6 Best Gaming TWS Earbuds (Low Latency) in India 2022

Are you looking for the gaming TWS earbuds that offer low latency?

The way TWS earbuds have become popular among people in the recent past, gamers have also started using them as they’re very comfortable to wear.

There is no debate that headphones are the first priority for any gamer for a better gaming experience.

But it is a bit difficult to find a good wireless gaming headset at a low price, instead of which people started going for TWS earbuds.

So today through this article, I am going to tell you about the TWS earbuds which are considered to be the best in terms of gaming.

Here are my most favorite gaming TWS Earbuds-

  • EKSA GT1 Cobra
  • pTron Bassbuds Jade
  • Wings Phantom

For the rest, keep reading this post.

Best Gaming TWS Earbuds in India

1. EKSA GT1 Cobra

eksa gt1 cobra best gaming tws

The EKSA GT1 Cobra true wireless gaming earbuds are the best of all the gaming TWS earbuds I’ve used so far.

This is because this TWS comes with great dedicated gaming features that greatly enhance the gaming experience.

Equipped with a dedicated gaming mode, this TWS has a latency of only 38 ms, which is the lowest among all TWS to date.

And you must be aware that the lower the latency, the better the gaming experience.

Two features are considered to be the most important in any true wireless gaming earbuds – first, latency, and second the battery.

I have already told you about the latency, now let me tell you about the battery.

These TWS provide 6 hours of battery backup on a single charge, whereas its battery can be extended up to 30 hours with the charging case.

These TWS are designed in such a way that they fit very easily in our ears and do not hurt even after wearing them for a long time.

In short, the EKSA GT1 Cobra is my favorite gaming TWS earbuds that are a good choice for any gamer.

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What I Like/Dislike About EKSA GT1 Cobra

  • Up to 6 hours of playback time from earbuds
  • 38ms ultra-low latency
  • IPX4 splash resistant
  • Good quality microphone
  • Great design with a gaming vibe
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Decent sound quality, tuned for gaming

  • No volume controls

2. pTron Bassbuds Jade

ptron bassbuds jade budget gaming tws

These are the most affordable dedicated gaming TWS earbuds from pTron which I also included in my best gaming TWS earbuds under the 2000 list.

Let me tell you that this TWS provides a latency of only 50 ms while it works up to 5 hours on a single charge.

At the same time, its battery can be extended up to 40 hours with the charging case.

Possessing the best sound quality in this segment, these gaming TWS earbuds deliver punchy bass which not only enhances the gaming experience but also serves as an added advantage for music lovers.

If you do not like much bass then you can ignore them but believe me you will get to hear high-quality sound in these TWS.

The connectivity of Bluetooth 5.0 has been given in these TWS so that they can be easily connected to any device.

In short, the pTron Bassbuds Jade is the best affordable gaming TWS earbuds specially made for budget gamers.

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What I Like/Dislike About pTron Bassbuds Jade

  • Dedicated gaming mode
  • Hi-fidelity stereo sound quality with punchy bass
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Lightweight
  • Good battery backup
  • Beautiful LED glaring lights
  • Easy touch control

  • No fast charging

3. Wings Phantom

wings phantom gaming tws

In the recent past, Wings has launched the most gaming TWS earbuds in a very short span of time.

Out of them all, I liked Wings Phantom the most, which has been given special features for gamers.

Coming to a unique design, these TWS earbuds offer a low latency of 65 ms which is great for mobile gaming.

In the charging case, we get to see LED lights in the shape of eyes which give a very cool look.

Coming with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, the range of these TWS is around 15 meters which is the highest in this segment.

And due to this feature, we do not have any problem connecting it to our smartphone.

These gaming earbuds are also useful for gamers who do team gaming as their mic is made using MEMS technology.

With this technology, our voice reaches our teammates in a very clear way.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget gaming TWS earbuds that come with good mic quality, the Wings Phantom is a great option.

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What I Like/Dislike About Wings Phantom

  • Attractive design and build quality
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Good sound quality
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Better mic quality
  • Easy touch functionality

  • Treble could have been improved

4. WeCool Moonwalk M4

wecool moonwalk m4 gaming tws

Along with an attractive design, these gaming TWS earbuds come with a dedicated game mode, which after activating we get a low latency of 60 ms.

This latency makes gaming very easy so that we do not see any delay in getting the gaming response at all.

My first impressions of the WeCool Moonwalk M4 were something that I thought would be weak in terms of comfort.

But after using them, I did not feel uncomfortable even for a moment.

Their fittings are such that we can wear them for a long time and they fit easily in ears of all sizes.

These TWS can be used for up to 6 hours on a single charge while their battery can be extended up to 24 hours with the charging case.

The WeCool Moonwalk M4 is available in 2 different colors (Black and Yellow) with additional features like auto-pairing, 360° stereo sound, and quick charging.

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What I Like/Dislike About WeCool Moonwalk M4

  • Ergonomic design
  • Instant voice assistant
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Stable connectivity
  • 6 hours of playtime in a single charge

  • Poor mic quality

5. truke BTG3

truke btg3 gaming earbuds

The truke BTG3 comes with a very unique design that looks like a snake or Angry Birds (by the way, have you played the Angry Birds game? Tell me in the comments).

Now whatever the design of the charging case, we just have to consider the features of the TWS earbuds.

First of all, I would like to talk about the feature of these gaming TWS earbuds which surprised me the most.

Of all the gaming TWS I have used so far under Rs 1500, the quality of the mic in these TWS is the most amazing.

Surely these TWS are better not only for gaming but also for calling.

For a better gaming experience, they get a low latency of 55 ms, which I also felt during testing.

Offering a battery backup of around 10 hours on a single charge, these earbuds can be used for up to 45 hours with the charging case.

And I can say that in terms of battery, these are the best gaming TWS earbuds in their segment.

Also, let me tell you that adopt high-precision contact sensor has been used in these TWS, due to which the feature of auto play/pause is seen in them.

Thanks to this feature, as soon as we take the earbuds out of the ears while listening to music, the songs will automatically pause and play again when we put them in the ears.

This feature is not seen in any other earbuds in this segment.

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What I Like/Dislike About truke BTG3

  • Auto play/pause
  • High-quality mic
  • AI-powered noise cancellation
  • Long battery life
  • Durable type-c charging port

  • The glossy finish makes fitting difficult due to sweat

6. Wings Phantom 500

wings phantom 500 gaming tws earbuds

In the case of gaming TWS earbuds, the Phantom series of Wings is quite popular.

In this series, we get to see many useful TWS, one of which is Wings Phantom 500.

I found its design quite attractive where LED lights are also seen in both the earbuds along with the charging case.

Being an ergonomic design, it performs well when it comes to fittings.

On the other hand, if we talk about gaming mode, only 40 ms latency is provided, so that even top FPS games like BGMI can be played easily.

Let me tell you that environmental noise cancellation is seen in these earbuds, which eliminates extra sounds and transmits your voice to the other end clearly.

Due to the IPX5 resistance feature, these earbuds do not face any problems due to drizzle or sweat, so you will be able to use them in all weather.

In short, the Wings Phantom 500 also manages to make a name for itself among the best gaming TWS earbuds out there, thanks to its useful features.

What I Like/Dislike About Wings Phantom 500

  • Enhanced environmental noise cancellation
  • Quad mic technology
  • Less than 40ms latency
  • Gaming inspired design

  • Not for calls

My Recommendation for the Best Gaming TWS Earbuds

Of all the gaming TWS I have tested so far that are available in the Indian market, the EKSA GT1 Cobra has been the best, be it design or features.

The EKSA GT1 Cobra is a premium segment gaming earbuds that offer the lowest latency of 38ms.

So my vote goes to this.

Best Gaming TWS Earbuds: Final Thoughts

Now to conclude this best gaming TWS earbuds guide, I hope all the earbuds mentioned in it have provided you with some value.

I have selected these earbuds keeping in mind a few factors that help us choose a better gaming gear.

Look, everyone’s preferences can be different from each other.

That’s why I have tried to explain all the features of these TWS so that you do not face any difficulty in choosing according to your choice.

I hope this list has been useful to you; bookmark this page for further updates.

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