How to Improve Smartwatch’s Battery (Try These 16 Tips)

In this post, I’m going to share a few tips & tricks to improve the smartwatch’s battery life that I’ve been using for a while now.

I have been a smartwatch user for years and have used almost every brand’s smartwatch.

One such problem that every smartwatch user faces is battery consumption.

There is no doubt that we see a lot of exciting features in smartwatches, but we also cannot deny the problem of low battery life.

After all, we can use smartwatches only because of the battery.

So today I am going to give you some such tips, trying which you will get rid of excessive consumption of battery life of your smartwatch.

Try These Tips to Improve Your Smartwatch’s Battery Life

1. Turn Off Always-on Display

Every smartwatch lover prefers an always-on display; in this, we often see two types of displays; Analog and Digital.

In most smartwatches with AMOLED display, we get to see this feature which allows us to keep the display on all the time, but due to this feature, the battery consumption of the watch is high.

You can even include it in the aspects that consume the most smartwatch battery.

Smartwatch Battery Saving Tips- Always-On Display

Here is an example.

If we talk about the Fire-Boltt Visionary, we will find that without AOD (always-on display), the watch can be used for about 5 to 6 days, whereas with AOD, only 1 to 2 days.

With this, you can estimate how much battery the always-on display feature consumes.

To disable it, you will find a dedicated option in the settings option; some smartwatches also give a separate option for this in their compatible app.

2. Disable 24/7 Health Monitoring

The second most battery-consuming aspect is 24/7 health monitoring; this is the feature that brands use to sell their smartwatches.

Due to this feature, the smartwatch monitors your heart rate after a certain time, and the battery is consumed in heart rate monitoring.

Smartwatch Battery Saving Tips- Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

Although it is not wrong, it proves to be very useful for people with any disease, but normal people do not need it as much.

So if you don’t find this feature applicable, you should turn it off; you should do heart rate monitoring manually.

3. Stop Unnecessary Notifications

The most significant advantage of a smartwatch is that we can access all the notifications without a phone.

Some smartwatches also provide the feature of quick reply, which proves to be very useful in daily use.

But at the same time, it also has some disadvantages.

Often when notifications are received in the watch, the display is turned on, and due to this, the battery consumption starts; the more notifications, the more battery consumption.

Therefore, in every smartwatch-compatible app, we get access to all the apps from which we want to receive notifications.

So in my suggestion, you have to allow only those apps to send notifications from which you want to receive notifications, and if not necessary, then disable all the apps.

It will significantly reduce the battery consumption of your smartwatch, and you will be able to use it for a long time on a single charge.

4. Turn Off Vibration

When calls or notifications are received, the watch vibrates, and the display is on, which consumes the battery.

To improve the battery life, you should change the vibration intensity.

You can either lower the vibration level or turn it off.

For this, a dedicated option is given in the settings.

5. Adjust Brightness Level

Most of the battery consumption in any smartwatch is due to the display, we are given different brightness levels in each watch, and we often use the watch with full brightness.

If you spend most of your time in indoor conditions where full brightness is not required, I suggest you lower the brightness level.

Nowadays, Most smartwatches have an auto-brightness feature; if you have it in your watch, turn it on.

It will automatically adjust the brightness level of your smartwatch.

6. Turn Off Bluetooth

Bluetooth plays a major role in connecting a smartwatch to any smartphone.

Let me tell you that when our watch is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, its battery remains in constant use, whether you are using the watch or not.

I understand that Bluetooth connectivity is crucial; without it, we cannot take advantage of the smartwatch, but you also cannot deny that we do not need to be connected to the phone of the smartwatch all the time.

In such a situation, you can turn off Bluetooth which helps in improving the battery life of your smartwatch to a great extent.

7. Use Unsophisticated Watch Face

Watch faces enhance the look of any smartwatch to a great extent, and we always consider this aspect but do you know that watch faces also consume the smartwatch battery?

We often use watch faces to see weather information, heart rate, steps, etc.

Smartwatch Battery Saving Tips- Dark Watch Faces

But such watch faces increase the battery consumption manifold, so choose a watch face that is very simple yet attractive, and if it is in the dark, then even better.

8. Use Power Saving Mode or Theater Mode

Nowadays, most smartwatches have the power-saving mode, which decreases the brightness level and turns off notifications.

This feature is helpful for those who use the smartwatch outdoors and do not want to turn off notifications.

Although it is imperative for some people to get notifications continuously, they cannot use this mode in such a situation.

But some smartwatches have Theater Mode, which does not turn off notifications but turns off the rest of the operations of the watch.

You will see both these options in the control panel of the watch, so use them.

9. Turn Off Raise to Wake

As a smartwatch user, I am sure you must be using the raise-to-wake feature, even I do.

But let me tell you that this feature consumes battery because whenever our wrist has tilted, the smartwatch display is turned on.

So by disabling this option, you will be able to improve your smartwatch’s battery life.

10. Turn Off Voice Assistants

Smartwatches with voice assistant features usually see less battery life because voice assistants tend to consume more battery.

Some smartwatches also provide a voice assistant and mic to get the output in the form of voice, which also consumes more battery.

So do not use it unnecessarily; turn it off permanently if possible.

11. Uninstall Apps

I have found that people keep useless apps installed in smartwatches that support third-party apps.

Let me tell you that the more apps you install, the less battery life will be.

Look at all the apps on your watch right now and weed out those that aren’t used.

12. Disable GPS

Most people buy GPS smartwatches for running to monitor their speed and route, but some keep using them unnecessarily.

I want to tell you that GPS smartwatches tend to consume more batteries.

It would be better to use GPS only when needed; otherwise, leave it off and do not keep it on unnecessarily.

With this, you can save your smartwatch’s battery life significantly.

13. Add Only Necessary Sports Modes

You must have seen many such smartwatches in which around 100 sports modes have been given, even 200.

But some smartwatches offer only a few in-built sports modes; you have to add them to access the rest of the modes.

In such a situation, you should add only those modes you use continuously; by this, you can stop the battery consumption to some extent.

14. Minimize Your Screen Timeout

You can set a specific time duration in your smartwatch, after which the display will turn off when not in use.

The shorter you keep this duration, the quicker the smartwatch’s display will turn off so that it will not consume the battery unnecessarily.

It would be best if you tried this tip once; I’m sure it will help you to improve battery life.

15. Check Battery Life and Usage

The compatible apps of smartwatches allow us to monitor battery life usage, which can prove to be very useful for battery-saving purposes.

It will help you to identify the aspects that are consuming the most battery; by optimizing them, you will be able to extend your smartwatch’s battery life.

16. Keep Your Smartwatch Updated

Every smartwatch gets some updates from time to time, but we forget to update them, so don’t make such a mistake.

The company fixes bugs through updates in the smartwatch that affect the performance or battery; by updating, you can erase those bugs that will directly affect your watch’s battery life.

How to Improve Smartwatch’s Battery: Bottom Line

Many such smartwatches in the market come with long battery life, but their high price makes it very difficult to afford them.

But with these suggested methods, you will be able to extend the battery life of your smartwatch.

Here are some of my favorite tips that seem to work the most:

  • Disable always-on display
  • Turn off 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Stop unnecessary notifications
  • Turn off vibration
  • Turn on auto-brightness
  • Use a simple and dark watch face

These tips and tricks prove to be very effective for me; you tell me what you do to save the battery of your smartwatch?

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