5 Best Small (60%) Gaming Keyboard in India

In this blog, we will discuss the best small gaming keyboard.

Here is a fact, the market for small gaming keyboards in India is not that huge.

Gamers are still using full-size gaming keyboards.

Although it is not that mini gaming keyboards prove to be very useful in every scenario, definitely in many circumstances we should prefer these keyboards.

If you use a small gaming desk or are short of desk space, then a 60% gaming keyboard will certainly be more useful.

About 61 keys are used in these keyboards, although some keyboards also provide up to 87 keys.

But if you want to go for a small-size gaming keyboard, then a gaming keyboard with 61 keys will be more beneficial.

For this blog, I have selected some of the best mini gaming keyboards that come with compact size as well as useful features.

Let’s dig into it.

Best Small Gaming Keyboard in India

1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-21

cosmic byte cb-gk-21 small gaming keyboard

Over the years, we have seen Cosmic Byte as an emerging brand.

And I can say that the products of this brand are very useful according to the Indian gamers.

Because it provides good features in the budget range.

And so is the case with the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-21 mini gaming keyboard.

Equipped with 61 keys, this keyboard comes with injection-molded double-shot color keycaps that do not allow typography to fade away quickly.

This keyboard supports software, due to which we can create macros.

Also, it proves to be very helpful in RGB customization as well.

In this keyboard, we get to see more than 10 LED lighting modes which make the gaming environment pleasant.

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  • 61 keys Keyboard with a compact design to save desk space
  • Injection-molded double-shot color keycaps
  • Software support to control macros
  • Customizable RGB lights
  • Spectra RGB lighting effects


  • No height adjustment

2. Ant Esports MK1300

ant esports mk1300 60% gaming keyboard

It is a mechanical gaming keyboard that comes with red switches.

We get to see basic features in this keyboard with a 60% compact form factor as it comes in the budget range.

With this keyboard, we get to see a 1.5m long USB type-c braided cable, which is very useful for traveling due to being detachable.

Due to universal compatibility, you can use it with any device.

No software is required to use it, it comes with a truly plug-and-play feature.

On the other hand, if we talk about LEDs, then a total of 14 LED modes have been given in it and also, we are allowed to control its speed.

So if you are a casual gamer then you can make this keyboard your best companion.

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  • Outemu red mechanical switches
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Universal compatibility
  • 14 LED modes with speed control


  • No RGB

3. EvoFox Fireblade

evofox fireblade mini gaming keyboard

Coming from EvoFox, this gaming keyboard is slightly bigger and has more keys than the rest of the keyboards on this list.

In this, we get to see a total of 87 keys.

The purpose of including the EvoFox Fireblade gaming keyboard in this list was to give an alternative to gamers who have been using full-size gaming keyboards till now.

When you are used to using a full-size keyboard, then suddenly it is very difficult to switch to a gaming keyboard with 61 keys.

That’s why you should first use this 87-key keyboard.

Now if we talk about the features of this tenkeyless gaming keyboard, we get to see a total of 19 anti-ghosting keys along with 12 multimedia keys.

Since this is a membrane gaming keyboard but it uses elevated keys which give a mechanical feel and play a vital role in strain-free gameplay.

In short, if you have a low budget and you are used to a full-size keyboard then it can be tried.

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  • Special tenkeyless space-saving backlit keyboard design
  • Elevated keys with 19-key anti-ghosting
  • 12 Multimedia keys with a Windows lock key
  • Rainbow backlighting with breathing effects


  • Should have been more RGB modes

4. Gamdias Hermes E3

gamdias hermes e3 small gaming keyboard

I have included this keyboard many times in my blogs, the biggest reason for this is its great features.

Not only is this an amazing white gaming keyboard, but due to its compact size, it also saves space on the desk.

This white gaming keyboard that comes with red switches offers a total of 61 keys which are available with anti-ghosting functionality.

For gamers who are looking for a keyboard with better durability, let me tell you that the aluminum bezel has been used to make it, which significantly increases the life of the keyboard.

Also, its keys have been tested 50 million times which means you don’t have to worry about its durability.

Overall, if you are looking for a white and compact keyboard, you cannot find a better option in this budget.

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  • Certified mechanical switches
  • Built with an aluminum bezel
  • Combinational chromatic LED adjustment hotkeys
  • 19 built-in lighting effects


  • No custom RGB

5. HK Gaming GK61

hk gaming gk61 small gaming keyboard

This is also a mechanical gaming keyboard that comes with a 60% form factor.

With this keyboard equipped with a total of 61 keys, we get to see all the advanced features which are necessary for a gamer.

However, due to all these features, it is a bit expensive, which some gamers may not be able to afford.

In this, we get to see amazing RGB lighting with advanced customizability where multiple backlit modes (aurora, ripple, music, rainbow, waves, gradient, windmill, spectrum, and single light) are also given to choose from.

Let me tell you that this keyboard comes with gateron optical switches which you can replace with any other switches.

Which is a useful feature for long-lasting.

Thanks to features like macro recording, ABS double-shot keycaps, personalized function keys, and full anti-ghosting mode, this keyboard proves to be very useful for pro gamers.

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  • Multiple backlit modes
  • Gateron optical switches
  • ABS double shot keycaps
  • Macro recording
  • Full anti-ghosting mode


  • Expensive

My Recommendation for the Best Small Gaming Keyboard

In my opinion, the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-21 is the best small gaming keyboard.

There are many reasons behind considering this keyboard the best.

First, it comes in a very compact size with the excellent build quality.

Second, it is a budget gaming keyboard, due to which it can be bought by every type of gamer, whether it is a beginner or a pro gamer.

Third, it has spectra per-key RGB lighting which gives us better customizability.

Best Small Gaming Keyboard: Final Thoughts

When you are not into pro-level gaming then it is the right decision to go for a smaller gaming keyboard.

The reason for this is that we do not get as many features in these keyboards as we get in a dedicated full-size gaming keyboard.

In these types of keyboards, we get limited keys that can be customized but only to an extent.

However, I have noticed that gamers who switch from full-size keyboards to mini gaming keyboards have a somewhat better gaming performance.

This is probably because these keyboards offer better flexibility and ample space.

Well, it is my personal opinion.

What are your thoughts about these small gaming keyboards?

Tell me in the comments below.

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