HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

So hey gamers, I am back again with a brand new review. Today I am going to review HyperX Cloud Stinger, which is a affordable wired gaming headset.

I know, many of you gamers may have already used it and probably some gamers may still be using it.

Then why am I reviewing it after so long?

Well, HyperX Cloud Stinger is one of the few gaming headsets that you will never forget because it has features that you probably won’t find in any other headset in this price range.

So I will review it today and if you are looking for a gaming headphone that provides you with the best features in the affordable price, then read this review till the end.

Because you are going to get your dream gaming headset. So without delay let’s go to the HyperX Cloud Stinger review.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

Key Features

  • Comfortable design
  • Decent build quality
  • 50mm directional drivers
  • Swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone


  • Lightweight
  • Impressive boom microphone
  • Intuitive volume control on headset ear cup


  • Bulky and plasticky build
  • Very limited control scheme

What’s in the Box

  • HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headphone
  • Audio cable extension cord
  • Manual

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Design & Build Quality

HyperX Cloud Stinger is made of plastic, due to which they are much lighter. It mainly uses black color, on which you will see a matte finish.

The design of the ear cups of this headset is quite attractive, which I liked very much.

Although these are not very good in portability but they can be rotated up to 90 degrees, which according to me is quite a good thing.

Its headband has been reinforced with thin steel due to which they are flexible which you can adjust as per your convenience.

Since these are over-ear headphones, they cover your ears completely. I liked their fitting very much.

In this, you are given 3.5mm cable, although they are not braided cable but its quality is quite good.

Overall, its design and build quality are quite good. You will not have any complaints in this.

They are also very durable, so you don’t have to buy another headset again and again.

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In this, you have been given swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone. The quality of which I liked very much.

To mute the mic, you have to swivel the microphone as above. The mic will automatically go into mute mode as soon as you swivel it.

One feature that I liked very much is that when you swivel it, you hear a clicky sound in it, so that we know that it has been mute.

You have also been given the feature of noise-cancellation which although it does not work so well but still provides a decent quality.


Like most gaming headphones, it does not give you some extra controls. However, the controls have been upgraded a bit.

In this, you have been given a volume slider above the ear cup, with the help of which you can increase or decrease the volume of the headset.

Gaming headset controls

On the downside, in this you are not given any call receiving/declining button nor any button has been provided for music control.

Which I found a bit disappointing because if you had been given a dedicated button for calls in this too, it would have been quite convenient.

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Since you have been given 3.5mm jack, then all the devices which can use 3.5mm jack are compatible with it.

You can easily use it in your mobile as well. But there are some smartphones in which it cannot be compatible.

Thanks to its 3.5mm jack, you can connect it comfortably to your PC, PS4 or Xbox as well.


In HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headphones you get very good sound quality. In this, you are given 50mm directional drivers for audio precision.

And this is what makes it the best in this price range. I have found the HyperX Cloud Stinger’s sound output to be the best in this price range compared to the rest of the headset.

You can try any game, the sound output of all the games is going to be quite good.

The bass accuracy of the HyperX Cloud Stinger is quite decent. Even if you are a bass music lover, you are going to get a very good bassy sound.

These are the perfect headset for EDM and hip-hop fans.

Good For

  • Gamers looking for an affordable gaming headset
  • Who needs a good mic
  • Good for those who want better sound output
  • Need a headset with better design and build quality
  • Who needs a gaming headset with a good bass

Overall if you want a great affordable gaming headset then you can buy it

Not Good For

  • Gamers who don’t like bulky design
  • Not good for those who need a headset for calls

HyperX Cloud Stinger Specs

Dimensions8.1 x 17.3 x 18 cm
Weight275 gm
Noise cancellingNo
Call/music controlNo
Volume controlYes
Microphone controlMute/unmute
Detachable boom micNo
Cable lengthHeadset (1.3m) + extension Y-cable(1.7m)
Control typeVolume control
Frequency response23000 Hz
Frequency range18 Hz – 23000
Impedance30 Ω
Audio typeStereo
Driver50mm diameter
Connection type3.5mm (4 poles)
Memory foamYes

Best Alternative for HyperX Cloud Stinger

The EKSA E3000 is a gaming headset in which you get all the essential features that a gamer needs.

Be it the noise cancellation feature with better sound quality or LED lights for a decent look.

If you are looking for an alternative to HyperX Cloud Stinger, then you can try the EKSA E3000.

Frequently Asked Questions of HyperX Cloud Stinger

Is HyperX Cloud Stinger good for gaming?

If you are looking for a gaming headset that has decent design and build quality and provides a good sound output, then HyperX Cloud Stinger is a very good gaming headset for you.

Is this headset compatible with mobile?

This gaming headset comes with 3.5mm jack, so if your device supports 3.5mm jack then you can use it easily.

Is HyperX Cloud Stinger good for music?

It has a 50mm dynamic driver which is capable of producing ample amount of excellent sound. With which you get a very good bass which not only provides good sound in gaming but is also very good for music.

Does HyperX Cloud Stinger have noise cancelling?

In this, you have been given noise cancelling microphone which is able to prevent extra sounds to some extent, although this is not as effective but this makes the quality of your voice quite clear.


I have been using HyperX Cloud Stinger for the last one year and I want to say that its build quality is really great.

It has been so long using it but it is still giving very good performance. This is a great headset for high-end gaming.

If you are thinking of getting an affordable gaming headset, then HyperX Cloud Stinger may be the perfect option for you.

Which gaming headset you are using right now, let me know in the comments. till then

Peace out…!

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