Redragon Gainer M610 Review: Is it better than the Phaser M609?

Do you need a bit information about the Redragon gainer M610 or confused between gainer M610 vs phaser M609?

Redragon is a well-known company that makes budget gaming peripherals. Often you have also seen gamers using Redragon products.

In fact, I use the Redragon gaming keyboard for myself.

Recently while I was gaming, my mouse collided with my hand, fell down from the desk and broke, so I was forced to think of another gaming mouse.

However, I did not want to spend too much money on the mouse because I mostly use the gamepad for gaming.

So I wanted a good and low budget gaming mouse, after researching several gaming mice, I opt a mouse, which is Redragon Gainer M610 gaming mouse.

I have been using it continuously for the last few days and believe me, it is a lot of fun to use.

Although my friends suggested me to buy Redragon phaser M609 gaming mouse but I chose Redragon Gainer M610.

I will give you a reason to choose it in further review.

If you also want to buy a budget gaming mouse that will give you a great gaming experience, then read this Redragon gainer m610 review completely.

Let’s get started.

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Redragon Gainer M610 Review

Redragon Gainer M610 Review

Key Features

  • Adjustable DPI upto 1000/1600/2400/3200 DPI
  • 6600FPS 10G ACC
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • Omron gaming switch
  • 5 memory modes


  • Durable smooth teflon feet pads
  • Widened scroll wheel with special ribbed protector
  • 6 programmable buttons including 2 customizable thumb buttons


  • Feels uncomfortable for small hands a bit
  • Not good for finger grip

If you do not have time to read the entire review, then these were some of the highlight points of the gainer m610 which can be considered for the purchase decision.

But I would suggest you that you should read this review completely because I am going to cover all the points which I could not do above.

Apart from this you will also get to know my experience which I felt while using it.

So stay with me.

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What’s in the Box?

The Box of Gainer M610 gaming mouse comes as a typical box, in which you get one user manual and your Redragon Gainer M610 Gaming Mouse.

Design & Build Quality

The Redragon Gainer gaming mouse is a pretty big mouse designed to fit comfortably in your hands.

The style of it is sleek and neat to make it look like a decor piece on your gaming desk.

Teflon Feet Pads

A gaming mouse has durable smooth teflon feet pads an extra feature that gives you a slightly better comfort level.

Although you get to see only teflon feet pads on one side in the Gainer M610, but I don’t particularly need it.

My previous gaming mouse, which was the Lenovo Legion M200, did not even feature teflon feet pads, yet I had no problem using it.

redragon gainer m610

Ergonomic Thumb Buttons

The biggest advantage for gamers in any gaming mouse is their extra buttons which can be customized to take extra advantage in games.

In Redragon M610 you have 2 thumb buttons, which you can take advantage while gaming.


In the Redragon M610 you get 4 DPI levels which range from 1000 to 3200 DPI.

To control these, a DPI Switch button is given above the mouse.

The higher the DPI in a gaming mouse, the greater the sensitivity.

However most gaming enthusiasts do only gaming with low DPI.

Even I keep the DPI level around 1000 to 1600 DPI because I don’t like gaming in high sensitivity.

There can be some trouble for those gamers who are gaming with very low DPI, because in redragon gainer m610 you get to see minimum 1000 DPI.

If you like gaming with very low DPI then you can go with Lenovo Legion M200 gaming mouse in such a situation.

If you want high DPI with powerful performance then check out this Logitech G PRO X Superlight.

Scroll Wheel

The Redragon Gainer M610 has a premium quality grip-enhanced scroll wheel that uses rubber, which gives you a better grip.

Along with this, you also get lights on either side of the wheel which makes it even better in appearance.

In the Redragon Gainer M610 gaming mouse, you have been given Omron gaming switch which makes the buttons better clickable and durable.

Polling Rate

In Gainer M610 mouse, you get 1000Hz polling rate.

If you want a better gaming experience then it is important that your gaming mouse has the good polling rate.

An average gaming mouse should have a 1000Hz polling rate which means that the speed of your mouse is once per millisecond, which is good enough.


You do not get braided cable in Redragon Gainer M610 gaming mouse but its plastic cable gives a very premium feel.

I personally did not jave any issues with its premium rubber cable, but if you want a braided cable, then this mouse is not for you.

redragon gainer m610 review


I did not feel uncomfortable at all when I started playing with the redragon gainer m610 gaming mouse.

Many people have some difficulty in using the mouse for the first time but its ergonomic design makes you feel better comfortable.

Since I am gaming at the medium DPI level, I did not have any problem with the DPI, even I really liked its sensitivity speed much better.

Apart from this, its higher polling rate further improves the performance.

Overall the Redragon Gainer M610’s performance is worth it.

You can go for it.

Good For

If your hands are of a slightly larger size and you need a low-budget but good speedy gaming mouse, then the redragon gainer m610 is for you.

Not Good For

For gamers who like gaming with very low DPI and who have small hands, the gainer m610 will be difficult to use.

In that situation, you can try Redragon Phaser M609.

Since my hands are pretty big enough, I did not face any problem in using the Redragon M610 mouse.


Model nameGainer
Dimensions8.2 x 3.9 x 12.3 cm
Weight141 gm
Hardware platformPC, Mac
Hardware interfaceUSB
Connector typeWired
Movement detection technologyOptical
Hand orientationAmbidextrous
DPI switchYes
Polling rate1000Hz
PriceCheck here

Gainer M610 vs Phaser M609

The Redragon Gainer M610 and Redragon Phaser M609 are almost the same gaming mouse.

In both, you get to see the same DPI level, Polling rate, buttons and memory mode.

Redragon Gainer M610 vs Redragon Phaser M609

The only difference is their design. In the Redragon Gainer M610 you cannot grip it with your fingers, whereas in the Redragon Phaser M609 you can hold it with your fingers better.

Apart from this, where you were given smooth Teflon Feet Pads on one side in the Redragon Gainer M610, while the Redragon Phaser M609 has this feature on both sides.

Why I chose Gainer M610 over Phaser M609?

In this Redragon Gainer M610 review, I have told you in detail about almost all the features of Gainer M610.

At the same time, Gainer M610 and Phaser M609 have also been compared, in which I clearly pointed out that the difference between these two is only by their design.

Whenever I use a gaming mouse, I hold it with my palms, while the Phaser M609’s design is such that it is more comfortable to hold it with fingers.

On the other hand, it is very easy to hold the Gainer M610 with the palm. And this was the reason I chose the Gainer M610 instead of the Phaser M609.

Redragon Gainer M610 Review: Final Thoughts

From my perspective, the Redragon Gainer M610 is a great gaming mouse according to the features it has.

While you get the best polling rate, smooth teflon feet pads and high performing Omron gaming switch in it, there are other limitations as well, which we have discussed in the Redragon Gainer M610 review.

According to what kind of features you want in your gaming mouse, you should check that which of the Redragon Gainer M610 and Redragon Phaser M609 meet your expectations.

In the comments, tell which gaming mouse is better for you than Redragon Gainer M610 and Redragon Phaser M609.

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