Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 Review

Redgear has recently launched a new mechanical gaming keyboard Shadow Blade MK853 of the Shadow Blade series, which is coming at a very affordable price.

In the previous article, where I reviewed Logitech’s membrane keyboard, after which many of you gamers asked me to review affordable mechanical gaming keyboard.

I chose the Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 because I saw many such features in it that would be quite amazing at this price point.

So if you are also looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard, then you can read this article completely, where I will talk to you about this Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 mechanical keyboard.

Let’s start…

Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 Review

Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 Review India

Key Features

  • Media control knob
  • Detachable wrist support
  • Mechanical blue clicky switches


  • Floating key caps
  • All anti-ghosting keys
  • 22 spectrum LED modes


  • Low LED light brightness

What’s in the Box

  • Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 gaming keyboard
  • Stickers
  • Wrist rest
  • Keycap puller
  • User manual

Let’s talk about it’s design and build quality.

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Redgear MK853 Review: Design & Build Quality

In the Redgear MK853 we get to see full 100% size, in which numpad is also given.

Metal has been used on the top surface of the keyboard, which makes them slightly heavier, but this makes its build quality much better.

Although the lower surface of the keyboard is built of plastic, but I also found its quality much better.

In the Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 gaming keyboard, we have been given blue switches which are quite tactile and clicky which is another good feature.

Which not only helps us in gaming, but the typing experience is also much better.

In this we have been given floated keycaps which are quite easy to clean. However some gamers do not prefer floated keycaps.

In the Redgear MK853, we have been given anti-ghosting keys feature in all the keys, which are really good feature.

Redgear MK853 design and build quality

Apart from this, I found its cable quality to be very average, it could be improved a bit.

Overall the design and build quality of the Redgear MK853 is quite good.

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Redgear Shadow Blade Review: Wrist Rest

In the Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 gaming keyboard, we have been given a separate wrist rest which you can use if needed.

I liked this feature that we get detachable wrist rest.

Because there are some gamers who do not need wrist rest, it becomes quite convenient for them.

Redgear Shadow Blade Review: LED Lights

In the Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 gaming keyboard, we have been given 22 spectrum LED modes which look quite cool, although in this we will not only get RGB lights but also get many more colors in it.

We can easily control its lights with keyboard keys.

So we do not need any kind of software to control the lights.

You can not only change the lights of the MK853 gaming keyboard with the help of individual presets but also turn it on or off in a group manner.

Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 Review: Software

As of now as I am writing this article there is no software available for Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 keyboard.

But we can customize it with the help of third party software on fantechworld’s website.

Let me tell in advance this is not its official software, but we can customize it to a great extent.

Redgear MK853 Review: Media Control Knob

The most elaborated feature of Redgear MK853 gaming keyboard is its media control knob, which I found quite unique.

Redgear MK853 Review

With this help, we can play/pause videos or audio and control the volume.

I did not see this feature of on any other gaming keyboard.

This makes it really easy to control the media.

Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 Review: Performance

The Redgear MK853 is a budget gaming monitor, and I did not see any shortcoming in its performance.

In this, we get very low latency, which proves very helpful for gamers.

Overall I found it very good at this price point.

Good For

  • Those looking for mechanical keyboard
  • Gamers who need highly customizable LED lights in affordable budget
  • Who need better media control on their keyboard
  • If you like floated keys then go for it

Not Good For

  • For those who have a good budget, then you should go towards a better keyboard than this.
  • If you don’t like floated keys then go for other keyboard
  • Who need more brightness in LED lights

Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 Specs

Dimensions43.6 x 22 x 4.2 cm
Weight1.3 kg
Height42 mm
Width22 cm
Model numberMK853
Number of Keys104
Media controlMedia control knob
LED spectrum mode22

Best Alternative for Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 Gaming Keyboard

The Evo Fox Fireblade is a durable and one of the best gaming keyboard under 1000 rupees in which you get features like LED backlit and anti-ghosting keys.

Although it is a TKL gaming keyboard, but it can be the best gaming keyboard at such a low price.

Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 Review: FAQ’s

Is Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 a good gaming keyboard?

Yes, it has anti-ghosting feature in all keys as well as blue switches which are better tactile and clicky. Overall, this is a very good keyboard for gaming.

Does it have RGB lights?

In this, we have been given different colors along with RGB. We can customize them to a great extent with the help of keys.

Can media control be done with this?

The most highlighted feature of this keyboard is its media control knob, with the help of which we can not only play / pause the media but also control the volume.


While we get highly customizable LED lights in the Redgear Shadow Blade MK853, all the keys of this keyboard are anti-ghosting which helps gamers a lot.

If you are looking for a budget gaming keyboard, then Redgear Shadow Blade MK853 can be perfect.

I bring a review of such gaming products everyday, which can make gaming better and easier.

If you also know about such a product, then you can tell about it in the comments. till then

Peace out…!

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