boAt Xtend Pro Review (700 Active Modes with Bluetooth Calling)

In this blog, we are going to talk about the boAt Xtend Pro smartwatch.

The Smartwatch market is the hottest topic in India at the moment; every brand is launching its own smartwatch.

The boAt is a well-known wearable brand in the world, and they launched the boAt Xtend a long time back, which became the best-selling smartwatch in a few days and helped boAt to get recognition in the smartwatch space.

Now, boAt has launched the boAt Xtend Pro, carrying forward the same legacy, giving the people a lot of hope.

Most importantly, this boAt smartwatch has been launched on a very good budget, directly competing with the Fire-Boltt Visionary.

Will the boAt Xtend Pro retain its legacy?

You can find the answer in this boAt Xtend Pro review.

Let’s get started.

boAt Xtend Pro Review

boat xtend pro smartwatch review

What’s in the Box

  • Watch
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Design & Build Quality

First thing first, the boAt Xtend Pro is a great-looking smartwatch with a rectangular dial.

The size of the dial is kept small, so we get to see the curved design.

At the same time, the working crown button is given on the watch’s right side, while the sensors and charging point are seen on the backside.

boat xtend pro design and build quality

Let us tell you that the metal build is seen in the boAt Xtend Pro while the back side is made of plastic in which the matte finish has been used.

Although the glass finish on the back side is quite a trend these days in smartwatches here, they are missing, but the quality of the plastic is quite good.

Since this is a Bluetooth-calling smartwatch, we see the speaker and microphone on the side of the watch.

One thing I noticed in this is that the speaker’s position has been given quite well, so we will be able to hear its loudness very well.

In this watch, we get to see 22mm silicone straps, which come with a swappable feature, quality is average, but you can change it aftermarket.

If we talk about the colour options, this watch is available in four different colours (active black, deep blue, raging red, and sage green).

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Display & UI

The boAt Xtend Pro smartwatch flaunts a large 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a high resolution of 320×380 px.

In this, we get to see 2.5D curved glass, which enhances the watch’s overall look.

When researching this watch, I found that it has a frame rate of 60 Hz.

Let me tell you that most of the smartwatches come with 30 FPS only, while the boAt Xtend Pro gets 60 FPS, similar to the smartphone, which makes the screen look much sharper and works very smoothly to use.

boat xtend pro display

Since it has an AMOLED display, there is no compromise on the quality of the display.

Apart from this, its display also performs very well in terms of brightness, I have used it indoors and outdoors, and I got to see a very bright display in both conditions.

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i) Swipe Functionalities

Let’s talk about its swipe functionalities.

Swipe right for the notification panel while swiping left can access shortcut cards like steps count, heart rate tracking, spo2, music player etc.

On the other hand, by swiping down, you can access the watch’s control panel, which has some useful toggle buttons like DND mode, vibration on/off, brightness etc.

And finally, by swiping up, we will be able to get live cricket scores, proving to be a very useful feature for cricket lovers like me.

cricket live score setup in boat xtend pro

Did you find this live cricket score feature useful? Let me know in the comment box.

ii) Menu Section

Let me now talk about the menu section of the boAt Xtend Pro smartwatch, where you can access all the features of this watch.

You can use the crown button to access its menu section; pressing it will open the menu section.

Here we get to see all the options, whether you can use the menu section to change watch faces, access health monitoring or even use sports modes.

In this, we see the typical boAt menu style, which is very easy to use.

Talking about the overall UI of the boAt Xtend Pro, we do not feel any lag in it and get the feel of a premium display.

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Always-On Display

We also get the always-on display option with the AMOLED display in the boAt Xtend Pro.

Here you can use analogue and digital, always-on displays that look great.

But I did notice one thing: its brightness has been very low, making it a little difficult to use outdoors, although there will be no such problem in indoor conditions.

However, the low brightness will result in less battery consumption, but if you are one of those who like to use the always-on display and that too in outdoor conditions, you will be a bit disappointed.

Watch Faces

In terms of watch faces, I like boAt smartwatches as we see a lot of cool watch faces with a huge library.

Similar is the case with boAt Xtend Pro.

In this, we get to see more than 100 elegant watch faces that you can install with the help of the app.

By the way, some in-built watch faces have also been given in the watch, which you can set with the help of a long tap on the home page.

But if you want to set or customize the rest of the watch faces, then you can use the app’s help.

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Bluetooth Calling & Notification

The most highlighted feature of the boAt Xtend Pro smartwatch is Bluetooth calling.

In this, we see an in-built mic and speaker from which you can use the calling feature.

I have used this feature, and I can say that this watch performs very well in terms of the Bluetooth calling feature.

The speakers are loud so that you will not have any problem hearing the sound, I have made calls from it even in outdoor conditions, and I got to see great results.

boat xtend pro calling test

Although it can be difficult to use in a noisy place, it is a great Bluetooth calling smartwatch for this budget.

Here, on the one hand, I found the feature quite epic that in this, we have been given the feature of quick reply, which is not seen in other smartwatches of this budget and due to this, it stands out from others.

On the other hand, you can get all the notifications by swiping right; All social media, text and call notifications are available in the notification panel.

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Health Monitoring

All the basic health monitoring options have been given in the boAt Xtend Pro smartwatch.

Here we see heart rate tracking, spo2 monitoring, and sleep monitoring options.

I want to say that the data of all these features have been provided in great detail in this watch, making it easy for us to analyze them.

In addition, I compared the data on the watch to that of medical devices and got pretty close results.

boAt Xtend Pro delivers very good heart rate and spo2 monitoring; sleep monitoring also showed very good results.

boat xtend pro heart rate and spo2 monitoring

You can consider their accuracy up to 90%.

Let me clarify that you cannot expect 100% accuracy from any watch in this budget.

Sports Modes

No other watch is close to the boAt Xtend Pro in sports modes.

This watch has established its dominance in this segment, offering around 700 active modes.

With this, you can do every sports activity.

You have to turn it on, and the watch will start tracking your activity.

Since boAt Xtend Pro is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch, you can still expect 90% accuracy from it.

However, I notice that in this, we get to see a few information like heart rate, calories, steps, distance etc.

While other watches provide a lot of in-depth information on sports modes, on the contrary, they don’t come with so many modes.

So if you prefer to go with many active modes, then you can go for it.

Battery & Charging

The boAt Xtend Pro smartwatch is backed by a 300 mAh battery, which gives it a battery life of up to 5 days in typical scenarios.

But if you are using Bluetooth calling continuously, you can expect two days of battery; while always-on with Bluetooth, you will have to charge this watch daily as it gives only one-day battery life.

But boAt has done a great job by providing us with the feature of fast charging.

Let me tell you that boAt Xtend Pro supports ASAP fast charging so that it takes only 30 minutes to get a full charge.

I liked its fast charging feature.

How do you like this feature? Do write your opinion in the comments.

App Pair & Setup

To connect the boAt Xtend Pro to your smartphone, you need to download the boAt Crest app.

You can also download it by scanning the QR code given on the watch, or you can download it directly from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

After downloading, you must go to the app, select Xtend Pro from the list of watches and click on the pair button.

And in this way, you will be able to pair boAt Xtend Pro with any of your smartphones.

crest app setup for boat xtend pro

In the app, we get to see the data of steps, heart rate and spo2 monitoring, on which, by tapping individually, you will be able to analyze the data in detail.

If you want to customize something, you have to go to the Settings tab in the app, where you will see several different options like:

  • Watch faces
  • Reminders
  • Alarm
  • DND etc.

With the help of these options, you can customize the watch to a great extent.


The boAt Xtend Pro has a metal-built dial made of high-quality plastic on the back side and soft silicone straps measuring 22mm in size.

I have used this watch continuously for a few days and did not feel any discomfort.

However, some people have problems with silicone straps because they are prone to sweating so you can use any other 22mm straps instead.

Other Features

After all these important and highlighted features, now let’s talk about some such features which are basic but also very useful.

In this watch, we get to see an AI voice assistant.

Since the speakers are loud enough, hearing the output from Google Assistant or Siri won’t be a problem.

This watch comes with music and camera control features, a must-have feature for many.

In addition, the watch has an IP68 water resistant rating, which allows you to use it in water.

Also, with the help of this watch, you can get weather information.

In this watch, we have also been given the feature of raise to wake, which works very well, even faster than other watches in this segment.

Who Should Consider

Now let’s talk about those who should consider the boAt Xtend Pro.

First, if you are a boAt user looking for a budget Bluetooth calling smartwatch, this is the one for you.

I know the customers of boAt are very loyal, and they prefer only this brand’s products so that you can go for it.

Second, the boAt Xtend Pro will be your favourite companion if you indulge in many sports activities.

Third, this is the best option if the quick reply feature is important to you.

Who Should Avoid

Now let’s talk about those who should not be interested in this boAt Xtend Pro.

First, avoid it if you are looking for a smartwatch that can provide accurate health monitoring data.

Second, if music storage is an important feature to you, it’s not your type.


Display1.78” AMOLED
Resolution320×380 px
Sports modes700+
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep monitoringYes
BP monitoringNo
TWS connectionNo
AI voice assistantYes
Music storageNo
Quick replyYes
Always-on displayYes
In-built gamesNo
Music & camera controlYes
Battery lifeUp to 5 days

What I Like/Dislike about boAt Xtend Pro


  • Vivid, vibrant and vast AMOLED display
  • 700+ active modes
  • Multiple cool watch faces
  • AI voice assistant
  • Fast charging support
  • Quick reply


  • The app should have been better

boAt Xtend Pro Review: Bottom Line

If you want a smartwatch from a trusted brand that provides a calling feature, then you should check out the boAt Xtend Pro.

In boAt Xtend Pro, we see a large 1.78″ AMOLED display with the analogue and digital, always-on feature.

It also has features like 700+ active modes, 100+ watch faces and an AI voice assistant.

boAt Xtend Pro Review: FAQs

How to watch live cricket score in boAt Xtend Pro?

To see live cricket scores, you have to swipe up on the home screen and ensure that you are connected to the app during this time.

Does the boAt Xtend Pro have an always-on display?

Yes, it has analogue and digital always on display.

Does boAt Xtend Pro have GPS?

No, boAt does not provide GPS connectivity in this watch.

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