Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review India 2022: beautiful confusion

On March 29, 2022, Xiaomi announced the Mi 11 Lite phone, after which a lot of hype was created about this phone in the market.

There are many such features in this phone that along with surprising you, also give a solid reason to buy it.

However, ever since BGMI was launched in India, gamers have again started looking for new gaming phones and in this Mi 11 Lite gaming review you will get to know whether this Mi 11 lite will be able to give you better gaming performance?

Well, we will know this further, but do you know why so much hype was created about this phone?

Its design.

This phone is one of the thinnest phones to be launched in 2022, which also looks very beautiful in appearance.

But that doesn’t mean it has a small size or that it is a compact phone. This is a very big phone that comes with a large 6.55 inch Amoled display.

Apart from its big display and beautiful design, will this Mi 11 lite be able to give us better gaming performance?

In this Mi 11 Lite gaming review, we will do its complete gaming test, so let’s start.

Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review India 2022

mi 11 lite review

Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review: Specs

  • Display: 1080 x 2400p Amoled 6.55 inches
  • Weight: 157 g
  • Processor: Qualcomm SM7150 Snapdragon 732G (8 nm)
  • Camera: 64 MP (wide), 8 MP (ultrawide), 5 MP (macro), 16 MP (selfie)
  • Battery: Li-Po 4250 mAh, non-removable with 33W fast charging

Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review: Pros

  • Good camera quality
  • Amazing video stabilization
  • Very lightweight
  • Superb display
  • Good battery performance
  • Attractive design

Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review: Cons

  • Not good for hardcore gaming
  • Are not better at holding

Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review: Design & Build Quality

The design, about which Mi 11 lite is the most talked about. As I told you that this is a very thin phone whose thickness is only 6.81mm which looks quite attractive to look at.

When I first took this phone in my hand, I thought that there can be no better phone than this.

But slowly I realized that I am not able to hold it properly. If you look at this phone carefully, then the width of this phone is slightly more than most of the phones.

And if you look at the corners of this phone, then you will find its corners a bit sharp, and this is the reason why holding it seems a bit difficult task.

If the corners of this phone were slightly rounded then it could have been easily held.

Apart from this, if we talk about its back, then its back is made of glass along with matte finish, which gives it a better and attractive look.

Overall, I did not find any shortage in its material, if you also look at the price, then you can consider it much better.

Some of the ports you will find on the bottom side of Mi 11 lite are as follows –

  • Sim card tray
  • Microphone
  • Type-C port
  • Speaker grill

Whereas on the right side of the phone you have been given the power on / off button which also acts as a fingerprint scanner as well as the volume buttons are also there.

On the top side of the Mi 11 lite, you can see the IR blaster and noise canceling microphone.

So these were some of the design and build quality details of the Mi 11 lite that I noticed while using it.

What do you think about its design and build quality? Do tell in the comments below.

Let’s talk about Mi 11 lite’s gaming performance.

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Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review

Let me already tell you about Mi 11 lite that it is not a gaming phone but during this gaming test we will only see that if you buy it then you are able to do gaming in it or not?

Since in this Xiaomi has used Snapdragon 732G processor which is not for gaming but still provides a decent performance.

In this gaming review, we will look at all the factors ranging from the phone’s temperature to its battery, which are responsible for better gaming experience.

Talking about the temperature of the phone, when I was testing it for this Mi 11 lite gaming review, my room temperature was around 28 ℃ and the phone was around 31 ℃.

Although I had charged this phone to 100%, due to which its temperature has increased a bit.

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Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review: Mi 11 Lite BGMI Test

If we first talk about the graphics settings of BGMI in Mi 11 lite, then we get maximum (HD + high) settings.

First thing first, we will play TDM on (smooth + ultra) settings in which we will also check its Gyroscope after which gaming test will be done in its high settings also.

First of all, if we talk about Gyroscope, then I have set full sensitivity and I do not see any kind of delay in its Gyroscope which is quite a good thing.

mi 11 lite gaming test

Overall, I played a few TDM matches and I didn’t see any frame drops or lags in it.

During classic matches, we got to see frame drops which are a bit annoying.

When you jump off the plane, the first thing you see is frame drops, and if you land in a place like bootcamp where there are a lot of players landing, you’ll see a lot of frame drops.

Apart from this, whenever you take a fight with a player during gaming, then you also get to see frame drops.

I tested the Mi 11 lite even in the maximum setting (HD + high) by gaming and I got to see better performance in it.

Overall, the Mi 11 lite gaming review concludes regarding the graphics that we get to see better performance in the max setting (HD + high).

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Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review: Battery Drain Test

As you might know, the Mi 11 Lite packs a 4250 mAh battery which I found much better considering its size. Because it has often been seen that when a company makes a thin and lightweight phone, it uses a very small battery in it.

But the Mi 11 lite is just the opposite. Large battery has been used in this, although you will not get the support of ultra fast charging in it, but it supports 33W fast charging and you can easily take out the whole day in single charge.

The things that have been done for better gaming testing in Mi 11 lite are as follows –

  • Full brightness
  • Full speaker sound
  • Background screen recording

With all these tasks, I did a gaming review of Mi 11 lite and it took about 3 hours 40 minutes to come from 100% to 5%.


As per the 4250 mAh battery, you have got a battery backup of about 4 hours while gaming at full brightness, which is really amazing.

You can easily assume 5 hours of battery backup for gaming as I had turned on full brightness and screen recording.

In short, the Mi 11 lite gives very good performance in terms of battery.

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Good For

  • Good for casual gamers
  • For those who loves very lightweight smartphone
  • Who have good budget
  • Who loves attractive design
  • For those who wants all day battery backup

Not Good For

  • Not good for professional gamers
  • Who needs fast charging support
  • If you doesn’t have good budget
  • Who needs headphone jack
  • If you have small hands

Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Which processor is in Mi 11 lite?

Mi 11 lite comes with Snapdragon 732G processor which provides overall decent performance to the phone.

In how many colors is Mi 11 lite available?

Xiaomi has launched Mi 11 lite in three colors – Vinyl black, Jazz blue, Tuscany coral

How much does Mi 11 lite cost?

The 6+128GB variant of Mi 11 lite costs around ₹23,750 while the 8+128GB variant will cost you around ₹24,500. But these prices change over time.

Is Mi 11 lite waterproof?

I submerged the Mi 11 lite in water for about 2 minutes after which the phone was working perfectly. Although this is water resistance.

Does Mi 11 lite have SD card slot?

Yes, Xiaomi has provided hybrid SIM slot in Mi 11 lite which allows you to use either 2 SIM simultaneously or 1 SIM and 1 SD card.

Does Mi 11 lite have headphone jack?

No, we do not get to see the headphone jack in Mi 11 lite but the company provides Type-C to 3.5mm adapter with the phone.

Is Xiaomi Mi 11 lite good for gaming?

If you want to do casual gaming then Mi 11 lite can be a good option for you but if you are thinking of doing hardcore gaming in this phone then Mi 11 lite is not for you at all.

Mi 11 Lite Gaming Review: Final Overview

Mi 11 Lite is a very good option for those who want a very lightweight phone. If you are someone who likes to do occasionally gaming along with your daily tasks, then Mi 11 Lite is a good option.

During the Mi 11 Lite gaming review, we got to see a lot of frame drops, which indicates that the Mi 11 Lite is not a good option for hardcore gaming.

In this Mi 11 lite gaming review, we have talked about its overall gaming performance which will help you understand better about the Mi 11 lite phone.

That’s it for today guys, what are your thoughts about the gaming performance of this Mi 11 lite? Don’t forget to tell in the comment below.

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