Fire-Boltt Phoenix Review: Most Affordable Round Dial Calling Smartwatch

In this blog, we are going to talk about the Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch.

Fire-Boltt has launched one of its round dial calling smartwatch available in an affordable budget.

This watch comes in three different colours (Black, Rose Gold, and Silver Grey), and the exciting thing is that even on such a low budget, it is equipped with many great features.

So, if you find round dial smartwatches attractive and need the calling feature, stay with this Fire-Boltt Phoenix review till the end, as your search may end here.

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Let’s get dive right into it.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Review

fire-boltt phoenix smartwatch review

What’s in the Box

  • Smartwatch
  • User manual
  • Magnetic charger
  • Warranty card

Design & Build Quality

The first thing I noticed about the Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch is its build quality.

This Fire-Boltt smartwatch comes with a metal build which I did not expect at all as we usually see plastic builds in this budget, but metal has been used: a big thumbs up to Fire-Boltt for this.

phoenix design and build quality

Talking about its design, it has a small round dial which will be very comfortable for those with small wrists.

On one side of the watch, we have been given a crown which acts as a button, while on the back side, all the basic sensors and a charging point have been given.

One thing I found a bit odd here is that the position of the speakers has been given very close to the straps, which means that the speakers’ sound will not be as clear after wearing the watch.

phoenix mic and speakers placement

I think the speakers should have been placed on the side of the watch.

Let me know in the comments what do you think about this?

It also has silicone straps with swappable features that you can easily change with another.

In short, no complaints about the design and build quality considering the budget of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix; everything is excellent.

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Display & UI

Let’s talk about the display.

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch flaunts a 1.3-inch display with a resolution of 240×240 px.

The resolution is quite reasonable according to the display’s size, so we get to see better sharpness in the display.

fire-boltt phoenix display

The exciting thing is that we see curved glass on display here, which makes it more beautiful.

Let me tell you that the bezels in the watch are minimal; here, we will not get to see the bezels in most watch faces, which is a great thing.

On the other hand, talking about its UI, there is a very smooth user experience.

It’s been a few days using Fire-Boltt Phoenix, and so far, I haven’t felt any lag in it; of course, the UI is relatively smooth.

Let me now talk about swipe functionalities.

You can access the notification panel by swiping up on the watch, while the control panel can be accessed by swiping down.

Let me tell you that we will be able to get all social media, text messages and call notifications, but the reply option is not available.

On the other hand, talking about the control panel, options like connection status and battery status are seen in it, but apart from this, some toggle buttons are also given like:

  • Battery saver
  • Theater mode
  • Flashlight
  • Vibration on/off
  • Brightness
  • Settings

In addition, swiping left gives you access to all the shortcut cards like:

  • Activity
  • Phone call
  • AI voice assistant
  • Health monitoring
  • Weather report
  • Shutter control
  • Music player (with volume control)
  • Breathe control

Here we do not get the option to add shortcut cards, but according to the budget, it is justified.

Apart from this, you can access the menu section of the watch by swiping right.

The exciting thing here is that it has two menu styles:

  • Grid style
  • List style

Both the menu styles look cool so you can choose from the settings.

The features given in the Menu section are as follows:

  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Phone
  • AI voice
  • heart rate
  • Training
  • Spo2
  • Weather
  • Shutter
  • Music
  • Breathe
  • Game
  • Settings*

*Here in the tab of the settings, we get to see some more options so that you can customize the watch to a great extent:

  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • Menu view
  • Brightness
  • Phone
  • Call reset
  • Vibration
  • Theater
  • Power off
  • About
  • QR code

So in this way, we will be able to use the Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch with all these necessary options.

Talking about the brightness here, you can use it in indoor and outdoor conditions; the brightness level is quite good, so there will be no problem using it in daylight.

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Watch Faces

There are more than 100 watch faces in the Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch, but the interesting thing is that these watch faces are pretty good, which gives an elegant look to the watch.

phoenix watch face library

To change these, you can use the long tap on the home screen where you get to see some watch faces.

You can use the Da Fit app to access the rest of the watch faces as it has a vast watch faces library.

Bluetooth Calling

Since the Fire-Boltt Phoenix is ​​a Bluetooth calling smartwatch, calling is its most vital feature.

In this, we get caller name, call receive/decline and the option to control volume when we receive calls, but there is no option to mute/unmute.

After receiving the call, the option of mute/unmute, call transfer and volume control is available.

I attended a lot of calls through this watch, and I can say that this watch performs very well in terms of calling.

The speakers are loud, but there is a slight decrease in the loudness due to the speaker’s position.

Along with this, we can sync the contacts of our smartphone with the watch through the app, which will allow us to make direct calls.


The Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch supports smart notifications where we receive notifications from all social media apps, calls and text messages.

phoenix watch notification apps customizability

With the help of the Da Fit app, we can select all the apps from which we want to receive notifications which is an essential yet valuable feature; unfortunately, we do not get the option of a quick reply.

But the good thing is that we do not face any problems reading the notification.

Health Monitoring

This watch has heart rate tracking and spo2 monitoring, which are common in every smartwatch nowadays.

While using the Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch, I found that its sensors work very well and provide close readings.

fire-boltt phoenix heart rate and spo2 monitoring

I also did testing with the help of medical equipment, and there was a difference of a few points in the final data.

But the good thing is that we get error shows on non-living things, which shows that the sensors are working very well.

In a nutshell, you can use this watch to get an idea about your heart rate and blood oxygen.

Sports Modes

You can also consider the Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch a good option for sports enthusiasts as it has 120 sports modes.

You can access all these sports modes by going to the training option in the Menu section.

I have tested some of these modes, and I would like to say that here we get a lot of detailed information.

You can take the help of the Da Fit app to get these pieces of information on your smartphone.

Other Features

Apart from all these features in the Fire-Boltt Phoenix, there are many other valuable features like AI Voice Assistant.

The feature of AI voice assistant has also been given in the watch, with the help of which we can make a lot of tasks more accessible, whether to set the alarm or to call someone, you can complete it through voice commands.

In addition, this watch comes with IP68 water resistant rating that allows you to wear it in the rain or while swimming.

Who Should Consider

Now let’s talk about those people who should consider this watch.

Look, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix smartwatch doesn’t have any extraordinary features that should be considered, but if you want a budget-calling smartwatch with a round dial, this is the best option.

Apart from this, if you prefer a premium-looking metal build smartwatch, you can go for it.

Who Should Avoid

Some people should avoid it as there are better alternatives in some aspects.

I just want to say that if you have a reasonable budget, you should go for another smartwatch because it is only for the budget segment.


Display1.3″ TFT
Resolution240×240 px
Always-on displayNo
Sports modes120+
Watch faces100+
Battery life3 to 4 days
AI voice assistantYes
Quick replyNo
In-built gamesYes
Camera controlYes
Music player with volume controlYes

What I Like/Dislike about Fire-Boltt Phoenix


  • Premium build quality
  • Good microphone
  • Best for small wrist
  • Multiple sports modes
  • Beautiful watch faces
  • Great touch response


  • Speakers should have been given on the side

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Review: Bottom Line

If you have a low budget but want a smartwatch equipped with an excellent calling feature, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix is ​​a good option.

It flaunts a 1.3-inch display with a 240×240 px resolution and a good quality display with a smooth UI.

Apart from this, it also has Bluetooth calling, an AI voice assistant and in-built games, which make it a feature-rich smartwatch.

In my opinion, for this price point, this is the best round dial Bluetooth calling smartwatch.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Review: FAQs

Is Fire-Boltt Phoenix worth it?

This watch has a good display, excellent build quality and all the basic features we need, so this watch is definitely worth buying.

How to change watch faces in the Fire-Boltt Phoenix?

To change watch faces, you must long tap on the home screen or go to the watch face section of the Da Fit app, where changing and customizing any watch face is very easy.

Does Fire-Boltt Phoenix have an always-on display?

No, the always-on display option is not given in this watch.

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