TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands (No More Confusion)

Do you have questions about TWS Earbuds vs Wireless Neckbands?

Although both earphones fall into the wireless category, people often overlook neckbands due to the craze surrounding TWS earbuds.

Are neckbands no longer worth buying?

This blog post aims to compare TWS earbuds and neckbands as thoroughly as possible.

Key Takeaways-

  • TWS earbuds being relatively small and lightweight, provide better comfort.
  • Neckbands being more flexible, are considered better for calling as they allow you to manually bring the mic closer to your mouth, which is impossible with TWS.
  • The low-budget segment sees more neckband options than TWS earbuds, making it more budget-friendly.

Similarly, I have talked about many aspects in this blog post; if you are confused about TWS earbuds vs. neckbands, then I suggest you read this article till the end.

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands

This comparison guide is divided into multiple sections, from which we will find which section has the best TWS earbuds and which neckbands.

It will make it easier for you to choose between the two.

1. Budget Friendly

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands - Budget Friendly

Most the users in India give importance to the budget, due to which budget-friendly becomes a vital aspect of these wireless earphones.

Let’s talk about TWS earbuds first.

Good TWS earbuds start from Rs 1000; although you can see a few good options even under 1000, the budget range of basic TWS earbuds starts from 1000 rupees.

If you are looking for a good budget TWS earbuds, 2000 to 3000 will be a good budget range.

On the other hand, if we talk about neckbands, their range also starts from 1000 rupees.

But in these, you see more options than TWS for less than 1000; even big brands like Boult, Mivi, and Wings offer neckbands at low prices.

In short, both TWS earbuds and neckbands are available in the same range, but the low-price segment offers more neckband options, making it more budget-friendly than the TWS.

2. Comfort

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands - Comfort

Comfort is something that depends on the user to user.

Some people find in-ear earbuds more comfortable, and some classic earbuds.

Now, if I talk about myself, I am more comfortable with TWS earbuds as I feel pretty compact and keep away from the hassle of being wired, while the neckbands are not completely wired-free even though they are wireless.

Neckbands provide prominent sensation to your ears as their cables pull the earpieces out of the ears as you move the head.

While TWS earbuds are so light and small, they provide so much comfort that sometimes we forget that we are wearing them.

In short, TWS is better than neckbands in terms of comfort.

3. Battery life

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands - Battery life

Since both the TWS and neckbands are wireless, their battery life matters a lot.

We get 15 to 20 hours of battery life in the neckbands, which is a great feature.

While TWS earbuds typically provide 4 to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge but TWS earbuds come with a case that allows them to be charged multiple times.

And this is where the difference between the two arises.

If you have to use the earphones continuously, neckbands will be more beneficial for you as they can last for a long time on a single charge.

On the other hand, if you don’t use the earphones regularly and travel a lot, you should go for TWS earbuds as they allow multiple times of charging.

4. Durability

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands - Durability

I feel both are similar in terms of durability.

While TWS earbuds are prone to falling out of the ears, the neckbands can be prone to cable pulls and product damage in either case.

However, in TWS, if one earbud gets damaged, the other can be used, but this is not the case in neckbands; the entire product becomes useless if damaged.

But there is less chance of cables being pulled in neckbands.

On the other hand, if we talk about dust and water resistance, then both TWS earbuds and neckbands get the same IP rating.

5. Sound Quality

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands - Sound Quality

When you buy a new pair of wireless earphones, their sound quality becomes very important.

But I would like to mention one thing here.

The TWS and the neckbands use Bluetooth connectivity to transfer audio data, and we could not get that much better sound quality.

That is why you can get better sound from a wired earphone.

Both the TWS and the neckbands do not differ from each other in terms of sound quality.

6. Calling Experience

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands - Calling Experience

You get to see good quality mics in both the TWS earbuds vs neckbands.

Nowadays, many brands have started offering quad mic features in TWS earbuds which use such technology to eliminate ambient noise and give you a better calling experience.

However, you cannot deny that the earbuds fit in the ears relatively far away from your mouth.

Whereas if we talk about neckbands, we can physically bring their mic near the mouth, which makes the calling experience much better, which is impossible in the case of TWS.

Although many brands provide in-line mic in neckbands, the mic stays close to your mouth.

In short, both offer a better calling experience, but neckbands stand out in terms of flexibility.

7. Connectivity

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands - Connectivity

First, the TWS and the neckbands have the same Bluetooth connectivity, so the connection stability remains the same.

However, the quick pair feature is seen in TWS earbuds so that as soon as you open the lid of the case, the TWS earbuds automatically connect to the last-paired device.

Whereas in the case of neckbands, you do not get any such feature.

However, in these, you get to see magnetic earbuds, which turn off as soon as they stick to each other and connect automatically as soon as they are released.

In short, TWS earbuds offer better connectivity than neckbands.

8. Portability

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands - Portability

Regarding portability, I will always consider TWS earbuds better because of the charging case that comes with them.

If you want to keep the TWS earbuds, you can put them in the case, whereas neckbands do not have such a facility.

You have to keep them in your pocket, which puts them in danger of getting damaged, or you will have to hang them around the neck, which is uncomfortable.

In short, TWS earbuds offer better portability than neckbands.

Why You Should Consider TWS Earbuds

There are several reasons to choose a TWS earbud, such as:

  • If you want to stay in trend, wear TWS earbuds, as neckbands are slowly getting outdated.
  • TWS earbuds are compact and lightweight, providing you with better comfort.
  • You can extend their battery with the help of the charging case.
  • TWS earbuds are quite portable; you can put them in the case and take them anywhere.

Why You Should Consider A Neckband

There are many reasons behind considering neckbands, such as:

  • The neckbands easily last 15 to 20 hours on a single charge which is their most significant plus point.
  • Neckbands are an excellent option for physical activities as they are not prone to fall out of the ears.
  • Due to the flexibility, neckbands can provide a better calling experience.
  • These are more budget-friendly; many options are available in the low-budget range.

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands: Bottom Line

I have considered different aspects in the above guide while comparing TWS earbuds with neckbands.

You will find that in some aspects, the TWS earbuds prove to be better, while in others, the neckbands.

It is up to you to decide which aspects are helpful to you.

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands: FAQs

Which is better for calling neckband or earbuds?

Neckbands are more helpful in calling because the better flexibility allows you to physically bring the mic closer to your mouth than it is impossible to do with earbuds.

Which is better for running neckband or earbuds?

Neckbands are preferred for physical exercises like running as the earbuds are prone to fall out of the ears during physical activity.

Which one provides better comfort in earbuds and neckbands?

The TWS earbuds are pretty compact and lightweight, which is quite comfortable; after some time, it feels like you are not wearing anything.

While the neckbands are not completely wired free despite being wireless and continue to give prominent sensation to the ears.

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