Round Vs Square Smartwatches (Why You Should Go With Square One?)

Smartwatches come in both Round and Square shapes.

Do you know the difference?

In terms of design, there are a lot of smartwatch options available, but the question remains, which one do you choose? Round dial smartwatch or square dial smartwatch.

Continue reading this post to find out the difference between these two in straightforward terms.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no significant difference between a round smartwatch and a square smartwatch in terms of design, comfortability or technology; it depends on the user’s preference.
  • Square smartwatches provide a better user experience than circular smartwatches.
  • The square dial makes the smartwatch much easier to use and get more information.

Round Vs Square Smartwatches

I am dividing this round vs square smartwatch comparison into different aspects so that you can understand their difference from every point of view.

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If you are fond of watches then you must have seen traditional watches, such watches are in round shape which is still very popular among people, especially luxury watches.

Luxury Traditional Watches

Even today, most smartwatch brands opt for this watch style because it has been prevalent for decades.

You cannot deny that before the origin of smartwatches, all watches were mainly round.

Whereas if we talk about square or rectangular smartwatches, they were created to provide the user with a smartphone experience.

Although both the smartwatches are similar in terms of design and this aspect depends only on the user’s preferences.

You prefer either a round shape or a square.

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User Experience

User experience is the most crucial aspect of a smartwatch, and in my view, it is different for both square and round smartwatches.

Let us first try to understand this aspect of the round dial.

In a round smartwatch, you see a small circular display which is usually tricky to use.

Let us understand this with an example.

When a notification comes in your smartwatch, you have to struggle to read it because combining messages and essential buttons in a small circular display is challenging.

It reduces the text size or call-to-action buttons, and in both cases, the user experience is not as good.

One thing to note here is that the round display can capture very little information, while some screens remain unnecessarily blank without use.

Empty Space in Round Smartwatches

Whereas if we talk about square smartwatches, due to the size of the display like a smartphone, information is also fully received, and there is no unnecessary space left.

Notification Comparison in Round and Square Smartwatches

And that is why Apple makes all its watches square instead of round, as explained in this video.

Over the years, I’ve tested hundreds of smartwatches, and I’ve always found Square smartwatches to provide a much better user experience from a user’s perspective.


Being comfortable in a smartwatch is as essential for every user as their clothes.

You can’t tolerate uncomfortable clothing for a long time, and the same rule applies to smartwatches.

The size of a smartwatch depends most on how comfortable it is, but being in a round or square shape can also make a difference.

Generally, both are comfortable, and it does not make much difference in a user’s ease.

Round vs Square Smartwatches Comfortability

Still, when I surveyed my colleagues and friends, I found that most people feel more comfortable with round smartwatches.

Although here, I would like to give a disclaimer that this aspect depends on each user’s preferences.

If you like round shapes, then round smartwatches will be more comfortable for you, and if you are fond of square shapes, then square smartwatches will work great for you.

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We live in an era where most people make their buying decisions according to the ongoing trend.

When I researched the popularity of round vs square, I found that here you cannot declare any one winner directly.

Both smartwatches are pretty popular among people, and both have their own distinct user bases.

Display Technology

I have often found that some people assume that there is a difference in the display technology of round and square smartwatches.

So I did thorough research and took the opinion of many experts.

According to experts, the display technology is the same whether it is a round or square smartwatch.

So there is no point in discussing it more.

Round vs Square Smartwatch: Verdict

We got to know and understand the Round vs Square smartwatches.

I think the user experience is the most vital and tells us the difference between these two.

I keep square smartwatches over a round smartwatch because they give me a better user experience, whether it is about reading messages or using features.

So if you like simple things and prefer a better user experience, then go for Square smartwatches.

On the contrary, round smartwatches will be a great choice if you are a fan of traditional design.

Round vs Square Smartwatch: FAQs

Which shape of Smartwatch is best?

It is up to the user whether he would prefer the traditional design or the user experience, but a square smartwatch proves to be much better than a round smartwatch.

Why is Apple watch square?

Apple cares a lot about the experience of its users; since Apple tries to give the features of its iPhones in watches, the square will be an ideal shape instead of round, which is why Apple watches are square.

Will Apple ever make a round smartwatch?

It’s a bit difficult to predict, but Apple has ensured that they put the user experience first, and it might not be possible to see Apple’s round watches.

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