iQOO 12 Review: After One Month!

Are you curious about the new iQOO 12? Launched recently with the fastest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, it’s a powerhouse of performance.

But there’s more to a phone than just performance, right?

From its sleek design to the real-life user experience, I’ve got the scoop on what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re thinking of grabbing this cool smartphone, this review is your go-to guide.

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Let’s begin the iQOO 12 review by discussing its pros and cons.

iQOO 12: Pros & Cons


  • Premium design and build
  • Impressive performance
  • Stunning display
  • Fast charging
  • Versatile camera setup


  • No wireless charging
  • Potential discomfort with prolonged use
  • No 4K video recording on front camera

iQOO 12: Key Specs

Display6.78-inch AMOLED, 2800×1260 resolution, LTPO technology
Refresh Rate144Hz adaptive refresh rate
Fingerprint ScannerIn-display
Dimensions163.22 x 75.88 x 8.35
Weight198 g
BuildGlass back with matte finish, Metal Frame
IP RatingIP64 dust and splash resistance
Rear Camera50MP (Primary), 64MP (Periscope), 50MP (Ultra-Wide)
Front Camera16MP
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 3
Operating SystemAndroid 14 with Funtouch OS 14
Internal storage256GB, 512GB
ConnectivityWi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4, 5G
Battery5,000mAh with 120W fast charging, no wireless charging
ColoursAlpha, Legend
Full specs here

iQOO 12: Design & Build Quality

The moment I picked up the iQOO 12, it felt special.

iQOO 12 Design

You know that feeling when something just clicks? That’s what happened here.

The Legend White model I got my hands on is downright sleek.

It’s got this cool, matte finish on the back, which means no more annoying smudges or fingerprints.

Honestly, it’s such a relief not having to wipe it down all the time.

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Here is a detailed overview of the design and build of the iQOO 12:

1. The Feel in Your Hand

Let’s talk about what it feels like to hold the iQOO 12.

It’s got a metal frame that reminds me a lot of the iPhone 14 Pro Max – super premium.

But, I’ve got to be honest, after using it for a while, the metal can get a bit uncomfortable.

It’s like it digs into your palm if you’re holding it for too long.

The easy fix? Just pop on the case that comes with it. Problem solved, and you keep that sleek look.

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2. Light and Sturdy

What really got me is how iQOO managed to make the iQOO 12 feel light without losing that sturdy, solid feel.

It’s pretty thin, just 8.1 mm, and doesn’t feel like a brick in your pocket.

That’s a big win in my book.

3. Other Things

iQOO 12 didn’t just stop at looks, they’ve added some neat stuff.

There’s an IR blaster at the top, which is super handy for controlling stuff around the house.

Plus, it’s got an IP64 rating, so it can handle a bit of dust and splashes.

It’s these little things that make you feel like iQOO really thought about what we need in a phone.

iQOO 12: Display

The first time I turned on the iQOO 12, the display instantly grabbed my attention.

We’re talking about a 6.78-inch AMOLED screen that’s not just big, it’s also stunning.

iQOO 12 Display

The resolution of 2800 x 1260 pixels means everything on this screen looks sharp and clear.

Whether you’re scrolling through your social media, reading an article (as you are doing now), or just admiring your photos, the clarity is something you’ll notice and appreciate.

Here are more details that provide a better view of the iQOO 12’s display:

1. The LTPO Display

This isn’t just any AMOLED screen, it’s an LTPO display.

If you’re wondering what that means for you, it’s all about efficiency.

This tech lets the screen adjust its refresh rate based on what you’re doing, which helps save battery life.

And let’s not forget the color reproduction.

It’s vibrant and punchy, making everything from your holiday photos to your favorite shows pop.

2. The Refresh Rate

Now, the refresh rate here is where it gets really exciting.

The iQOO 12 boasts a 144Hz adaptive refresh rate.

In simple terms, everything feels incredibly smooth.

Whether you’re gaming or just swiping through apps, the fluidity is something you can both see and feel.

It’s hard to go back to a regular screen after you get used to this level of smoothness.

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3. The Brightness

The iQOO 12 claims a peak brightness of 1,800 nits, and it lives up to that claim.

I’ve used it outside on sunny days, and I could see my screen without squinting or hunting for shade.

That’s a big plus if you’re often out and about.

4. Other Things

There’s a punch-hole camera at the top, but it’s so well integrated that you hardly notice it.

And for security, the in-display fingerprint scanner is a breeze to use.

It’s fast and responsive – a small detail that makes a big difference in day-to-day use.

iQOO 12: Camera

The iQOO 12’s camera setup immediately piqued my interest.

You’ve got a 50MP primary, a 64MP periscope, and a 50MP ultra-wide lens.

This combination sets you up for almost any shooting scenario.

iQOO 12 Camera Setup

Whether you’re capturing landscapes, zooming in for details, or snapping wide group shots, this phone has you covered.

These additional aspects offer a clearer perspective on the iQOO 12’s camera setup:

1. Daytime Photography

Using the 50MP primary camera during the day has been a delight.

iQOO 12 Camera Daytime Photography Sample
iQOO 12 Camera Sample

The color reproduction is stunning – colors pop, and the details are crisp.

I took it out on a sunny day, and the photos I got were Instagram-ready without any edits.

The ultra-wide lens also does a fantastic job, capturing more of the scene without losing much detail.

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2. Zooming In

The 64MP periscope lens is something special.

It offers 3x optical zoom and up to 10x lossless zoom.

I tried zooming in on distant objects, and the clarity surprised me.

But the real magic happens when you push it to 100x zoom.

Sure, it’s a bit hit or miss at this range, but when it hits, you get some unique shots that most phones just can’t manage.

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3. Night Photography

Night photography on the iQOO 12 is impressive.

iQOO 12 Camera Night Photography Sample
iQOO 12 Camera Sample

Those handheld shots in low light came out better than I expected.

There’s clarity, and the noise levels are well controlled.

It’s one of those phones where you don’t hesitate to take a photo at night, knowing it’ll turn out great.

4. Selfies and Video

The 16MP front camera is a winner for selfies.

The wide-angle lens fits more into your shots, and the skin tones are natural.

Video recording is robust, too, with support for 8K 30fps and 4K 60fps.

The only catch? No 4K for the front camera, which might be a downer for vloggers or selfie video enthusiasts.

iQOO 12: Performance

The iQOO 12 is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, and let me tell you, it’s a beast.

The first time I fired up a high-end game, the smoothness and responsiveness blew me away.

It’s not just about loading apps quickly (which it does effortlessly), but about how everything feels snappy and immediate.

Whether I’m browsing, gaming, or multitasking, the phone keeps up without a hitch.

Here are a few aspects that tell you what I’m talking about:

1. RAM and Storage

The model I’ve been using boasts 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM.

To put that into perspective, that’s as much RAM as in many laptops used for professional video editing.

And the result? A multitasking dream.

I can switch between apps, have multiple tabs open, and the phone doesn’t even flinch.

And with 512GB of storage, space issues are a thing of the past.

2. Gaming

As a gamer, I was curious about how the iQOO 12 would handle demanding games.

And it doesn’t disappoint me at all.

iQOO 12 Gameplay

Games load quickly, run smoothly, and the visuals are stunning.

The 144Hz refresh rate screen adds to the immersive experience, making every frame count.

3. Thermal Management

One aspect that often gets overlooked in powerful phones is heat management.

iQOO has done a commendable job here.

Even after extended gaming sessions, the phone remains surprisingly cool.

This efficient heat dissipation means performance remains consistent, which is crucial for both gaming and general usage.

I also compared the iQOO 12’s AnTuTu and Geekbench scores with those of other phones, and here are the results.

iQOO 12 AnTuTu Score Comparison
iQOO 12 vs iPhone 15 Pro vs Samsung S23 Ultra AnTuTu Score Comparison
iQOO 12 GeekBench Score Comparison
iQOO 12 vs iPhone 15 Pro vs Samsung S23 Ultra Geekbench Score Comparison

4. Connectivity

With Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4, the iQOO 12 is set for future technology.

It’s a small detail, but it means the phone won’t feel outdated anytime soon.

And for those who rely on mobile data, the 5G support ensures fast internet speeds.

iQOO 12: Software

The iQOO 12 comes with Android 14 right out of the box, making it one of the few devices to offer the latest Android experience from the get-go.

This immediately set my expectations high.

The new features and improvements in Android 14, combined with iQOO’s optimizations, create a smooth and intuitive user experience.

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Here is what I found in the iQOO 12’s software:

1. Funtouch OS 14

Running on Funtouch OS 14, iQOO has done a splendid job in refining the user interface.

iQOO 12 Software

It’s cleaner and more user-friendly than ever.

I particularly appreciated the minimal bloatware.

Unlike many other phones, the iQOO 12 doesn’t bombard you with unnecessary apps and services.

It’s a refreshing change that enhances the overall user experience.

2. Personalization and Features

The level of customization available is impressive.

You can tweak almost everything to suit your style, from the always-on display to the icon shapes.

It’s these little things that make your phone truly yours.

Plus, the additional features like the option to switch resolution and enable MMC (motion estimation, motion compensation) add to the device’s appeal.

Although, I’d suggest keeping MMC off for movies to preserve that cinematic feel.

3. Performance and Optimization

What stands out in the software department is how well everything is optimized.

The launcher is snappy, and there’s hardly any lag or stutter, even when pushing the device with demanding tasks.

The 144Hz refresh rate screen is well-utilized, with animations and transitions feeling ultra-smooth.

4. Updates and Security

iQOO promises 3 years of Android updates and 4 years of security patches.

This commitment to software support is crucial for keeping your device up-to-date and secure in the long run.

It’s good to see iQOO taking this seriously, giving you peace of mind about your investment.

iQOO 12: Battery Life & Charging

The iQOO 12 comes equipped with a robust 5,000mAh battery, and it’s been a game changer for me.

On a typical day, involving some gaming, streaming videos, and regular social media browsing, the phone comfortably lasts the entire day.

Even with the 144Hz refresh rate screen, which you’d expect to drain the battery, the iQOO 12 holds up impressively.

On lighter usage days, I’ve even seen it stretch into the next day without needing a charge.

Check out more details into the battery performance of the iQOO 12:

1. Rapid Charging

Now, let’s talk about the charging speed because it’s a standout feature.

The iQOO 12 supports 120W fast charging, and it’s mind-blowingly quick.

iQOO 12 Charging

The phone charges from 0 to 100% in just about 20 minutes.

This means even on days when I’ve forgotten to charge my phone overnight, a quick top-up while getting ready in the morning gets me through the day.

It’s incredibly convenient and has changed how I approach charging my phone.

This habit now becomes problematic when I switch back to my regular iPhone, which doesn’t have this fast charging speed.

2. Efficiency and Management

What I’ve noticed is the efficiency in power management.

The LTPO display technology, which adjusts the refresh rate based on content, plays a significant role in conserving battery life.

Also, the software optimization ensures that the battery doesn’t drain unnecessarily in the background.

3. No Wireless Charging

One point worth mentioning is that the phone doesn’t support wireless charging.

While it’s not a major issue for me, it could be a factor to consider for those who are used to or prefer wireless charging options.

iQOO 12: Is It Worth Buying?

Absolutely, if you’re in the market for a phone that combines performance, a stunning display, and rapid charging, the iQOO 12 is a fantastic choice.

It’s a powerhouse, especially for gaming and multitasking, thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and a generous 16GB of RAM.

The display is a real treat for your eyes, and the battery life won’t let you down even on those long, busy days.

Yes, it misses wireless charging, and if you’re big into 4K selfie videos, you might feel a bit limited.

But honestly, these are small trade-offs compared to what you’re getting.

It’s a phone that feels premium in your hand, and it backs up its good looks with solid performance.

So, would I recommend it? Definitely, especially if you value a phone that can keep up with your demanding lifestyle without skipping a beat.

The iQOO 12 is not just about doing everything, it’s about doing everything well.

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