Ant Esports Gaming Chair India 2022

Nowadays gaming chair is the most demanding gaming product.

The biggest reason for this is the increasing craze among people towards video games.

From cheap gaming chairs to expensive gaming chairs are available in large numbers in the Indian market.

Now, which of these chairs are there that cater to all your needs, whether it is the need of quality or the budget.

It becomes a bit difficult to know.

If you are looking for a budget gaming chair, we and our team have found a chair that meets all of your requirements.

Today through this article, which we are going to review is the Ant Esports 8077 Gaming Chair.

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Let’s back to our point.

The question that must be coming in your mind is why should you buy this chair, while many gaming chairs are available in the market for less than 15000 rupees.

So you will find the answer in this article, in which I have done an in-depth review of the Ant Esports 8077 Gaming Chair, in which every small part of the chair has been explained in detail.

Ant Esports Gaming Chair

Ant Esports Gaming Chair India 2021

Key Features

  • Metal Frame Construction
  • Butterfly Mechanism
  • 80mm Class 2 Gas Lift
  • Tilt Lock to Adjust Height
  • 90-135 Degree Adjustable Backrest


  • Adjustable Neck Rest Pillow
  • Ergonomic Seat Design Shaping Sponge
  • Armrest with Cushion
  • Waterproof Bonded OU Leather


  • No Adjustable Armrest

Ant esports is an Indian brand that was introduced in 2016 to provide a complete gaming experience.

Ant esports, among other brands, also decided to launch a robust and comfortable line-up of gaming chairs.

Ant esports has launched two variants of this chair, one of which is 8077 Green and the other is 8077 Red.


Ant Esports Gaming Chair design

Ant esports has given good attention to the design of its 8077 Gaming Chair, which makes the design of this Gaming Chair look quite good.

Ant esports 8077 Gaming Chair is for gamers who are in demand for a good looking PC gaming chair.

Now let’s understand the design of this chair a little more closely.

Neck Pillow

In this Ant Gaming Chair, you will see a very nice Neck Pillow which is able to give better comfort to your neck.

This Pillow is made from a soft quality cushion that can give your neck the highest comfort.

The biggest advantage of this is that you can also adjust this neck pillow according to yourself.


You get the fixed Armrest in the 8077 Gaming Chair made by Ant esports.

These Armrest have a thick layer of cushioning that helps keep your arms comfortable.


Under the chair you find a lever that offers you to tilt the chair, with the help of which you can tilt the back side of your chair to a certain extent.

This feature of Ant esports 8077 Gaming Chair will help you the most when you are tired after completing a long gaming session.


In the Ant esports Gaming Chair you get to see an excellent quality seat designed with the help of an ergonomically shaping sponge so that it will also give comfort to your knees.

Base & Wheel

In the Ant esports 8077 Gaming Chair, you will see a metal base, which makes this chair more durable and strong.

In this chair you get 5 smooth castors, due to which you will not have to get up from the chair to pick up the items placed on the corner of your desk.


The Ant esports 8077 Gaming Chair is made of Anti-Microbial bonded OU leather, which increases the quality of this chair.

In addition, it is also waterproof, which will help you in preventing this chair from deteriorating quickly.


Ant esports 8077 Gaming Chair is one of the most comfortable gaming chair in this price range.

This Chair has been made in such a way that whenever a person sits on it, it will be fully fitted.

Its postures are much better, which are very helpful in making you perfect fit in it.

With this, you can adjust the Neck Pillow and fit it according to your needs and increase your comfort level.


BrandAnt esports
Dimensions78 x 61 x 33 cm
Weight18.5 Kilograms
Foam TypeHigh Density Foam
Foam Density30 Density
Chair Cover MaterialPU+PVC
Frame ConstructionMetal Frame
Rocking RangeAbout 15 Degrees
Mechanism TypeButterfly
Gas Lift80mm Class 2 Gas Fit
Tilt LockYes
Base350mm Silver Painting Metal Base
Adjustable Backrest Angle90-135 Degree
Recommended WeightUp to 98 Kg
Caster Size350mm
Caster MaterialBlack Colour PU Casters
Assembly RequiredYes

What We Likes

This Ant gaming chair meets most of the parameters.

The design and quality of the chair are excellent, making it worth buying.

If you are also looking for a gaming chair around 10 to 12 thousand then you should consider Ant esports 8077 Gaming Chair.

What We Dislikes

In the Ant esports 8077 Gaming Chair you will get Fixed Armrest that should have been adjustable, which are more common nowadays.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have done a complete review of Ant esports Gaming Chair, which you can easily get around Rs. 12000.

In which we know about the Design, Quality and Comfortability of Ant esports Gaming Chair.

Ant esports Gaming Chair comes with many great features.

There is no doubt that Ant esports make great gaming products.

But every product also has some shortcomings.

If you need adjustable armrest in your gaming chair, then you can consider other gaming chairs.

But if you do not have problems with the fixed armrest being given in the Ant esports Gaming Chair, then you should definitely consider this chair.

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