Pebble Cosmos Endure Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

In this blog, we are going to talk about the Pebble Cosmos Endure smartwatch.

This rugged smartwatch is an affordable choice that stands out with its impressive 1.46-inch AMOLED display, making it one of the biggest display smartwatches.

If you’re in search of a premium rugged smartwatch with a large circle display, this review of the Pebble Cosmos Endure is for you.

In it, I will go over all of its features in detail.

Pebble Cosmos Endure Review

Pebble Cosmos Endure Smartwatch

Bottom Line

The Pebble Cosmos Endure is a rugged smartwatch that boasts the largest circle AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling, and over 120 sports modes.

However, the Pebble Cosmos Endure lacks premium features like GPS, which makes it difficult to justify its value.

You might consider these best smartwatches for under 5000 rupees if you’re looking for alternative options.


  • Biggest circle display
  • Metallic build quality
  • Multiple sports modes
  • Good battery life


  • No GPS
  • No quick reply
  • Expensive

Pebble Cosmos Endure Specs

Resolution466×466 px
AMOLED displayYes
Sports modes120+
Watch faces100+
Voice assistantYes
Heart rate monitoringYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Blood pressure monitoringYes
Step counterYes
Bluetooth callingYes
In-built GPSNo
Quick replyNo
Emoji supportNo
Music StorageNo
Wake gestureYes
Always-on displayYes
In-built gamesNo
Camera controlYes
Music controlYes
Battery lifeUp to 8 days

Design & Build Quality

The design of Pebble Cosmos Endure is its biggest attraction.

The design of the Pebble Cosmos Endure attempts to give it the appearance of a rugged smartwatch, with two function buttons on one side and a speaker on the other.

Pebble Cosmos Endure Design

At the same time, the smartwatch’s back features a charging point and sensors.

One of the main reasons the Pebble Cosmos Endure is considered rugged is its solid build quality, achieved through the use of a metallic frame.

Due to its large size and metallic construction, the Pebble Cosmos Endure is quite heavy.

To counteract this, it comes with soft silicone straps of decent quality, and you can replace them with any other quick-release strap.

In short, the Pebble Cosmos Endure smartwatch has excellent design and build quality.

Display & UI

The Pebble Cosmos Endure sports a 1.46-inch AMOLED display, the largest in any circle smartwatch.

Pebble Cosmos Endure Display

This always-on-display smartwatch has a high resolution of 466×466 px, which can provide deep blacks and sharp image quality.

What’s more interesting is that it boasts 600 nits of brightness, allowing you to use it comfortably in outdoor conditions.

If the brightness of the display is more important for you, then you can look at this Ambrane Wise Glaze which has the brightest AMOLED display of 1000 nits.

Apart from this, I found its thin bezels most interesting, so the display comes out quite prominently.

In terms of the user interface, you can access its control panel by swiping down, the notification panel by swiping up, the widget section by swiping left, and the menu by swiping right.

Generally, the UI in circle smartwatches is not that good, but its AMOLED display makes your user experience great, and having a large display makes it easy for you to use.

Watch Faces

The Pebble Cosmos Endure offers a selection of over 100 cloud-based watch faces, which are made even more attractive by the large display.

Apart from this, you will also see some built-in watch faces on the smartwatch, which you can change by long tapping on the screen.

Bluetooth Calling & Notifications

The Pebble Cosmos Endure is a calling smartwatch that lets you make and receive calls via Bluetooth, even without a smartphone.

The built-in mic and speaker of the Pebble Cosmos Endure are of decent quality and provide a good calling experience.

This smartwatch allows you to receive and decline calls, but unfortunately, the quick reply feature is missing.

Pebble Cosmos Endure Incoming Call Display

As a result, you can only read the notifications and not reply to them.

Health Monitoring

In Pebble Cosmos Endure, you see all round health suite, including SpO2 Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Stress Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, and Sleep Monitor.

At the same time, in terms of accuracy, this smartwatch performs decently.

Pebble Cosmos Endure Health Monitoring

The accuracy of the smartwatch’s health-tracking features may vary slightly from time to time, as is common with smartwatches.

While the results should give you a good idea of your overall health, you should not take them as completely accurate.

Sports Modes

Pebble Cosmos Endure will prove to be a good option for sports enthusiasts.

I am saying this because this smartwatch has more than 120 sports modes that allow you to track different activities.

In this, you also get to see IP68 water resistance, which makes it survivable in water.

Well, you can also take a look at these top waterproof smartwatches, which provide you with better water resistance.

Battery Life & Charging

Pebble Cosmos Endure houses a massive 400 mAh battery that is capable of providing a battery life of up to eight days in typical usage.

On the other hand, if you use Bluetooth calling and always on display, it can last for about two days.

You will not see the support for fast charging, which takes about two hours to charge.

App Functionalities

You’ll need the FitCloudPro app to connect the Pebble Cosmos Endure to your smartphone.

This app allows you to analyze your health and fitness data on the front page.

Pebble Cosmos Endure App Interface

In addition, you can install watch faces and customize all the settings of the smartwatch.

Other Features

Apart from all this, some additional features are available in Pebble Cosmos Endure, such as an alarm, reminders, and timer.

However, some basic features like games and a calculator are missing.

Who Should Consider And Who Shouldn’t

You can go for the Pebble Cosmos Endure if you want a rugged smartwatch that houses a large circle display.

But if you do outdoor sports activities like running or cycling, do not go for it as you do not get to see GPS.

Instead, you can take a look at these top GPS smartwatches.

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