11 Best Gaming Earphones in India: Ultimate Guide

In this blog, we will discuss the best gaming earphones in India.

Everyone loves gaming.

Some people make gaming their profession, while some do it just for fun.

If you also do gaming just for entertainment or have just started gaming then this blog is for you.

Because in this blog I will talk about the best gaming earphones.

Not everyone can afford expensive gaming headphones and if you are a beginner you do not even need to go for them.

Nowadays brands have started using the best quality earphones too which prove to be very good for gaming.

And through this blog, I will tell about those earphones which are made for gaming only.

Top Picks:-

Best Gaming Earphones

1. HyperX Cloud Earbuds

best gaming earphone - hyperx cloud earbuds

(Overall best gaming earphones)

To make this list, I tested over 50 earphones out of which the HyperX Cloud Earbuds performed the best.

It is made keeping in mind the gamers and if you do not like to use headphones then you can definitely go for it.

Often we have to face trouble due to straight plug during gaming but we will get relief in HyperX Cloud Earbuds.

Because it has a 90-degree angled plug, thereby you will not have trouble holding your device while gaming.

Plus, I really liked its rubberized, tangle-free cable.

Its quality is very good which makes you feel premium.

Apart from this, you also get eartips of different sizes for better comfort.

The design of their eartips is very unique which helps in giving it a gamer look.

The most important features that any gaming earphones should have which is sound.

And its sound is just amazing.

You will get to hear gaming-optimized sound that will help you improve your gaming experience.

Along with this, it also has an in-line mic which will be useful for conveying your voice to your teammates.

Although it didn’t have a detachable mic which disappointed me a bit.

But the quality of its in-line mic is pretty amazing.


  • Optimized for handheld mode
  • Signature HyperX comfort
  • Immersive in-game audio
  • In-line mic for game chat


  • No detachable mic

2. pTron Boom

best budget gaming earphone - ptron boom

(Best budget gaming earphone)

If you do not have the budget to buy high quality gaming earphones, then you should take a look at the pTron Boom gaming earphones.

These are specially designed for those gamers who want good quality earphones in a low budget.

I found their special feature detachable mic which is rarely seen in this budget.

Its quality is also good.

Your voice reaches your teammates in the perfect way.

Also, the other thing that I really liked is that you have been given 10mm drivers due to which you will get to hear high quality sound.

Overall, if you are looking for budget gaming earphones, then pTron Boom can prove to be a great option.


  • Excellent stereo sound effect for better gaming
  • 360° omnidirectional & detachable mic
  • Strong 1.2m tangle-free cable
  • 90° gold-plated AUX


  • Feels bulkier

3. SpinBot BattleBudz W10

best gaming earphone with detachable mic - spinbot battlebudz w10

(Best gaming earphones with mic)

For gamers who like to team up with their friends, the need for a good mic in their gaming earphones goes even further.

In such a situation, SpinBot BattleBudz W10 gaming earphones can prove to be very helpful.

Because in these you have been given a detachable boom mic which you can adjust in any direction according to your convenience.

Which makes it easier for you to convey your voice to your teammates.

Apart from this, it gets tangle-free cable and better quality sound which makes the gaming experience even better.

Also, its sound has been optimized for gaming so that you will get all kinds of sound very clearly while playing games.


  • Dual microphone (noise canceling detachable boom mic + inline mic)
  • Gaming optimized sound
  • Built-in silicone hooks provide optimal comfort for extended use


  • Bulkier for smaller ears

4. JBL Quantum 50

best wired gaming earphone - jbl quantum 50

(Best wired gaming earphones)

Gaming with wired gaming gear is difficult task and it becomes more difficult when its wire is not of good quality.

In such a situation, it is important that when you buy any gaming earphones, then definitely check the quality of its cable.

Also, what kind of controls you get in the cable is also very important.

Because in many gaming earphones you get to see only one button and that too without volume control, in such a situation you may have some problem with it.

And if we talk about JBL Quantum 50 gaming earphones, you get to see braided cables which are of high quality so that there will be no hassle of tangle.

In this, you get to see an in-line controller, in which a separate volume slider has been given, so that you will be able to control the volume easily.

Also, there is a button to mute/unmute the mic which is an extra add-on feature.

Apart from this, a multi-function button has been given which you will be able to manage calls and music.

Overall, you get to see the best in-line controls in the JBL Quantum 50 gaming earphones.

Along with this, you have also been given a cable length adjuster in it, which will give you better comfort.


  • Separated volume slider, mic mute and multi-function button controls
  • Cable length adjuster and cable management channel for mono use
  • JBL QuantumSound signature to pick the smallest sound details
  • Inline voice focus microphone


  • Not good for long gaming sessions

5. ASUS ROG Cetra II

best rgb gaming earphone - asus rog cetra II

(Best RGB gaming earphones)

There is no argument that gamers prefer gaming gears that have RGB lighting.


However, you do not get to see any LED lights in most gaming earphones.

But the ASUS ROG Cetra II gaming earphones come with RGB lights which are a gift for RGB lovers.

You will get to see RGB lighting in the ASUS logo above its earbuds, which looks really cool.

The active noise cancellation feature eliminates extra noises and ensures you get distraction-free in-game audio and music.

Also, the hard-hitting bass coupled with the innovative liquid silicone rubber (LSR) drivers deliver impeccable sound that helps in enhancing the gaming experience.

Overall, I found this to be the best gaming earphone but due to its high price, I did not choose it as the best gaming earphone.


  • RGB lighting
  • Active noise cancellation technology that blocks out unwanted noises
  • Innovative liquid silicone rubber (LSR) drivers
  • Mics with noise-suppression technology
  • Ambient mode


  • Very expensive

But along with all these there are some other great gaming earphones that you can consider.

During the testing, there are some other earphones which also deserved to be included in this list because you also get amazing gaming features in them.

Let’s have a look.

6. Cosmic Byte CB-EP-04

best gaming earphones - cosmic byte cb-ep-04

Next on the list of best gaming earphones are the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-04.

In this you get to see detachable mic which can be adjusted in any direction.

I checked the quality of the mic where I found that the quality of its mic is one of the best in terms of earphones.

With its mic, your voice reaches your teammates in a very clear way.

I personally like the quality of its cables which are tangle-free as well as strong enough to feel premium.


  • Dual microphone design, convenient for gaming and communicating
  • In-line microphone can be activated by removing the external microphone
  • 10mm diver unit with clear high, medium & low frequency sound
  • Ergonomic, small & exquisite design with soft earbud to ensure comfort


  • Cable length should have been longer

7. CLAW G13

top gaming earphones - claw g13

Next on the list of best gaming earphones are the CLAW G13.

The specialty of this earphone is that you will get to see 3 drivers of 6mm in it.

Which means that in this you will get to hear better sound quality than other earphones.

Where you’d normally get only 1 driver, there are 3 dynamo drivers so it’s bound to enhance the sound quality quite a bit.

Along with this, it also gets dual microphones in which one is a detachable mic while the other is in-line.

The quality of both the mics is very good but I prefer the detachable mic more when gaming.

Apart from all this, I also liked its in-line controller as you get to control a lot in it.

As it has a volume controller as well as a button to mute / unmute the mic; plus, an option to manage calls and music.


  • Triple 6mm drivers produce powerful bass
  • Comfortable Fit with noise isolation
  • Dual noise canceling microphone
  • Robust and rugged 1.2 m cable
  • Ergonomic angled earbuds


  • Not good for music

8. HP H150

best gaming earphones - hp h150

Next on the list of best gaming earphones are the HP H150.

One feature I really liked about this earphone is its detachable mic.

Which are adjustable that you can move in any direction.

The mic quality is good and delivers your sound just right.

Apart from this, in the in-line controller present in it, you get the option to control the volume and calls / music.

Although no option of mic mute/unmute was given, which disappointed me a bit but the rest of the features are excellent which proves to be helpful during gaming.


  • Detachable microphone with 360 degree rotating functionality
  • Multifunctional wire control is at your fingertips
  • Sound is crisp and clear


  • No mic mute/unmute button

9. Cosmic Byte CB-EP-05

gaming earphones - cosmic byte cb-ep-05

Next on the list of best gaming earphones are the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-05 wired gaming earphone.

If you are looking for the most affordable gaming earphones, then the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-05 can be a great option.

Despite being cheap, you get to see amazing features in this earphone.

The dual microphone design in it is quite amazing where you get to see a detachable mic.

Whose quality is really superb.

It filters your voice by eliminating unnecessary sounds and delivers it to your teammates in a clean manner.

Also, for good sound quality, a 10mm driver has been given in it, which transmits all the sounds of the games to you.


  • Dual microphone design
  • 10mm diver unit with clear high, medium & low frequency sound
  • Ergonomic, small & exquisite design with soft earbud to ensure comfort
  • Blocks ears with good snuggly fit


  • Too heavy and thus often goes off balance

10. Logitech G333

best gaming earphones in india - logitech g333

Next on the list of best gaming earphones are the Logitech G333.

In these Type-C gaming earphones, you get to see dual drivers which enhance the sound quality manifold.

Although it is not specifically designed for gaming, but I included it in this list.

Because the sound it gets is perfect for gaming.

The kind of sound we want for gaming, the Logitech G333 gets you exactly that.

The advantage of this is that you can hear every little sound of the game very clearly, which makes your game better.

Also, it has an excellent build quality that makes it long-lasting.


  • Gaming-grade dual dynamic drivers for clear highs and deep bass
  • In-line mic and integrated controls
  • Multi-device connectivity


  • No detachable mic

11. Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03

top gaming earphones in india - cosmic byte cb-ep-03

Next on the list of best gaming earphones are the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03.

This is a great option for low-budget gamers looking for a good quality earphone that comes with a detachable mic.

In this, you also get to see in-line control, with the help of which you will be able to manage calls and music.

Due to the multi-device connectivity, you can not only use it on a smartphone but can also be used easily with PC, laptops, or consoles.


  • Dual microphone design, convenient for gaming and communicating
  • Great mic quality
  • Reduces the background noise pretty well


  • Not good for small ears

Best Gaming Earphones: Final Thoughts

I have mentioned earlier also that if you are serious about your gaming then you go for gaming headphones.

Because in them you will get to see better performance which makes the gaming experience much better.

But for the gamers who prefer earphones, in this blog I have shared the list of best gaming earphones, which includes the top options of the moment.

There was a time when I used to use earphones only for gaming because I did not do much gaming at that time.

So if you are an occasional gamer like me, then you can also opt for gaming earphones.

Well, which earphone on this list impressed you the most?

If you have any complaint or suggestion from this best gaming earphones list then please do share your opinion in the comments.

Best Gaming Earphones: FAQ’s

Which earphones are best for gaming?

In my opinion the HyperX Cloud Earbuds are the best earphones for gaming.

Because in these you are provided with optimized sound as well as high quality in-line mic which makes the gaming experience even better.

Do earphones perform better than headphones in gaming?

Headphones will always perform better in gaming than earphones.

Because in them we get to see better features than earphones which prove to be more helpful in gaming.

Because of this, earphones are not more convenient than headphones.

Can the earphones be used for gaming?

Yes, the earphones can be used for gaming.

Although they will not get as good performance as the headset, but if you do gaming occasionally, then there will be no problem in using the earphones.

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