redeem codes from this official website of Garena.

These codes are of 12 characters as an example – 5611DA6XFCPDW

In these codes you get to see capital letters along with numbers.

But keep in mind that you cannot redeem these codes from the guest account. For this you have to link to Facebook or VK.

Final Overview

So these were some of the ways in which you can get free diamonds in Free Fire.

Some of these are the methods which are official from Garena Free Fire, by using which you can easily get free diamonds from time to time.

Some of the methods mentioned above were as follows –

  • Giveaways
  • Earn Google Play Credits
  • Booyah App
  • In-game Events
  • Bug Reporting Program
  • Redeem Codes

I sincerely hope that after knowing these methods, your problem related to free diamonds will be solved.

By the way, if you know other ways apart from these methods, by which you can get free diamonds, then you must tell in the comments below.

I will definitely include those methods in this article, which will help all those who are trying to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

But you should stay away from such websites which claim to get you thousands of free diamonds.

Not only can your personal information be stolen from this, but your Free Fire ID can also be banned.

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