This is How You Can Keep TWS Earbuds From Falling Out (13 Ways)

Your TWS earbuds keep falling out, aren’t they?

It’s true that TWS earbuds are handy accessories we use every day, but they can pose a problem if they continually fall out.

Since they are wireless, there is a risk of getting damaged or lost in the event of a fall.

It took a lot of trial and error to find a solution that kept my wireless earbuds from falling out.

In this guide, I am going to talk about them.

Key Takeaways –

  • Make sure you choose the right size and the correct type of earbuds before buying them.
  • Keep your ears dry and use the correct size ear tips when using the In-ear TWS earbuds.
  • One way to prevent the earbuds from falling out is to wear ear warmers or a headband; they do not allow them to come out of the ears.

Similarly, I have given more than ten solutions in this blog post, so read till the end.

How to Keep TWS Earbuds From Falling Out

1. Choose The Right Size

The easiest way to protect TWS earbuds from falling out is to choose TWS earbuds according to the size of your ears.

Look, you will find TWS earbuds of different sizes in the market; some are in small sizes, and some are big and bulky.

If your ears are small, the bulky TWS earbuds won’t fit, resulting in them falling out frequently.

So the very first thing, you have to choose the right size earbuds.

Now the question is, how will you choose the right size of TWS earbuds?

For this, you can use the following methods-

  • If you already have some earphones that you have been using till now, choose TWS earbuds keeping in mind their size.
  • If any of your friends or relatives have TWS earbuds, try wearing them, this will give you an idea of ​​the perfect size.
  • And if none of this is possible, go to a shopkeeper who can allow you to try TWS earbuds, so you can try different earbuds to find the right fit.

2. Choose The Right Earbuds

Choose The Right Earbuds

Does the size of the TWS earbuds only matter when it comes to preventing them from falling out?

No, in fact, you also have to see whether you have selected the right earbuds or not.

You mainly get to see earbuds with two types of designs-

  • Stem earbuds
  • Stem-less earbuds

Some users feel more comfortable with stem earbuds, while others with stem-less earbuds.

In general, stem-less earbuds fit inside the ears, which provides a better fitting, and there is less risk of falling out.

But we all have different ear sizes, so try them on and see what type of earbuds fit in your ears.

3. Check Your Earbuds For Markings

Check Your Earbuds For Markings

To avoid falling out of the TWS earbuds, ensure you put the right earbud in the right ear.

When you buy any earbuds, you see ‘L’ and ‘R’ markings where ‘L’ stands for left and ‘R’ stands for right.

Make sure you wear the ‘L’ in the left ear and the ‘R’ in the right ear.

Although earbuds are designed for specific ears nowadays, you cannot wear the left earbud on the right.

But if you still use any TWS earbuds in the same design, make sure you wear them according to their markings.

4. Get A Firm Fit in Your Ear

Get A Firm Fit in Your Ear

Even today, we wear TWS earbuds incorrectly, which causes a great deal of falling out of them.

Most people put TWS earbuds directly in the ear and try to fit them by pushing with their hands, but this technique is entirely wrong.

It can even damage your ears.

Instead, you should follow the following steps to wear TWS earbuds-

Step 1 – Pull up on your earlobe
Step 2 – Insert the earbud
Step 3 – Let your earlobe go

This way, you can easily fit your TWS earbuds in the ears, giving them a firm grip and not falling easily.

5. Keep Your Ears Dry

Keep Your Ears Dry

We still use water or any liquid to get rid of the hold of something.

When your ears are wet, sweat or water mixes with the ear wax as a lubricant, and when you wear your TWS earbuds, it doesn’t allow them to fit, resulting in your earbuds falling out.

Therefore, always ensure that your ears are dry before wearing the earbuds; they do not have any wetness in them.

To clean the ears, you can use any soft towel absorbing all the water.

6. Choose In-Ear Earbuds

There are two types of TWS earbuds –

  • Classic earbuds
  • In-ear earbuds

In-Ear TWS vs Classic TWS

Classic earbuds, also known as non-in-ear earbuds, have plastic tips and do not fit inside the ear.

On the other hand, we get to see rubberized tips in in-ear earbuds, which enable the earbuds to fit inside the ears.

Generally, in-ear earbuds fit better in the ears than classic earbuds, which is why in-ear earbuds are recommended if there is a fitting issue.

Another reason is that you can change the tips of the in-ear earbuds, which allows you to use the ear tips according to your fitting.

So if you cannot provide a better fitting of classic earbuds, it is more preferred to go for in-ear earbuds.

7. Choose The Right Ear Tips

Choose The Right Ear Tips

When you use in-ear earbuds, you have an advantage, change their tips accordingly, and you should take advantage of it properly.

I have often seen people use TWS earbuds with the tips that come with them.

Have you ever tried other size tips?

The tips that come with TWS earbuds are often of medium size; now, if your ears are big or small, it’s inevitable that they won’t fit you.

So try other size tips and see which size tips fit your ears better.

Even you can choose different types of ear tips along with the size.

Let me tell you that in-ear tips, we get to see different types like:

  • Silicone ear tips
  • Multi-flanged ear tips
  • Foam ear tips
  • Hybrid ear tips
  • Custom ear tips

Use them and find out which ear tips are more suitable for your ears.

8. Use Ear Hooks or Wings

Use Ear Hooks or Wings

The easiest way to keep TWS earbuds from falling out is to use after-market accessories.

You will find hooks and wings for these TWS earbuds in the market, which protect them from falling out.

However, these accessories do not attach to all TWS earbuds, as most are made for Apple EarPods and AirPods.

Therefore, before buying any accessories, make sure to find out whether they can be attached to your TWS earbuds or not.

9. Use Waterproof Earbuds

Use Waterproof Earbuds

By waterproof earbuds, I mean those earbuds that are used for swimming.

These earbuds are designed in such a way that they can give extreme fitting to your ears.

Most of these earbuds come with multi-flanged tips that provide a more secure fit.

Therefore, waterproof earbuds are also an excellent solution to prevent the earbuds from falling out.

10. Use Ergonomically Shaped Earbuds

Use Ergonomically Shaped Earbuds

Opting for ergonomically shaped TWS earbuds also prevents them from falling out.

In fact, these are earbuds that are designed according to the ears, and they maintain a better grip while touching the maximum part of the ear.

So buying earbuds with ergonomic design can be a good decision.

11. Wear Ear Warmers or Headbands

Wear Ear Warmers or Headbands

I often used to wear headbands to protect my TWS earbuds from falling out.

Headbands or ear warmers provide a very secure fit; no matter what you do, the earbuds will not fall out.

Although you cannot deny that they are a bit uncomfortable, if you use them properly, they can solve your problem.

12. Clean Your Earbuds

Clean Your Earbuds

People often take their TWS earbuds out of the case, use them and put them back in the case.

They do not even notice that the ear wax has accumulated on their tips, which is not allowing them to fit in the ears, and due to this, they are falling out again and again.

That’s why you should keep cleaning them from time to time.

If you are using In-ear TWS earbuds, you must change the tips of the earbuds after a time and use new ear tips.

13. Don’t Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Ears

Don't Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Ears

Do you clean your ears with cotton swabs?

If yes, be careful next time, as they can damage your ears and affect the fitting of the TWS earbuds.

In the process of cleaning the ears with cotton swabs, we stuff the ear wax inside the ears, which is not only harmful to the ears but also prevents the earbuds from fitting correctly.

So don’t do this; instead, you use earwax removal kits.

Why Do TWS Earbuds Fall Out?

Now that you know how to prevent falling out of your TWS earbuds, you also need to understand why this problem occurs.

There can be the following reasons behind this.

1. Ear Shapes

We, humans, have different shapes of ears; some have enormous ears while others have small ones.

Brands make TWS earbuds of a fixed size, which is why they don’t fit in your ears when you use them; as a result, they start falling out.

2. Size of Ear Tips and Their Materials

Most people who use In-ear TWS earbuds use the wrong size ear tips.

Ear tips are available in small, medium and large sizes, but some people never pay attention to the ear tips of TWS earbuds.

On top of that, you will also find these ear tips in different materials in the market, so use ear tips made from other materials like foam or fabric instead of the silicone tips that come with TWS earbuds.

3. Access Ear Wax or Sweat

Excess ear wax is also a significant reason for TWS earbuds to fall out.

Some people have a high amount of wax in their ears, and when it mixes with sweat, it weakens the fitting of the TWS earbuds.

At the same time, some people also complain of excessive sweating, due to which their earbuds do not fit well in the ears.

Bottom Line

Falling out of TWS earbuds is not a big problem if you sit at home doing Netflix and chilling.

But if this happens during your travel, your problems are bound to increase in such a situation.

In this blog post, I have told you about more than ten ways to prevent TWS earbuds from falling out and explained why this problem arises.

I hope your earbuds will not fall out after trying these tips.


How do I keep my wireless earbuds from falling out when running?

Your body moves a lot while running, which increases the risk of falling out of wireless earbuds; the easiest way to avoid this is to wear ear warmers or a headband so they will not come out.

Although this solution does not seem cool, and neither can you use it in the summer season.

For this, you use ear hooks or wings.

These are the accessories that attach to the earbuds that protect the earbuds from falling out when running.

How to properly insert earbuds?

A simple way to insert the earbuds into the ear is to pull up your earlobe with one hand and insert the earbuds into the ear with the other hand.

After this, release the earlobe and let the earbuds fit correctly.

With this method, the earbuds will fit better in your ears.

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