Fire-Boltt Ring Pro Review: Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with Pin Lock

In this blog we are going to review the Fire-Bolt Ring Pro smartwatch.

Finally, Fire-Boltt has launched its most awaited calling smartwatch Fire-Boltt Ring Pro in India.

The special thing about this Fire-Boltt smartwatch is that we will get to see the calling feature as well as the similar looks of an Apple watch.

More recently, I reviewed the Fire-Bolt Ninja Calling smartwatch, after which users had demanded a premium-looking budget calling smartwatch.

And in the meantime the Fire-Bolt Ring Pro was launched.

So in this blog post we will talk about whether this smartwatch lives up to our expectations or not?

Let’s find out.

Fire-Bolt Ring Pro Review

fire-boltt ring pro review

What’s in the Box

  • Smartwatch
  • User manual
  • Magnetic charger
  • Warranty card

Design & Build Quality

I found the design of the Fire-Bolt Ring Pro smartwatch quite attractive.

This smartwatch which looks like an Apple Watch, has a metal build, despite which its total weight is only 55 grams.

Which is impressive.

The overall build quality is significantly enhanced due to the metal build which makes the watch feel sturdy.

fire-boltt ring pro design and build quality

On the side of the watch we have been given a crown button whose features we will discuss in the dedicated section.

Microphone is also given near this crown button which is used for calling as well as AI voice assistant.

A charging point and Sensors are seen in the back side of the watch, while speaker grills have been given on the side so that better sound quality is obtained in calling.

fire-boltt ring pro back side

On the other hand, if we talk about straps, as usual silicone straps have been given which are sliding straps.

We can use sliding straps of 22mm to replace them.

Check out these best sliding straps for Ring Pro.

In short, everything is up to expectations when it comes to design and build quality.

If you like Apple Watch then surely it is going to be attractive too for you.

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Display & UI

The Fire-Bolt Ring Pro smartwatch features a 1.75” full HD display with a 320×385px resolution, which makes it a better display than rest of the smartwatches in this segment.

fire-boltt ring pro display

Here, we get to see very small bezels, which not only gives a better look to the watch but also becomes very easy to use because it gives us a bigger display.

Let us now talk about its swipe functionalities a bit.

Swipe down opens the control panel, in which some options/toggle buttons are seen –

  • Connectivity Status
  • Calling on/off
  • Battery
  • Screen lock
  • QR code for app download
  • Menu view

On the other hand, on swipe up, the notification panel appears where text or call notifications are seen, while on swipe right, a split screen opens, which we will know about in the dedicated section.

And finally, the option of shortcut cards is given on swiping left.

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Watch Faces

Fire-Boltt has done a great job in terms of watch faces in the Ring Pro smartwatch.

In this, we get to see more than 200 watch faces which provide better flexibility.

We can also change the watch faces with the help of the rotating crown button but if you want to access the entire library then you have to take help of the app for that.

Where you can customize a watch faces as per your choice.


This is the most special feature of this smartwatch.

In the Fire-Bolt Ring Pro smartwatch, we have been given the feature of Bluetooth calling where we get to see the support of Bluetooth v5.0 which provides better connectivity.

To access the calling feature, you will first need to connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

At the time of calls, in this we get to see the option of volume up/down, mute and call decline.

calling options

Considering the budget, I didn’t notice any issues in the quality of the speaker or mic.

Overall, the calling experience with the Fire-Bolt Ring Pro smartwatch will be good.

Apart from this, we have also been given the option of call records where all the calls can be seen.

Also, a dedicated option has been given to reset the calls history.

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AI Voice Assistant

In the Fire-Bolt Ring Pro smartwatch, we have been given AI voice assistant feature, with the help of which Siri or Google Assistant can be accessed.

With this, whether we want to open YouTube or call someone, all the tasks can be done with voice commands, which is a useful feature.

What do you use? Siri or Google Assistant.

Let me know in the comments.

Health Tracking

Talking about health tracking features, we get to see SpO2 monitoring, heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and step & calorie count in Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch.

In terms of heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, this watch is not accurate but does a pretty good job which I did not expect.

Although only professional equipment should be used for health monitoring, but its health sensors work properly to some extent.

However, in the case of step counting, this watch monitors incorrect data, which was disappointing for me.

By the way, I would like to tell one thing that my friend also bought the same smartwatch here but his smartwatch was not able to monitor any feature of health monitoring with accuracy, whether it is heart rate monitoring or SpO2, but mine do.

I did not see any such issues so far.

In short, the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch is not that accurate in terms of health monitoring but does a decent job in this budget.

Rotating Crown Button

This is the best feature of this smartwatch which can prove to be very useful for some people.

In Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch, we can perform multiple tasks with the help of crown button whether it is changing watch faces or sliding up and down.

I found this feature very useful but it doesn’t matter to me because I wear the watch in my right hand which makes it a bit difficult to access the crown button.

And that’s why I like smartwatches that can be accessed completely from the screen, not the crown button.

But surely, this features can be helpful for many people.

Menu View

In the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch, we get to see a very different menu view.

Usually, some options have been given in the menu view in the smartwatch, after accessing which you get to see the rest of the options related to it.


But in this smartwatch, all the options are seen together in the menu view, which is something like this –

  • AI voice
  • Sports
  • Sleep
  • Heart rate
  • SpO2
  • Exercise
  • Dial pad
  • Call records
  • Contact
  • Call reset
  • Weather
  • Camera
  • Music player
  • Young bird (game)
  • 2048 (game)
  • Notice
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown
  • Reset
  • Power off
  • Brightness
  • Find phone
  • About
  • Menu style

And with the help of all these options, we will be able to access the watch completely.

menu style

Although we have been given two different menu styles here –

  • List view
  • Grid view

In this watch, it is quite easy to access both list and grid menu styles which can be selected by going to the menu style option.

App Support

To access the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch, we need to install the Da Fit app.

For this, you can also go to the Play Store or the app can be downloaded with the help of the QR code given in the control panel.

As I’ve mentioned in other Fire-Boltt smartwatch reviews, the app’s interface is quite simple, with lots of customization options.

With the help of this app, we can access the library of more than 200 watch faces as well as customize the notification panel.

The data of all health monitoring features can be seen in one place in the app.

Overall I really liked the functionality of the app.


Since this is a calling smartwatch, we get a maximum battery of 2 days when using it with the calling feature.

Whereas without calling feature it can last for about 4 to 5 days.

For charging, a magnetic charger can be used, which gives the watch a full charge in about 2 hours.

Split Screen

This is one of the most highlighted features of this smartwatch, to access which we have to swipe right on the display.

split screen feature

After which a small screen opens from the right side in which we can add quick apps to make the smartwatch easier to access.

Pin Lock

Do you really need a password on your smartwatch?

I have never felt the need of this feature but those people who have sensitive information in their smartwatch and do not want anyone to access them, this feature will definitely be very useful for them.

smartwatch pin lock

In this, you get the option to set a password in the watch, after which it becomes impossible to access the watch without a password, which is an additional safety feature.

By the way, do you also need a password feature in your smartwatch?

Do tell your opinion in the comments.

In-Built Games

In the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch, we have also been given 2 in-built games for entertainment.

I personally do not need these games but if you are going to get this watch for a kid who likes these kind of games then this feature can prove to be useful.

Otherwise, I do not think that anyone would play such games in the smartwatch.

Do you play these games?

Check out more games:-

Other Features

Some additional features are also seen in the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch such as camera and music control.

With the help of these, we can easily control the camera and the music player of the smartphone.

Apart from this, this watch comes with IP68 rating which makes it water proof.

A total of 25 sports modes have been given in this watch, which can be accessed by going to the Exercise mode of the menu view.

Who Should Consider

Now let’s talk about those people who should consider the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch.

First, if your budget is below 4000 and you want a smartwatch for calling, you can go for it.

Second, if you need a watch with a metal build that gives the feel of Apple Watch, you should consider.

Third, if you do not need health tracking features and want a well-designed smartwatch in the budget range, then the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch can be a good option.

And fourth, if you want to protect your smartwatch from others, it can be considered as it has the option of pin lock.

Who Should Avoid

First, if you are looking for a smartwatch for health monitoring, take a look at other options available in this budget such as boAt Watch Xtend.

Second, if you prefer a smartwatch with plastic build and have a budget of below 3000, you should ignore it.


  • Bluetooth calling with built-in mic & speaker
  • Quick access dial pad
  • Call history
  • 1.75″ full touch display
  • 320×385 px resolution
  • Pin lock
  • Smart split screen
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Multiple sports modes
  • More than 200 watch faces
  • Multi-fuctional rotating crown button
  • Quick charge technology
  • IP68 water resistant


  • Brightness should have been higher


Dimensions4.4 x 3.8 x 1.08 cm
Weight55 grams
Display1.75″ HD
Resolution320×385 pixels
ConnectivityBluetooth v5.0
SpO2 monitoringYes
Heart rate trackingYes
Battery size180 mAh
Battery lifespanUp to 5 days
Sports mode25
24/7 dynamic monitoringYes
Manual monitoringYes
Step trackerYes
Calories trackerYes
Distance travelledYes
Activity historyYes
Sleep monitorYes
Bluetooth callingYes
Caller name informationYes
Call rejectionYes
Tracking & reminderYes
Inbuilt gamesYes
Low battery reminderYes
Remote music & camera controlYes
Sedentary reminderYes
Weather forecastYes
Wake gestureYes
Vibration alertYes
Do not disturb modeYes

Fire-Bolt Ring Pro Review: Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro smartwatch should be preferred only by those who need the calling feature as it also comes with many other useful features.

I really liked the design of this watch which is inspired from Apple Watch.

Although this smartwatch has been launched in the most competitive price bracket in the market, due to which it is getting a lot of competition from the rest of the watches which are topped by the Noise ColorFit Pulse Buzz.

Now tell me in the comments, which smartwatch do you prefer more?

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