7 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in India 2022: Best Budget Smartwatches

Are you looking for the best smartwatch under 5000?

The 3000 to 5000 segment is perfect for a budget smartwatch.

The features we need are readily available in this range.

We can expect better features and functionality from the smartwatches in this range.

Earlier I had made a list of the best smartwatches under 3000, including low-budget smartwatches.

But in this blog, we will talk about smartwatches that are rising above the budget segment and providing premium features.

So without wasting much time, let’s look at all the smartwatches included in this list.

Best Smartwatch Under 5000

1. Amazfit Bip U Pro

(Overall best smartwatch under 5000)

amazfit bip u pro

I am totally in love with this watch.

Amazfit Bip U Pro is an elegantly designed smartwatch with built-in Alexa and GPS.

With a 1.43″ large HD display, this watch maintains a 320×302 pixel resolution to make all incoming calls, messages, and reminders visible.

On the other hand, if we talk about the build, it is made from polycarbonate plastic, due to which its total weight is only 31 grams, and it feels very light.

This watch has a battery of 230 mAh, which can easily last up to 5 days.

See, I am talking about heavy usage, but if you use it normally, it will easily last for nine days on a single charge.

One good thing about this is that we get to see 60 sports modes which will surely attract a lot of sports lovers.

At the same time, through 50 watch faces, you can get a new look every day.

Apart from this, this watch comes with a 5 ATM rating, making it waterproof and easy to wear in the rain or swimming.

The watch has other features like heart rate and sleep tracking, so overall, we see a lot of features in this in the budget of Rs 5000.

In short, the Amazfit Bip U Pro is the best if you want to go for an elegant look and feature-rich smartwatch.

What I Like/Dislike about Amazfit Bip U Pro

  • Super lightweight and elegant design
  • More health tracking metrics
  • Smart notifications
  • Built-in Alexa and GPS

  • App sync issue

2. Realme Smart Watch 2 Pro

(Best smartwatch under 5000 with a large display)

realme smart watch 2 pro

For those who have a bigger wrist size or find bigger smartwatches more attractive, the Realme Smart Watch 2 Pro is a great option.

Here we see a 1.75-inch HD super bright display with a resolution of 320×385 px, enhancing our user experience.

This smartwatch can be used easily, even in outdoor conditions, with a brightness of 600 nits.

Light bezels are also visible but less than other smartwatches, which is good.

In this smartwatch, we can install more than 100 watch faces so that we will be able to adopt a new look every day.

But the exciting thing is that here we also get to see live watch faces that give the smartwatch an exquisite look.

On the other hand, if we talk about the battery, this smartwatch houses a 390 mAh battery, which provides a battery backup of about 12 to 14 days on regular use.

However, this watch is a bit slow in charging as it takes about two and a half hours to charge.

If you are a sports lover, this will help you a lot as this watch comes with a total of 90 sports modes.

And another exciting feature that is not typically seen in any other smartwatch at the 5000 price point is dual-satellite GPS.

That helps us get precise route information, step tracking, and activity monitoring.

In short, if you are looking for a well-built smartwatch with a big dial packed with multiple useful features, the Realme Smart Watch 2 Pro is the one.

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What I Like/Dislike about Realme Smart Watch 2 Pro

  • 1.75″ large color display with high brightness
  • High-precision dual-satellite GPS
  • 90 dedicated sports modes
  • Long-lasting 390mAh battery
  • With over 100 cool watch faces to choose from

  • Not comfortable for small wrist

3. Fire-Boltt Ring Pro

(Best Bluetooth calling smartwatch under 5000 with a large display)

fire-boltt ring pro

If your budget is Rs 5000 and you want a Bluetooth-calling smartwatch, you should go for the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro.

In this, we see a 1.75″ full touch display with 320×385px resolution.

This smartwatch comes with two highlighted features.

First is the pin code locking functionality, with the help of which the smartwatch can be locked and provides better security.

This feature will be helpful for those who want to keep their smartwatch away from access by others.

And second split-screen access, which makes the smartwatch easier to use.

When you swipe right, a small screen opens where quick apps can be saved, giving us better flexibility.

Since it is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch, we see options like a quick access dial pad, sync contacts, and call history, which allow us to make and receive calls.

Apart from that, this smartwatch only provides us with a total of 25 sports modes but keep in mind that this is a call-centric smartwatch.

And the most exciting feature, the Fire-Bolt Ring Pro smartwatch, has a library of over 200 watch faces, which is the biggest in this budget.

In short, go for the Fire-Boltt Ring Pro if you want a calling smartwatch with a big display that lets you get a new look every day.

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What I Like/Dislike about Fire-Boltt Ring Pro

  • 1.75-inch HD display with 320×385 px super quality resolution
  • Unique rotating multi-functional button
  • Pincode locking system
  • Split display easy access
  • Quick charge technology

  • Brightness should have been higher

4. Fire-Boltt Thunder

(Best calling smartwatch under 5000 with AMOLED display)

fire-boltt thunder smartwatch

The most highlighted feature of the Fire-Boltt Thunder smartwatch is its 1.32-inch AMOLED display which makes its quality quite good.

Although its display is a bit smaller and comes with a round dial, it can be a good option for those with smaller wrists.

On the other hand, if we talk about the battery, we can expect a battery life of 6 to 7 days, but keep in mind that this is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch; therefore, if you use the calling feature continuously, the battery life will be 2 to 3 days.

We get to see all kinds of sensors in this watch, but one sensor I found very interesting is the thermal sensor so that we can check our body temperature, which I found to be a handy feature.

Apart from its design, its UI (user interface) also impresses a lot, providing a very smooth experience.

And if we talk about the calling feature, we have been given a dial-in to make calls directly from the smartwatch itself.

And the most exciting thing is that due to the in-built memory, contacts can also be saved in it, which is quite a fantastic feature as a calling smartwatch.

In short, the Fire-Boltt Thunder is perfect for those looking for a Bluetooth calling smartwatch with an AMOLED display and round dial.

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What I Like/Dislike about Fire-Boltt Thunder

  • 1.32-inch compact AMOLED LCD full touchscreen
  • Make and receive calls directly from your watch via the built-in speaker and microphone
  • Features a dial pad, option to access recent calls & sync your phone’s contacts
  • AI voice assistance
  • 30 sports mode
  • Long-lasting battery

  • Limited watch faces

5. Noise ColorFit Ultra Buzz

(Best calling smartwatch under 5000 for sports enthusiast)

noise colorfit ultra buzz

Do you do a lot of sports activities?

If yes, you should check out the Noise ColorFit Ultra Buzz, designed with sports enthusiasts in mind.

Apart from being a calling smartwatch, it has 100 sports modes that allow you to track different activities.

Unquestionably, sports lovers will get a lot of benefits from this.

Apart from this, if we talk about its display, we see a 1.75-inch HD display with a high resolution of 320×385 px, making the display sharper.

Also, in this, we get the support of the Noise health suite so that we can check the real-time heart rate or the blood oxygen.

Since it comes with a calling feature, I found its speaker and mic quality decent; you will not have any problem in indoor conditions, although outdoors may have to resort to shade.

In addition, we have also gotten quick replies to messages or calls, which is often missing in budget smartwatches.

With the help of the NoiseFit app, we can pair this smartwatch with any of our smartphones.

Through the app, you can get in-depth information on health monitoring options, and also, here, we get to see multiple watch faces and many customization features.

There is one feature unique in this smartwatch, and that is stock market updates.

Yes, with the help of this smartwatch, we can get all the updates on the stock market; however, it is useful only for those who invest in stocks.

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What I Like/Dislike about Noise ColorFit Ultra Buzz

  • Great calling experience with 320×385 px high resolution
  • An ultra-viewing experience with a 1.75-inch HD display
  • Decent speaker and mic quality
  • 100 sports modes
  • Quick replies
  • Some extra unique features

  • Average battery performance

6. Realme Watch S

(Best smartwatch under 5000 with round dial)

realme watch s

Do you prefer a smartwatch with a round dial instead of a rectangular or square dial?

If yes, then take a look at this Realme Watch S.

This beautiful round dial smartwatch comes with a 1.3-inch TFT-LCD touchscreen available in 4 different colors (Black, White, Blue, and Grey).

This smartwatch comes with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which protects it from any breakage.

Let me tell you that it has a resolution of 360×360 px, which makes the display quality quite sharp.

On the other hand, if you use the smartwatch more in outdoor conditions, its 600 nits brightness and the auto-brightness feature will be helpful for you.

The best thing I liked about this smartwatch is its build quality.

It comes with a metallic case which gives it a lot of sturdiness and a premium look.

Apart from this, it has 16 sports modes and 100 watch faces, making it one of the most reliable watches in this budget.

In short, if you want a round dial smartwatch that offers a premium look, you should go for the Realme Watch S.

What I Like/Dislike about Realme Watch S

  • Premium look and high durability with aluminum alloy case & corning gorilla glass 3
  • 1.3-inch TFT-LCD touchscreen with auto-brightness adjustment
  • 360×360 pixels resolution with up to 600 nits brightness
  • IP68 water-resistant with 16 sports modes
  • Up to 15-days battery runtime

  • Health tracking is not that accurate

7. Noise ColorFit Ultra

(Best smartwatch under 5000 with a large display)

noise colorfit ultra

If you like a smartwatch with a large display and want to find a smartwatch that also offers premium build quality, here is the Noise ColorFit Ultra.

The watch comes with a 1.75″ HD display and aluminum alloy body, making it stand out among the premium smartwatches of the segment.

Also, it has a resolution of 320×385 px, which makes the display sharper, but there is one thing that I complain about: its screen-to-body ratio.

Here we get to see massive bezels, which unnecessarily make the watch’s size bigger and not look good either.

And that’s why I recommend it only to people who have a large wrist size.

However, despite having an aluminum alloy body, it weighs 47 grams, making the watch feel pretty light.

It has Bluetooth version 5.0, which provides better connectivity.

The best thing about Noise ColorFit Ultra is that it comes with 60 sports modes that appeal to sports lovers.

On the other hand, about 4 to 5 days of battery life can be obtained from it on heavy use, whereas on regular use, it will last for 7 to 9 days.

In addition, it also gets IP68 waterproof, more than 100 watch faces, music control, and camera control.

What I Like/Dislike about Noise ColorFit Ultra

  • Sharp and bright display
  • Premium build quality
  • All useful health monitoring sensors with good accuracy
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Cool watch faces
  • Quick reply feature

  • Massive bezels

Best Smartwatch Under 5000: Final Verdict

So in this blog, we have mentioned those smartwatches available on a budget of 5000.

But one question I would like to mention is what can we expect from a smartwatch in this budget?

Look, I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect a good budget smartwatch under 5000.

By a budget smartwatch, I mean that it has a better display, premium build quality, accurate sensor, and some extra features.

If you get to see all this in a smartwatch, that can be a great option.

Most importantly, go for the smartwatch that has the features you need.

Remember that we cannot get everything in a budget of 5000.

Lastly, if you have any questions, you can ask in the comment box; I will try my best to answer them.

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