pTron Force X10 Review (Cheapest Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch)

Amidst the increasing demand for smartwatches, pTron has also launched its new pTron Force X10 smartwatch.

The most important thing about this smartwatch is that it is the cheapest Bluetooth-calling smartwatch at the moment.

Look, we can’t call any smartwatch great just because it’s affordable, using low-quality materials and basic features that are easy enough to cut costs substantially.

But, a smartwatch is said to be good when the good features are provided and the price is justified.

It’s been a few days since I’ve been using the pTron Force X10, and the three features I find most appealing are:

  • Good Bluetooth calling experience
  • Metal body
  • 1.7-inch large HD display

Bluetooth calling is fascinating in a 1500-budget smartwatch with other basic features.

In this particular pTron Force X10 review, I will share all the features of this smartwatch and my experience so that you will know a lot about it.

pTron Force X10 Review

pTron Force X10 Review

What I Like/Dislike about pTron Force X10


  • Bluetooth calling feature in such a low budget
  • Good quality display
  • Voice assistant
  • Decent mic and speaker
  • Multiple watch faces
  • Metallic build quality


  • You’re not allowed to change the brightness
  • No customizable watch faces

pTron Force X10 Specifications

Display1.7-inch HD
Resolution240×280 px
Brightness500 Nits
AMOLED displayNo
Sports modes8
Watch faces150+
Voice assistantYes
Heart rate monitoringYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
BP monitoringYes
Step counterYes
Bluetooth callingYes
Quick replyNo
Raise & wakeYes
Always-on displayNo
In-built gamesNo
Camera controlYes
Music controlYes
Battery lifeUp to 5 days

What’s in the Box

  • Watch
  • Charging cable
  • User guide card

Design & Build Quality

The design of the pTron Force X10 smartwatch is quite attractive.

The size of the dial is a bit thick but provides an excellent build quality due to the use of metal.

pTron Force X10 Design and Build Quality

In addition, the mic and speaker are also placed on the watch’s sides, while the charging point and sensor are on the back.

The watch comes with silicone straps, with the average build quality.

You will find a crown button on the side of the watch with a raised design.

In short, I have no complaints with the pTron Force X10 regarding design and build quality.

Display & UI

The pTron Force X10 smartwatch has a large 1.7-inch display with 2.5D curved glass, which significantly improves the watch’s overall look.

pTron Force X10 Display

I always pay a lot of attention to bezels because I like thin or bezel-less displays.

In pTron Force X10, you get to see slightly thicker bezels, but the exciting part is that you get to see mostly dark watch faces in it, making it appear as a bezel-less display, and this is the reason why this aspect does not knock that much.

However, there were a few things I didn’t like about the display.

First, the display has low brightness; you have no problem in indoor conditions, but you will need some shade in outdoors.

Second, you can’t control the brightness, neither low nor high.

It’s pretty annoying that we are not even allowed to control the brightness.

Although considering the budget, I found the quality of the display to be quite good, despite some shortcomings.

Let us now talk about some of the functionalities of the display.

i) Swipe Functionalities

Firstly, on swipe down, you can access the notification panel where you have the facility to receive notifications, but the quick reply feature is missing.

Swipe up to access the Control Panel, where you can see battery and connection status as well as the following quick toggle buttons:

  • Calling on/off
  • Music Control
  • Voice assistant
  • Menu style
  • Dial pad
  • Contacts

Let me tell you that you do not get to see any widgets in this, due to which you will have to access all the options directly from the menu section itself.

ii) Menu Section

There are two types of menu styles available in the pTron Force X10 smartwatch:

  • Grid style
  • Standard style

If you want to change the menu style, you have been given a toggle button in the control panel, which we have just discussed.

To access the menu section, you have to tap on the screen, and the menu section will open; here, you will see the following options:

  • Step counter
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Dial pad
  • Contacts
  • Running
  • Sit-ups
  • Skipping
  • Climbing
  • Badminton
  • Gym
  • Bike
  • Dance
  • Dual mode
  • Music
  • Camera control
  • Stopwatch
  • Find my phone
  • Weather
  • Messages
  • Reset
  • QR code
  • Menu
  • Setting*

*You can access some of the watch’s internal options through the Setting option, like changing the date or language.

In a nutshell, I found a lack of smoothness in the overall UI, although if you keep the budget in mind, I can call it average according to that.

Watch Faces

pTron Force X10 has some built-in watch faces that you can swipe right or left to change.

Also, if you want to access the entire library, the pTron Fit+ app will help you.

pTron Force X10 Watch Face Library

In this app, you get to see an extensive library of watch faces, including more than 150 different types of watch faces.

Unfortunately, you are only allowed to install them; you can neither customize them nor set any images of your own.

Sports Modes

Only eight sports modes have been given in pTron Force X10, which I told you about in the menu section above.

Indeed they should have added some more sports modes, but you cannot expect much more in this budget.

Bluetooth Calling

At the beginning of this pTron Force X10 review, I talked about some of the favorite features associated with the watch, one of which was Bluetooth calling.

I tested its calling feature and found that the quality of its mic is quite good; if you compare it with a high-budget calling smartwatch like Fire-Boltt Visionary, it might not be appropriate.

The speaker’s loudness is also good, so you will not have any problem in calling.

The feature of syncing contacts has been given in this watch, and you can do this through the app.

Health Monitoring

In pTron Force X10, you have heart rate, spo2, and BP monitoring features.

Let me tell you that this watch simultaneously monitors heart rate, spo2, and BP; you are not allowed to monitor them separately.

pTron Force X10 Health Monitoring

I cross-checked the heart rate and spo2 with an oximeter, and surprisingly I got their readings very accurate; I didn’t expect that even a Bluetooth calling smartwatch under 1500 budget could provide such good accuracy.

Although this may not happen over time and problems may start coming in its readings, we have got to see excellent monitoring.

App Functionalities

To connect the pTron Force X10 smartwatch with your smartphone, you need to download the pTron Fit+ app, which is available on both Play Store and App Store.

On the home page of this app, you see all the health monitoring data like step count, heart rate, spo2, etc.

pTron Force X10 App Functionalities

The second tab in the app is for sports, where you can access the data of all sports modes.

And the third tab is quite essential, which allows you to customize a few settings of the watch.

In this tab, you see the following options:

  • Find
  • Remote shutter (camera control)
  • Message push
  • Frequent contacts
  • Dial settings*

*With this option, you can access the entire library of watch faces of the smartwatch.

Battery & Charging

I have used the pTron Force X10 for about ten days, and during this time, I found a lot of fluctuations in its battery life.

When I used this watch with only basic options, its battery life was around 4 to 5 days, while when used with the calling feature, it remains 1 to 2 days.

At the same time, it takes about 2 hours to charge it.

So if we consider its battery life while keeping the budget in mind, there’s nothing wrong with that.


As I told you, I have been using pTron Force X10 for a few days, but I have not felt any discomfort; high-quality material is not used in it but will keep you comfortable.

You can consider it a comfortable smartwatch.

Other Features

See, pTron Force X10 is a low-budget smartwatch that has only basic features; you should not expect much from it, but there are some features that I would like to mention.

In this watch, we have been given the feature of Voice Assistant, which allows you to perform different tasks.

Since it has speakers, you will get the output through the speaker.

Who Should Consider pTron Force X10

Now let’s talk about those who should consider pTron Force X10.

First, only those people go for this smartwatch whose budget is meager.

Second, if you are looking for a low-budget Bluetooth calling smartwatch, go for it, as it is the only calling smartwatch in this budget.

Who Should Avoid pTron Force X10

First, if you have a reasonable budget, you should avoid it because you get very few features.

Second, if you do not feel the need for a calling feature, do not go for it because there are multiple non-calling smartwatches available in this budget that you can consider, but these are the best:

pTron Force X10 Review: Bottom Line

pTron Force X10 is a very low-budget Bluetooth calling smartwatch with a 1.7-inch HD display.

Let me tell you that no other smartwatch brand provides Bluetooth calling features in this budget.

Basic features like voice assistant, camera control, and music control are available in this watch, but you cannot deny that the pTron Force X10 has very few features.

If you have a meager budget, you can go for it; the display quality is good, and the UI is decent, but if you can increase your budget a little, you have multiple choices.

pTron Force X10 Review: FAQs

Is pTron Force X10 worth it?

This watch has been launched in the low-budget segment, which offers Bluetooth calling features; besides, it has a good quality mic and speaker, which makes it worth it.

Does pTron Force X10 have a raise & wake feature?

Yes, this watch comes with raise & wake feature. The display turns on as soon as you tilt the wrist.

Is pTron Force X10 waterproof?

In this, we get to see IP68 water resistant, which prevents the watch from dust and splashing; Also, it protects from water to some extent.

How to set date and time in pTron Force X10 smartwatch?

For this, you have to download the pTron Fit+ app on your smartphone and connect the watch, as soon as you connect, the date and time will be set automatically in the watch.

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