TWS Earbuds Buying Guide (How To Choose A Perfect TWS)

Are you planning to buy TWS Earbuds?

There are several aspects that one must consider before buying TWS earbuds, or else there is a good chance that you will end up in a bad deal.

I have been testing and reviewing different types of TWS earbuds every day for the past several years, so I know what kind of earbuds are needed by which group of people.

Whenever you buy TWS earbuds, keep the following things in mind:

  • Set a budget.
  • Make sure that they fit snugly in your ears so you can get better comfort and passive noise cancellation.
  • Be sure to consider the battery of the TWS earbuds and the case that comes with them; ensure you get at least 20 hours of total playtime.
  • Keep low latency paramount if you’re looking for TWS earbuds for gaming.

Similarly, I have explained more than ten aspects responsible for good TWS earbuds in this blog post.

If you want a good deal, then read all these aspects carefully.

TWS Earbuds Buying Guide


Whenever you decide to buy TWS earbuds, the first thing to do is set a budget.

Let me tell you that TWS earbuds are available in the Indian market in the budget range from Rs.800 to Rs.25000 or even more.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a fixed budget that will save you from getting confused.

A budget of 2000 is considered good for TWS earbuds, but if you keep a less budget, you can consider the range of 1000 to 1500.

If you are looking for gaming TWS earbuds, then the following budget guide will help you:

TWS Earbuds Design

Over time, we are witness to the change not only in technology but also in design.

In TWS earbuds, we get to see different designs made for different kinds of people.

Mainly we see two types in TWS Earbuds:

  • Stem TWS earbuds
  • Stem-less TWS earbuds

Stem TWS earbuds are the ones that come with a small stem.

On the flip side, in Stem-less TWS earbuds, we do not see any stem; they fit inside your ears.

Stem TWS Earbuds vs Stem-less TWS Earbuds

Both types of TWS earbuds are available and popular in the market.

The question is, which type of earbuds should you go for?

The answer is comfort.

It is up to you to determine which TWS earbuds will best fit your ears.

However, if you cannot reach any decision, read the following aspects carefully, where I have explained the rest of the things in detail, making it easier for you to choose between the two.

But before that, there is one other aspect you often overlook: the tips of TWS earbuds.

Yes, TWS earbuds come with in-ear and non-in-ear designs that you can see in this photo.

In-Ear TWS Earbuds vs Non-In-Ear TWS Earbuds

In-ear TWS earbuds are the ones that come with rubberized tips and fit snugly inside your ears.

On the other hand, non-in-ear TWS earbuds, also known as classic earbuds, do not reach inside your ears.

It would be best if you went for the one among these designs that provide you with better comfort.

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Case Design

After the design of TWS earbuds, you also have to pay attention to the design of its case.

Every brand tries to give attractive designs in these cases but are they helpful to you?

If you are an office worker or have to keep your case on a solid surface, then you should choose a flat case, as seen in Nothing Ear (1).

Nothing Ear 1

On the other hand, if you travel a lot, you should look for a compact case that fits easily in your pocket.

Compact TWS Case

Sound Quality

The job of TWS earbuds is to provide better sound, but not every TWS earbuds are successful in this.

Many components are responsible for the sound in any TWS, but we will consider its most important aspect instead of going into technical details.

If you have ever looked at the specifications of TWS earbuds, you must have noticed their driver size, which the brands also highlight.

The driver is a component responsible for the sound of any TWS earbuds.

They are available in different sizes; the more significant the size, the better the sound quality.

Nowadays, even in budget TWS earbuds, you see drivers of about 13mm.

Microphone Quality

We use TWS earbuds not only for listening to songs or watching movies but also for calling, and the most crucial thing in this is the mic.

If you take care of good sound quality, you will get good audio, but a useless mic will not catch your voice well.

And in such a situation, at the time of the call, the other person may have difficulty understanding your point.

There are many aspects behind a better calling experience, such as environmental noise cancellation (which we will tackle later); generally, the closer the mic is to your mouth, the better your conversation will be.

And the stem TWS earbuds perform pretty well in this case.

Nowadays, some TWS earbuds are available that come with a quad mic, in which four mics have been given in both the earbuds, giving you a better calling experience.

Battery & Charging

A wireless earphone is the easiest to use; all you have to do is connect it to your phone; there is no need to bear the tangle of wires anymore.

But there is one problem which bothers all of us a lot, and that is their battery life.

TWS earbuds typically provide you with around 4 to 5 hours of battery life, but with the case, you can extend it to more than 20 hours.

Remember that whatever TWS you buy provides at least 4 to 5 hours of battery on a single charge and can be charged at least twice with the charging case.

There is no point in going for less than that.

Apart from this, charging the case is also a hassle in itself.

Type-C is the most preferred connector system used in all mobile phones nowadays.

It would be better if the TWS earbuds provided Type-C connectivity.

Low Latency

Consider this aspect only if you are a gamer; otherwise, you can skip it.

Boy Playing Games Wearing TWS

Latency is the time it takes for audio data to travel from your smartphone to your TWS and is measured in milliseconds (ms).

The lower the latency, the better.

The most important use of latency is seen during gaming, so go for the TWS earbuds with the lowest latency.

Noise Cancellation

Often you must have seen the mention of noise cancellation in the advertisements for TWS earbuds, but do you know which type of noise cancellation they talk about?

We see two types of Noise Cancellation:

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC)

Active Noise Cancellation is a technical method used in microphones to block out ambient noise and improve your audio experience.

An additional mic is given in the TWS earbuds, which cancels out external sounds.

On the other hand, Passive Noise Cancellation depends on the design of the TWS earbuds and the fitting of your ears.

Passive Noise Cancellation is seen in TWS earbuds which use rubberized tips.

ANC is considered more effective, but if both ANC and PNC are combined in TWS earbuds, it will be the best.


You can use a TWS earbud only when connected to a smartphone, and Bluetooth connectivity is used.

The better the Bluetooth version in these TWS earbuds, the better the connectivity.

On top of that, many brands also provide you with different technologies, such as IWP technology in boAt Airdopes which helps in fast connectivity.

So always prefer TWS earbuds with better connectivity.

Gesture Control

Different gesture controls are given to use these truly wireless earbuds.

Take a look at what you can do with them, and are you allowed to customize them?

We can customize the gesture control of some good TWS earbuds with the help of their companion app, which is a handy feature.

So before ever buying TWS, keep their gesture control in mind.

Dust and Water Resistance

Will you be using TWS earbuds during the workout?

If yes, then you must ensure it is water resistant.

In the description of any TWS earbuds, you will see an IP rating such as IPX6; this rating reflects the dust and water resistance of the TWS.

TWS Earbuds Buying Guide: Bottom Line

In the above TWS earbuds buying guide, I have told you about some aspects that you can consider to buy great TWS earbuds.

Often we buy these after getting fascinated by advertisements, and later we get nothing but regret.

So keep these points in mind and enjoy music with good TWS earbuds.

TWS Earbuds Buying Guide: FAQs

How do I choose TWS earbuds?

To choose TWS earbuds, you must consider many aspects like-

● Budget
● Design of TWS & case
● Sound quality
● Mic quality
● Battery life
● Connectivity
● Gesture control, etc.

Which type of TWS is best?

The best of any TWS depends on the comfort of your ears; some people find non-in-ear TWS comfortable, and others prefer in-ear TWS more. In short, the type of TWS best fits comfortably in your ears.

Which mm driver is best for TWS earbuds?

Nowadays, TWS earbuds get drivers bigger than 13mm, but in my opinion, if you are a rich bass lover, then 13mm will be enough size for you.

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