Logitech G333 Review

In this article, I have brought a gaming earphone for mobile gamers, the Logitech G333.

In this, you get dual drivers, there are many features about which we will discuss further in this review.

Just as mobile gaming is growing in India, the demand for gaming accessories used in it is also increasing.

In view of this, many people messaged me on Instagram and said that I should review the gaming mobile accessories, then I am ready to review another gaming earphones, which I have been using for the last several days.

And based on this, I will tell you whether or not you should take Logitech G333 gaming earphones for your mobile gaming sessions in India in 2022.

But before that, check out the best gaming earphones under 1000 guide for more options.

Logitech G333 Review

Logitech G333 Review


  • Dual drivers
  • In-line mic and integrated controls
  • Multi-device connectivity
  • There’s no distortion even at higher volumes
  • 3.5mm AUX cable with type-c adapter
  • Stunning sound quality


  • No detachable mic
  • No earlock tips

For mobile gaming, there are some brands that provide you better gaming accessories, Logitech is one of them.

The Logitech G333 Type-C earphone included in this article is being called gaming earphones because of its special features.

What are its features and should you buy it?

Let’s try to find the answers to all the questions.

Logitech G333 Review: box content

What’s in the Box

  • Logitech G333 gaming earphone
  • 3.5mm to type-c converter
  • Zip pouch
  • Extra eartips
  • User manual

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Design & Build Quality

The Logitech G333 gaming earphones will look similar to the common earphones in first impression.

Its material is of aluminium, which makes its build quality quite good.

With this earphones you are not given any earlock tips which I found a bit disappointing.

Because earphones are not as comfortable as headphones, they require earlock tips.

Now if the earphones get out of your ears during gaming, then your gaming is bound to get spoiled, which seems quite irritating.

However, you have been given extra eartips with Logitech G333 earphones which come in different sizes, which you can use according to your ear size.

But earlock tips should have come with earphones which would have provided you best comfortability, but unfortunately you will have to use these earphones without earlock tips.

I liked the build quality of the Logitech G333 gaming earphones.

Since light aluminium has been used in this, not only their build quality has improved but they also become much lighter.

Logitech G333 design & build quality

Well, apart from this you will not find so much special in the design of these earphones which can be mentioned but you get better build quality.

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I like the wire of the Logitech G333 gaming earphones quite well because you don’t get regular round rubber wires but instead 1.8 meter long tangle-free wires have been provided which will save you from working extra hard.

I find the best feature of tangle-free wire here is that they do not get tangled.

By the way I have used many earphones in which you get a common round wire and believe it, when they get tangled up, it is a difficult task to sort them out.

And here comes these tangle free wires which help you in playing hustle-free gaming.

So overall you get to see tangle-free wire of very good quality in Logitech G333.


The Logitech G333 gaming earphones give you in-line controllers which I find to be of good quality.

In this, you are given a total of 3 buttons.

In which two buttons are for increasing and decreasing the volume, while the third button is given between these two buttons.

Which will come in handy when you listen to songs and you have to play next or previous song.

Apart from this, you can also use this button to receive or decline calls.

So in Logitech G333 you will get controls similar to ordinary earphones. In this, you do not get any kind of extra buttons.

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In Logitech G333 you are not provided any detachable mic which according to me is a drawback as you cannot better convey your voice to teammates through in-line mic.

So it would have been much better if you had given a detachable mic in it.

But the interesting thing is that the mic you have been given in this earphone is given near your mouth, so that there is no shortage of detachable mic.

However, the quality of the mic given in its in-line controller is surprisingly amazing.

I have played a lot of games and communicated with my teammates.

I had no trouble communicating through its in-line mic, and this is the reason why you do not feel the lack of detachable mic in Logitech G333.

But if you want a gaming earphone with a detachable mic, you can consider the Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 gaming earphone.

which is not only cheaper than the Logitech G333, but you also get earlock tips.


In Logitech G333 gaming earphones, I found a better feature is its sound quality.

Let me tell you that in this you get dual drivers which make the sound quality even better.

According to the company, it has a 5.8mm driver and another 9.2mm driver, which proves to be very helpful in enhancing its sound quality.

Logitech G333 dual drivers

One driver has been given to provide better bass while another driver will help you to provide clarity.

Due to its excellent sound quality, I enjoyed a lot during gaming, it will give you a crisp sound and bass which further enhances the whole gaming experience.

3.5mm to Type-C Converter

Nowadays you are not being given 3.5mm jack in smartphones, due to which you had to buy 3.5mm to type-c converter separately but in Logitech G333 gaming earphones you get 3.5mm to type-c converter with them.

Which is very helpful for those gamers whose smartphones do not have the feature of 3.5mm jack.

Good For

  • Gamers who need light gaming earphones
  • Gamers who like high sound quality
  • These earphones are good for gamers whose earphones fit easily in their ears
  • Gamers who need tangle-free wire in their earphones

Not Good For

  • Gamers who need a detachable mic
  • Gamers who have trouble using earphones without earlock tips

let’s talk about the Logitech G333 specs.

Logitech G333 Review: Specifications

Dimensions30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm
Weight12 gm
Connectivity technologyWired
SeriesLogitech G333
Form factorIn ear
Connector type3.5mm audio jack
Headphones jack3.5 mm
Control typeVolume control
MaterialAluminum, plastic

Logitech G333 Review: FAQ’s

Is Logitech G333 a good gaming earphones?

The Logitech G333 gaming earphone is very good earphones if you are a gamer who needs great sound quality in earphones for gaming but does not need a detachable mic, then a big Yes.

Do these earphones support consoles?

Yes, not just consoles, all those devices which have 3.5mm jack or type-c support, all of them can easily connect with Logitech G333 gaming earphones.

How to connect these earphones in smartphones that do not have 3.5mm jack?

With these gaming earphones, you have been given 3.5mm to Type-C converter with the help of that you can connect them to any devices which does not have 3.5mm jack.

Logitech G333 Review: Final Thoughts

After knowing all the features and specifications of Logitech G333 gaming earphones, now you have to decide whether to buy it or not.

The Logitech G333 is a good gaming earphone that offers very good sound output despite some limitations.

So those gamers or music lovers who want a great sound quality gaming earphones can consider the Logitech G333.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite gaming earphones in the comments section, till then

Peace out…!

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