Wings Phantom Gaming True Wireless Earbuds Review

In this blog we will talk about the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds and try to figure out why these gaming TWS earbuds are so popular among Indian gamers?

Nowadays, earbuds are being seen a lot in the Indian market.

People are getting more attracted towards these small and wireless products than earphones or headphones.

Seeing this trend, Wings has launched a new gaming earbuds – Wings Phantom.

Let me tell you that when these earbuds were launched, they were sold out in no time so that you can guess its popularity.

Well, I have been using these Wings Phantom wireless gaming earbuds since last few weeks and will share my honest opinion with you through this review.

Which will make it clear to you whether these gaming TWS earphones are perfect for you or not?

So let’s start the Wings Phantom review without any delay.

But before that, I just reviewed the pTron Bassbuds gaming earbuds that you must read.

Wings Phantom Gaming True Wireless Earbuds Review

wings phantom gaming earbuds review


  • The design and build quality of both the earbuds and the case are excellent
  • Sound quality improves significantly due to dedicated gaming mode
  • Very low latency in the gaming mode, due to which there is no lag in getting the response from the game
  • Supports fast charging so that you can charge them in a very short time
  • It is very lightweight, thereby you do not have pain in your ears even after wearing it for a long time
  • There are very handy touch controls so it’s not a problem to use them at all


  • Attractive design and build quality
  • Good battery life
  • Easy touch functionality
  • Good sound quality
  • Ultra low latency
  • Better mic quality
  • Comfortable fitting


  • Treble should have been a little higher

What’s in the Box

  • Wings Phantom gaming earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Type-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Extra eartips

Wings Phantom Gaming Earbuds Review: Features

Now we will look at all the features of the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds one by one that made this TWS so famous.

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Wings Phantom Review: Design & Build Quality

Have you ever seen a king cobra snake?

Now you must be thinking that in this Wings Phantom gaming earbuds review, why did I start asking about snakes?

Because at the first glance, the look of the case of the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds is going to be similar to that of the King Cobra.

Look at this image.

wings phantom case design

In which you get to see the Wings branding at the top and two LED lights on the front which get lit up as soon as the lid is opened.

Whereas at the back it has a Type-C port, with the help of which you can charge it.

wings phantom case design & build quality
Wings phantom case design

The total weight of the case is about 50 grams.

The case of the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds is made of plastic which gives a good feel and is good for the price.

On the other hand, if we talk about earbuds, they are also made from good quality plastic.

wings phantom gaming earbuds design
Wings phantom earbuds design

The total weight of these earbuds is around 10 grams, due to which you will not feel any heaviness even after wearing them, which is a good thing for a gaming earbud.

On the back side, you will find the logo of Wings, in which LED lights have been given, which lit up while gaming and give the full gaming vibe.

Wings Phantom Review: Dedicated Game Mode

The most important feature of any gaming earbuds is its dedicated gaming mode.

In the Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds, you will also get to see the dedicated gaming mode, to access which you have to tap and hold the right side earbuds for 2 seconds.

After this your earbuds will go into gaming mode.

The specialty of this mode is that you get to see very low latency in it.

It has been claimed by Wings that these earbuds have a latency of 65ms and this proved to be true during my testing.

wings phantom latency test
Wings Phantom latency test

I was using it for testing purpose, so I found slight latency whereas a normal user would not be aware of its latency at all which is a good thing.

Plus, when you turn on the gaming mode, the LED lights on the earbuds are lit with a breathing effect that looks really beautiful and provides a gaming vibe.

Wings Phantom Review: Sound Quality

After accessing the gaming mode of the Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds, you will also see an improvement in its sound quality.

Earlier, where you were getting to hear normal sound quality, in this mode the sound becomes a bit clear as we need for gaming.

12mm drivers have been used in these earbuds, although most people do not understand these numbers but let me tell you that 12mm are very good numbers according to any TWS earbuds.

In a nutshell, the bigger the drivers the better the sound quality will be.

I played different games with these earbuds where there was no complaint of any kind in the sound quality.

Although I did feel a slight lack of treble in some places, but it was not enough to consider it much.

Now that I’ve used these kinds of earbuds a lot, I’ve gotten used to testing them out.

Thats why I recognize these tiny little flaws.

An normal user will not have any problem with its sound quality at all.

On one hand, those people who want to take Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds for gaming as well as listening to music and who are hard music lovers.

They might not enjoy it that much but if you are a casual listener you will have no problem.

You can easily go for it.

Wings Phantom Review: Water Resistant

The Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds have IPX5 ratings, making them water resistant and sweat proof.

wings phantom water resistant

So if you ever workout with it or get splashed with water there is no need to panic.

Although I have never felt that much benefit of this feature for any gaming earbuds but still it is an add-on feature.

Wings Phantom Review: Battery Life & Charging

The Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds didn’t disappoint me at all in terms of battery life.

On a full charge, these earbuds gave me about 6 hours of battery backup which is really impressive.

I am only talking about the earbuds here, I have not included the case.

If we talk about the charging case, the total play time is about 20 hours with them.

You also get a Type-C charging cable to charge the case.

These earbuds support fast charging which is a good feature and maybe even necessary because nowadays you get to see fast charging support in all the smart gadgets due to which all the users have become used to it.

And keeping the battery in mind, I can say that the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds are a good option for gamers who are looking for good gaming earbuds for long gaming sessions.

Wings Phantom Review: Controls

You get to see touch controls in Wings Phantom gaming earbuds and touch sensors have been given in both the earbuds.

wings phantom gaming earbuds touch controls

If you double tap while calling, the call is received and on double taping, the call is also rejected.

On the other hand, if you are listening to music, you have to tap the left earbud to turn the volume down, while tapping the right earbud will turn the volume high.

Apart from this, you have to tap the right earbud three times for next music and three times on the left earbud for previous music.

Also, if you want to access Google Assistant or Siri, you have to tap and hold the left earbud for 2 seconds.

To turn on Game Mode, you have to tap and hold the right earbud for 2 seconds and to go back to music mode, hold for 2 seconds again.

Wings Phantom Review: Mic Quality

Talking about the mic of Wings Phantom gaming earbuds, in this you have been given a microphone with 3 hole system MEMS technology design in the bottom of the earbuds so that your voice can be cleared in a better way.

And whether I am talking about in-game chat voice or calling, the quality of its mic is really good.

If you do squad gaming these gaming earbuds will prove to be very helpful for you, your voice will reach your teammates in a clear way.

Wings Phantom Review: Fitting & Comfort

Now that the total weight of these earbuds is only 10 grams, you are going to be very comfortable with it.

They are designed in such a way that it fits snugly in your ears.

Also, with these you also get extra eartips which you can use according to the size of your ears.

I have also done workouts with them and I can say that you will not have any complaint with these earbuds in terms of fitting or comfortability.

Wings Phantom Review: Connectivity

Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds support 5.0 version Bluetooth, which connects very easily with any device.

The way you connect other accessories to your device, in the same way these earbuds can also be done.

Good For

  • All types of gamers
  • Music lovers
  • Those looking for budget gaming earbuds
  • Those who like easy controls in earbuds
  • Who do long gaming sessions

Not Good For

  • Those looking for cheap gaming earbuds
  • Who needs this for competitive gaming

Wings Phantom Review: Specifications

Dimensions10 x 10 x 5 cm
Case weight50 grams
Earbuds weight10 grams
Bluetooth version5.0
Charging portType-C
Transmission distance10m
BatteryPolymer battery 5V, 50mAh
Frequency response20Hz – 20,000Hz
Battery capacity of case400mAh
Charging time (earbuds)1 hour
Charging time (case)1 hour
Music play time6 Hours
Sweat and water resistantIPX5
Supporting protocolAVRCP/HFP/HSP
Drivers size12 mm titanium coated drivers
ButtonsCapactive touch

Wings Phantom Gaming Earbuds Review: Alternatives

There are also some alternatives to the Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds that you can consider.

Wings Hawk Gaming True Wireless Earbuds

wings hawk gaming true wireless earbuds

These are also gaming earbuds from Wings, in which you get to see features like 5.0 Bluetooth support, 65 ms latency.

However, in these you get to see less battery life than the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds.

But it is one of the best alternative for the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds.

Check Wings Hawk gaming earbuds price here.

EDYELL TW2S Gaming True Wireless Earbuds

edyell tw2s gaming true wireless earbuds

Coming from EDYELL, these gaming earbuds get upgraded 5.1 version Bluetooth connectivity and a latency of just 60 ms, which is much better than the Wings Phantom.

However, these earbuds are a bit weak in sound quality.

Check EDYELL TW2S gaming earbuds price here.

Wings Phantom Gaming Earbuds Review: Final Thoughts

In these Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds, coming in the range of about Rs 2000-2500, you will neither complain in terms of music nor in gaming.

Look, I often use and test gaming gears as a user not as a technical expert.

So that you can get better overview of any gaming gears.

And in my way of thinking, if you are looking at a budget gaming TWS, then you should look into these gaming earbuds.

Now tell me how do you like the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds?

Wings Phantom Gaming Earbuds Review: FAQ’s

Are the Wings Phantom gaming earbuds worth buying?

There is no doubt that the Wings Phantom are one of the best gaming earbuds in this segment.

Such amazing features in this TWS justify its price.

And I think these earbuds have all the features that a gaming earbud should have.

So that’s why the Wings Phantom is worth buying.

What is the battery life of Wings Phantom gaming earbuds?

When I used them on full charge, I got a battery backup of more than 6 hours in which I enjoyed gaming as well as music.

Does Wings Phantom have ANC?

No, in Wings Phantom you get to see Passive Noise Cancellation instead of Active Noise Cancellation.

Due to the easy fit of the earbuds, the surrounding noise is reduced to a great extent.

Is Wings Phantom waterproof?

The Wings Phantom gaming earbuds are IPX-5 water resistant and sweat proof.

How to Turn On/Off Wings Phantom gaming earbuds?

These earbuds turn on when you take them out of the case and off when you put them back in the case.

What is the latency of Wings Phantom?

You get to see a latency of around 65 ms in these gaming TWS earbuds.

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