6 Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard in India

In this blog, I am going to tell you about the best one-handed gaming keyboard.

The gaming keypad can be used when we want to keep one hand free.

Also, the one-handed keyboard can prove to be helpful even if you complain of wrist pain when using a simple traditional gaming keyboard.

Because these gaming keypads are designed in such a way that your wrist can be fully supported.

Apart from this, the cost is also a reason for choosing these one-handed gaming keyboards.

These keyboards come at a much lower cost than a full-size gaming keyboard.

So if you are also struggling with wrist pain or have a low budget then you can definitely go for these gaming keypads.

Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard in India

1. Redragon Store K585 DITI

(Overall best one handed gaming keyboard)

redragon store k585 diti

My favorite one-handed gaming keyboard is the Redragon Store K585 DITI.

Equipped with a total of 42 keys, this keyboard comes with a detachable wrist rest that keeps your wrist comfortably.

To make gaming easier, this keypad has a total of 7 programmable macro keys that you can assign as shortcuts.

This keyboard comes with 5 RGB modes which you can use as per your choice.

In short, if you want a one-handed gaming keyboard that is lightweight, slim, and comes with RGB as well as all the necessary features.

Then Redragon Store K585 DITI one-handed gaming keyboard is for you.

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  • Slim and tactile
  • 7 programmable macro keys
  • 5 RGB backlit modes
  • Detachable wrist-rest


  • There should have been more RGB modes


(Best budget one handed gaming keyboard)

zebronics zeb-max atom

Do you have a low budget?

If yes then you should go for ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX Atom one hand gaming keyboard.

Coming with a total of 37 keys, this gaming keypad has dedicated volume control buttons, so if you are very fond of watching videos or music, then these buttons will help you a lot.

For better customization, 5 macros have been given in this keyboard which can be customized as per your choice.

This gaming keypad comes with high-quality blue mechanical switches that provide a tactile experience.

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  • High-quality Blue mechanical switches
  • 5 macro keys
  • Dedicated volume controller
  • Detachable type-c connector
  • 12 pre-programmable RGB LED modes


  • Average build quality


(Best mechanical one handed gaming keyboard)

huo ji e-yooso k-700

Mechanical keyboards prove to be very useful in gaming.

And this is the reason why gamers go for the mechanical option, whether it is a full-size keyboard or a one-handed one.

One-handed gaming keyboards are not so popular in India at the moment, but for gamers who are buying them, HUO JI E-YOOSO K-700 is a good option.

This gaming keypad comes with Outemu blue switches that are designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability.

Another variant of this keyboard is also available which comes with black switches.

It has been provided with double-shot injection molded keycaps, which makes the backlighting very clear and also increases the durability of the keycaps.

Overall, if you are looking for a one-handed mechanical gaming keyboard, then go for it.


  • Outemu Blue switches and N-key rollover
  • Double-shot injection molded keycaps
  • 5 mode RGB Backlighting
  • Detachable palm-rest


  • It lacks some color customization

4. GameSir Z1 Kilh

(Best wireless one handed gaming keyboard)

gamesir z1 kilh

The GameSir Z1 Kilh one-handed gaming keyboard is a great choice for gamers looking for a wireless alternative.

This keypad comes with wide compatibility and is equipped with red switches.

I personally liked the curved button layout of this keypad as it makes it very easy to use.

Also, this keyboard comes with Bluetooth connectivity which can be connected with any device that supports Bluetooth.

A total of 33 programmable keys are available in this, where 4 dedicated macro keys are also given.

This keyboard is available in two variants: Non-RGB, and RGB.

in a nutshell, if you’re looking for a one-handed wireless gaming keyboard, check out this one.


  • Curved button layout
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Customizable RGB backlights
  • 33 Programmable keys


  • Expensive

5. RedThunder RGB Gaming Keypad

(Best RGB one handed gaming keyboard)

redthunder rgb gaming keypad

This gaming keypad is for gamers who love RGB.

A total of 35 keys have been given in this small gaming keypad and all the keys are equipped with anti-ghosting, due to which the keys can be used simultaneously.

In this, we have been given a total of 7 colors to choose from, while RGB backlit supports breath mode and static mode.

Here we should have been given more RGB modes so that we could enjoy more lighting effects but unfortunately, it is not.

Overall, considering the budget of the keyboard, the features we get in it are enough.

So, if you want an RGB gaming keyboard, check this out.


  • RGB backlit with 7 colors
  • All keys anti-ghosting
  • Macro recording keys
  • Ergonomic design


  • Only two lighting modes

6. Razer Tartarus Pro

(Best high-end one handed gaming keyboard)

razer tartarus pro

Are you a pro gamer?

If yes, then Razer Tartarus Pro one-handed gaming keyboard is for you.

It is not an ordinary gaming keypad as it has a thumbpad as well as analog optical keys.

It also has an analog joystick, with the help of which we can control the movement of the character.

With the help of software, we can adjust the movement of the character by customizing its sensitivity.

Also, we get a detachable wrist rest with this gaming keypad which comes with a repositioning feature.

Whose position we can change according to our convenience, which is a very unique feature.

It is a fully programmable one-handed gaming keyboard specially designed for pro gamers.

What do you think about this gaming keyboard?

Do tell me in the comments.

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  • Razer analog optical switches
  • 8-way directional thumbpad
  • Fully programmable macros
  • Advance software customization
  • Auto switch game profile


  • A bit expensive

Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard: Final Thoughts

Often pro gamers use one-handed gaming keyboards to improve their gaming as we get to see better customizability in them.

They are easier to use than a normal keyboard.

If you use a full-size gaming keyboard, then it is very difficult to use these tiny keypads in the beginning.

But with time you become used to them.

However, they also have the downside that you’ll need a separate full-size keyboard to perform other tasks.

In short, this type of keyboard is for the hardcore gamer.

So if you also want to improve your gaming then start using these gaming keypads.

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