Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista Review: Cheapest AMOLED Smartwatch

Recently, the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista smartwatch has been launched and upon seeing its specifications, I am truly amazed.

This is because at the price point at which this smartwatch has been launched, no other smartwatch provides as many features.

I must tell you that the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista features a metallic body, Bluetooth calling support, and an AMOLED display, which makes it the cheapest smartwatch with an AMOLED display.

But wait, there’s more.

This smartwatch is loaded with numerous remarkable features, and in this Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista review, we’ll delve into all of them.

So, hold on tight, and let’s explore this exciting smartwatch together.

Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista Review

Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista Review

The Bottom Line

The Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista smartwatch offers a lot of features at an affordable price point, making it a good value for money.

Its metallic body, Bluetooth calling support, and AMOLED display are some of the standout features.

While the smartwatch has thick bezels and AOD watch faces with relatively low brightness, its pros outweigh the cons, making it a great purchase for those on a budget.


  • Affordable
  • Best quality display
  • Premium metallic build quality
  • More than 150 watch faces
  • Bluetooth calling
  • Water resistant


  • Thick bezels
  • AOD watch faces have a low brightness


Resolution368×448 px
AMOLED displayYes
Always-on displayYes
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes100+
Built-in GPSNo
Watch faces150+
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Voice assistantYes
Battery lifeUp to 6 days

Design & Build Quality

Often, Noise smartwatches come with a plastic body, but the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista uses a metallic frame, which provides solid build quality as well as premiumness.

There is a crown button on its side, but unfortunately, it is not functional, and you can only use it to navigate the menu.

On the backside, all the health sensors and a charging point are provided.

Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista Design Overview

I noticed one thing in the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista that it is a little different from typical Noise smartwatches.

Actually, Noise gives signature edge design to its smartwatches, but in the case of Colorfit Icon 2 Vista, a curved design has been given, which looks quite good for sure.

It is an upgraded version of the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 which is one of the best selling smartwatches from Noise.

Along with this, it comes with 22mm straps which are of average quality, but the good thing is that you can replace them.

Overall, if we consider the design and build quality of the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista, it definitely does not disappoint.

Display & UI

The most attractive feature of the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista is its display.

Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista Display

This smartwatch comes with a 1.78-inch AMOLED display that has a high resolution of 368×448 px, which is why it is capable of providing sharp image quality and better color accuracy.

However, I have a slight complaint about its thick bezels, which could have been made a bit thinner.

In addition, due to its always-on display, you also get AOD watch faces that keep the brightness relatively low.

But if we consider its price point, it is one of the best quality displays available.

Watch Faces

In Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista, you will get some pre-installed watch faces to choose from, but through the NoiseFit app, you will have access to a complete library.

This library contains nearly 150 cloud-based watch faces that you can download.

In addition, this app allows you to set custom watch faces.

Bluetooth Calling & Notifications

The Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista has an inbuilt mic and speaker that allow you to make and receive calls anytime, anywhere.

And believe it or not, the mic quality of this calling smartwatch is the best in this segment.

It even allows you to make calls outdoors.

In addition, this smartwatch lets you save up to 10 contacts.

It is capable of delivering notifications for almost all apps and also allows you to reply to calls and SMS.

Health Monitoring

In the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista, you get access to the complete Noise Health Suite, which is capable of monitoring heart rate, SpO2, sleep quality, and stress.

Furthermore, you can also check your breathe rate using it.

And if we talk about their accuracy, most of the time they prove to be accurate.

Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista Heart Rate Monitoring

So if you are health conscious, the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista will help you monitor your health.

Sports Modes

In Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista, you get access to more than 100 sports modes that enable you to monitor your physical activities.

Additionally, with the help of the NoiseFit app, you can also monitor sports data.

Apart from sports modes, we use smartwatches to count our steps, but most budget smartwatches show completely inaccurate data.

However, interestingly in Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista, you will see quite good accuracy.

In addition, this is an IP68 water-resistant smartwatch that allows you to use it while swimming.

Overall, the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista also lives up to expectations in terms of fitness tracking.

Battery Life & Charging

The company claims that the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista provides a battery life of almost 7 days. However, if you use it with the always-on display and Bluetooth calling feature, you will have to charge it every day.

To get rid of this hassle, you can check out my guide on how to improve the battery life of this smartwatch.

Through this, you will be able to easily use this smartwatch for 5 to 6 days.

App Functionalities

To connect the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista to your smartphone, you will need the Noisefit app.

For more, you can check out this guide on how to connect Noise smartwatch to phone.

This app allows you to analyze your health and fitness data in great detail.

Additionally, you can download watch faces, set custom watch faces, configure notification apps, and customize many other settings through this app.

Other Features

In addition to its impressive display and sleek design, the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista smartwatch boasts an array of other features that make it a well-rounded device for daily use.

One of the standout features is the AI voice assistant, which allows for hands-free interaction with the smartwatch.

With just a few spoken commands, you can set reminders, control music, and even ask for weather updates.

This makes it easy to stay on top of important tasks and information without having to take your hands off of what you’re doing.

Another useful feature is the built-in calculator, which can come in handy for quick calculations on the go.

Additionally, the watch comes equipped with a selection of in-built games that can provide entertainment during downtime making it the best budget smartwatch with in-built games.

With all of these features at your fingertips, the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista smartwatch is a versatile and valuable addition to any daily routine.

Who Should Consider And Who Shouldn’t

Let’s now talk about who should consider the Noise Colorfit Icon 2 Vista and who should not.

If you have a low budget and want a calling smartwatch with an AMOLED display, believe me, you won’t find a better option than this.

On the other hand, if you have a good budget, you can find better options than this, such as the Fire-Boltt Visionary.

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