How to Increase The Battery Life of Any TWS Earbuds? 14 Unheard Tips

In this blog post, I will give you some tips to increase the battery of your TWS earbuds.

There are many benefits of TWS earbuds that provide you with a truly wireless experience, but you cannot deny that their battery life is concise; most of the TWS earbuds offer 3 to 4 hours of battery life on a single charge.

If you need to take a long meeting or online class, trouble will arise for you in such a situation.

To overcome this problem, I have found some tips by which you can improve the battery of any TWS earbuds to some extent.

Key Takeaways-

  • Be sure to consider the battery capacity of your TWS earbuds before buying them; the higher the battery capacity, the less often you will have to charge them.
  • Use your TWS earbuds only when you need them; when you’re not using them, put them on the side instead of in the case.
  • Never use fast chargers to charge the case of TWS earbuds; they are harmful to the batteries.

Similarly, I will tell more than 14 battery-saving tips in this blog post, so read them.

How to Increase The Battery Life of Any TWS Earbuds?

1. Look For The Higher Battery Capacity

A relatively simple and common way to increase the battery of TWS earbuds is to choose TWS earbuds with the maximum battery capacity.

Just as we go for a smartphone with the maximum battery capacity as it doesn’t require you to charge it frequently, you should do the same for the TWS earbuds.

Let me tell you that the TWS earbuds use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which can only survive for a few hundred cycles and start deteriorating.

Where you can get 400 cycles on high-end TWS earbuds, cheaper earbuds only come with around 100 cycles.

If you want to increase the battery of your TWS earbuds, you have to charge the batteries as little as possible.

The earbuds with maximum battery capacity allow you to charge them less frequently, leading to fewer cycles and maintaining good battery health for longer.

2. Look For The Higher Bluetooth Version

A higher Bluetooth version means version 5.0 or above; this will give you better connectivity, directly affecting the battery life.

If your earbuds have a lower Bluetooth version, you will be struggling with poor connectivity, due to which you will keep turning them on/off repeatedly, which will affect their battery and start draining quickly.

So look for the higher Bluetooth version; this will help you get a longer battery life of TWS earbuds.

3. Use Them Efficiently

Do you use TWS earbuds a lot?

Just as excessive use of earbuds can negatively affect your health, so is their battery life.

If you are troubled by their rapidly depleting battery life, you will have to cut down on their usage.

It would be best if you only used them when you needed them.

I’m saying this because I’ve often seen people use TWS for a while and then put them aside without taking them off.

Due to this, even if you are not using the TWS earbuds, their battery consumption continues.

So for the longer battery life of your TWS earbuds, use them efficiently.

4. Look For The Auto On/Off Feature

Have you heard about the auto on/off feature of TWS earbuds?

In some high-end TWS earbuds, you see a feature automatically turning off your earbuds when not in use.

For example, let’s say you’re listening to songs with these TWS earbuds; the songs will automatically pause as soon as you take them out of the ears and play again as soon as you put them back in.

This feature is fantastic and allows you to increase the battery life of your TWS earbuds.

5. Don’t Put Them In Charging Case

You must have wondered why I am refusing you to keep the TWS earbuds in the case, and after all, how will they charge if you do not keep them in the case?

But don’t worry, I am not saying that you never need to put them in the case, but you can only do so in certain circumstances.

We just discussed the cycles of batteries above and learned that the less often you charge the batteries, the better their battery life.

Let me explain this fact with two examples.

First, let’s say you’ve used your TWS earbuds for a while, the battery is about 80 percent, and you put it in the case, repeating this process several times a day.

And second, you used the TWS earbuds and put them in the case until the battery came down to 20 percent or less, and you did this only once or twice a day.

Let’s talk about the first example.

In this, your earbuds repeatedly charge whenever you put them in the case.

But on the other hand, if we talk about the second example, the earbuds are not charged repeatedly, which does not affect their battery health as severely.

So, if TWS earbuds aren’t working for you, put them on the side in a safe place instead of keeping them in the case only when they need to be charged.

And you have to do the same with the case; charge them only if they can’t charge the TWS earbuds.

6. Avoid Using Fast Chargers

It is a prevalent reason for TWS earbuds to drain quickly.

TWS earbuds don’t come with an adapter, so you must charge them with another adapter you keep.

Since most smartphones nowadays come with large-capacity fast chargers, most people use them to charge the TWS earbuds.

Let me tell you that these fast chargers are made only for batteries of enormous capacity, like smartphones, which have a capacity of about 5000mAh.

Whereas in the case of TWS earbuds, you will hardly get to see a 500mAh battery capacity.

They will start deteriorating quickly if you charge them with a fast charger.

So never charge the TWS earbuds with a fast charger.

7. Try Not To Overcharge It

Just as you should not charge your TWS earbuds with a fast charger to increase their battery life, overcharging them can also be harmful.

On overcharging, they start heating up, which is also harmful to the health of your ears, and their battery also has a detrimental effect.

So if you want your TWS earbuds to last a long time, never overcharge them.

8. Use One Earbud At A Time

It is a weird but effective way to make your earbuds last longer.

You must know that true wireless earbuds provide around 4 to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge.

But do you know it is not for both but just one earbud?

Yes, as both earbuds are built on TWS technology and are fitted with separate batteries to work independently.

That being said, if you only use one earbud at a time, you can increase your earbuds’ battery life by double.

Although they are not that comfortable because you are wearing only one earbud, if you are very concerned about the battery life of your earbuds and if it is possible for you to use one earbud at a time, then try this hack.

By the way, this trick can be very helpful in traveling where you cannot charge the case for a long time.

9. Don’t Put Them In Direct Sunlight

Keeping TWS earbuds in warm weather or direct sunlight significantly affects their battery.

When the TWS earbuds are exposed to sunlight, their battery starts heating up and deteriorating faster, due to which their battery life gets degraded.

Due to this, the TWS earbuds do not last long, and you may have to deal with the problem of rapidly depleting battery life.

10. Turn Off ANC

ANC, i.e., Active Noise Cancellation, a unique feature of every TWS earbud, provides you great sound and calling experience.

This feature runs on the batteries of the earbuds and cancels out external sounds; that’s why the TWS, which do not have ANC, their batteries perform a little better.

If you turn off ANC, you can see an improvement in the battery life of your earbuds by one to two hours.

The way to turn off ANC is different for each earbud, so you should look for it in the manual of your TWS earbuds.

11. Turn Off Bluetooth When Not In Use

Are you one of those who keep TWS earbuds connected to their smartphone even when not in use?

That said, when TWS earbuds are connected to a device, its battery continues to be consumed whether you use it or not.

Some people leave them on without turning off Bluetooth after using them so that the earbuds continue to consume their battery when connected to the phone.

So when the TWS earbuds are not in use, turn off Bluetooth.

12. Adjust The Volume Settings

Do you like to listen to music at full volume?

If yes, it is acceptable only for wired earphones because if you use TWS earbuds at full volume, you will see a considerable drop in battery life.

That’s why you should use TWS earbuds at 60-70% volume, which is considered an ideal volume setting for earbuds.

13. Avoid Using Them For Long Conversations

TWS earbuds are used a lot for calling, in which you get to see MEMS mics equipped with the best technology, which provides you with a seamless calling experience, a fantastic feature.

But if you tend to have long conversations, it can harm you.

The battery of TWS earbuds is consumed more quickly for calling than for music, and you will get low battery life if you have long conversations.

Therefore, avoid using TWS earbuds in the event of long conversations.

14. Avoid Pairing Multiple Devices With Your TWS Earbuds

Nowadays, TWS earbuds allow you to connect multiple devices at once, which is a helpful feature, no doubt about it.

But if you are concerned about the battery life of the earbuds, this feature can add to your troubles.

When you connect your TWS earbuds to multiple devices, the battery consumption rate increases; the more devices connected simultaneously, the faster the battery life decreases.

So ignore connecting to multiple devices at a time.

Bottom Line

The above tips may not extend the battery life of your TWS earbuds manifold, but you can use many of these tips to prevent unnecessary battery usage.

Earbuds consume their battery only when connected to a device, so if you use TWS earbuds efficiently, you can increase their battery life.

And after all these tips, battery life isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem; first, you need to find the issues responsible for the rapidly depleting battery life of your TWS earbuds.

Finding the correct issues and trying the relevant tips can only solve your problem.


Why Do TWS Earbuds Run Out Of Battery Quickly?

There can be many reasons for the rapid draining of TWS earbuds, such as low battery capacity, multiple devices connected simultaneously, consuming media at full volume, having long conversations, etc.

Can we change the battery of the TWS earbuds?

No, TWS earbuds are tiny devices that do not offer a feature like battery replacement.

Does lowering the volume save the earbuds’ battery?

Yes, there is an improvement in the battery life of the earbuds if you consume media at 60-70% volume. So it would be best to keep your earbuds at 60-70% volume settings.

How long should the earbuds’ battery last?

Most TWS earbuds provide 5 to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge, but some earbuds with more battery capacity last up to 10 hours.

Is it OK to charge earbuds with a fast charger?

No, charging the earbuds with a fast charger causes their battery to deteriorate, adversely affecting the life of the battery and making you see less battery life.

How long do TWS earbuds take to charge?

Generally, TWS earbuds take two hours to charge, but some earbuds that support fast charging charge in less than an hour.

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