Fire-Boltt Beam Calling Review: A Budget Calling Smartwatch

In this blog, we will discuss the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch.

For some time, the demand for Bluetooth calling smartwatches has increased dramatically in the Indian market.

More and more smartwatches are being launched every week at very competitive price points.

Let us tell you that the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch has been launched with a budget of 3000, which is currently the most competitive budget range.

Although the price will continue to fluctuate, we will assess it based on this price point.

If you are also looking for a budget watch, you can look at this best smartwatch under the 3000 guide.

If you do a little research, you will find that most of the calling smartwatches in India are launched by Fire-Boltt, even though they have built a dedicated calling series for this.

I have already reviewed some Fire-Boltt smartwatches that has calling function:

But today, we will talk about the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch, about which I learned many exciting things while using it.

So if you also want to know the user experience of this newly launched Bluetooth calling smartwatch, stay with this Fire-Boltt Beam Calling review till the end.

Fire-Boltt Beam Calling Review

fire-boltt beam calling smartwatch review

What’s in the Box

  • Watch
  • Magnetic charger
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Design & Build Quality

The best thing I found about the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch is that the case gets a metal build, making its overall build quality a lot better.

However, plastic has been given on the watch’s back side to keep the watch’s weight light.

The overall weight of this watch is about 54 grams which are significantly less, and there is no heaviness after wearing it.

There is a button on the watch’s right side, but this time the crown has been replaced by a physical one, as we saw in the Fire-boltt Ninja 3.

fire-boltt beam calling design and build quality

Although the button was given in the middle of the watch, it is seen slightly upwards in this Beam Calling.

Now, we will not be able to perform tasks like changing watch faces or scrolling content for which crown is used.

However, one advantage of this button is that the watch’s design seems quite sleek, which I really like.

The back side of the watch has all the sensors and the charging point, while the microphone is placed near the button to get a better calling experience.

watch back side

Also, when it comes to straps, regular silicone straps come of good quality; you can also replace them with any other 22mm straps.

In short, the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch performs well in design and build quality.

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Display & UI

The most attractive aspect of the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch is its display, as it has a large 1.72-inch HD display with a resolution of 320×380 pixels, providing sharpness.

Regarding resolution, I have no complaints, the display looks quite elegant, and the color accuracy is also excellent.

Let me tell you that this watch comes with tiny bezels and the size of the bezels is the same on all sides, which looks stylish.

fire-boltt beam calling display

Let me now introduce you to some of the swipe functionalities of the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch.

Swiping up on the home screen opens the notification panel where you can access all social media notifications and messages, while swiping down gives access to the control panel.

Some toggle buttons are seen in the control panel, like connectivity status, vibration on/off, weather forecast, settings, etc.

In addition, swiping left opens shortcut cards to access features like steps count, heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, etc.

Whereas by swiping right, one can access the menu panel of the watch where all the features are given like:

  • Steps
  • Measure Hr
  • Spo2
  • Phone
  • Sleep
  • Training
  • Sports record
  • Breathe
  • Weather
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Music player
  • Camera control
  • Calculator
  • Menstrual
  • Flashlight
  • Other (display settings)
  • Alarm
  • Countdown
  • Games
  • AI Voice

And in this way, you can access all the features of the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch.

watch menu section

Also, if we talk about the user interface, there is a very smooth UI; although sometimes there is a lag, the maximum time remains a very smooth experience.

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Bluetooth Calling

The Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch will provide a great calling experience in a quiet room or crowded place because of the loudspeakers provided in it.

Although if you are using the calling feature in a boisterous place, you may face some difficulties, the quality of its mic and speakers is pretty excellent.

We have also been given the facility of direct calling on the watch.

Through the menu section of the watch, we can directly call anyone by accessing the dial pad.

Also, let me tell you that when you receive a call, you cannot mute it, but there is an option to control the volume.

As well as this watch also does not offer the feature of a quick reply.

After receiving the call, we see the options for call mute / unmute, call transfer, and volume control.

call display

Unfortunately, we don’t get the option to save contacts in Fire-Boltt Beam Calling, which is a bit disappointing, but you will be able to sync your smartphone’s contacts with it, for which you will have to take the help of the app, which we will talk about in the dedicated section.

In short, I didn’t have any complaints about the calling experience in the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch; the mic and the speakers are very high quality.

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Health Monitoring

The Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch has all the essential health tracking features such as heart rate tracking, SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, and stress monitoring.

On the other hand, if we talk about their accuracy, when I compared heart rate and SpO2 monitoring data with data obtained from medical devices, I got a difference of a couple of points.

Still, most of the time, I got to see accurate data.

fire-boltt beam calling heart rate monitoring

Also, I tested it on non-living things where I did not get any readings that show that the watch’s sensors are working correctly.

Let me tell you that 24/7 heart rate monitoring is supported in this watch, so if you want continuous heart rate tracking, it is possible.

On the other hand, if we talk about sleep tracking, we can track light and deep sleep patterns.

The meditative breath control feature has also been given for those who perform activities like Yoga.

Apart from all these features, the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch has female-centric health features like menstrual cycle reminders.

In short, this watch lives up to the expectations if rated based on health monitoring; It has performed exceptionally well in monitoring all types of health data.

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Sports Modes

Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch has been launched with 60 sports modes.

There are a few ways to access these modes.

First, all training modes can be accessed using the smartwatch’s shortcut cards.

We talked about accessing shortcut cards in the Display & UI section.

Second, you can access all the modes by going to the menu section of the watch.

Here we can access all 60 sports modes by going to the option of Training Modes.

Let me tell you that the option of Sports Records is also given below, which keeps the data of all the Sports Modes performed.

Apart from this, we also get the step count feature in this watch with average accuracy.

You can’t count the steps correctly from it every time.

However, I have not yet seen any such smartwatch that performs the step count perfectly in this budget.

Watch Faces

Multiple watch faces have been given in the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch.

You can use some in-built watch faces directly by tapping and holding on the home screen.

Whereas, to access the entire library, you must go to the app and install watch faces.

I have looked at all the watch faces in the library, and I can say that we get to see a bunch of watch faces.

App Support

To pair the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch with your smartphone, you need to install the Da Fit app, after which you can pair it easily by following the instructions.

app interface

With the help of this app, we will be able to monitor all health monitoring and sports activity data.

Plus, you will complete all the tasks through the app by syncing contacts or installing watch faces.

Battery & Charging

The average battery life of the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch is around 5 days.

But, if you are continuously using the calling and health monitoring features, you can expect a battery life of around 1-2 days.

At the same time, it takes about 2 hours to charge the watch.

Let me tell you that we have not been given fast charging support in this, so do not use any fast charger to charge it.


The design is most responsible for the comfortability of any watch.

The Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch is designed to feel comfortable to wear.

Despite the metal build, the overall weight is relatively low, and at the same time, it does not feel uncomfortable due to the use of very good-quality straps.

However, you can change the straps for your convenience, adding to its ease.

Other Features

Apart from all these features, some other features in the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch are handy, like a calculator.

In this, we have been given a calculator, a helpful feature as we often need to do calculations for which we use a smartphone or physical calculator.

Following shutter control, for many people, camera control is an essential feature in smartwatches.

With this, you will be able to click photos by controlling the camera of your smartphone efficiently.

Also, if you do sports activities, the music control feature in it will prove to be a valuable feature for you.

With this, we will be able to control the music directly with the help of the smartwatch without the smartphone, although there is no volume control option here which seems a bit disappointing.

AI Voice assistant feature has also been given in this watch so that we can do many tasks through voice commands.

Who Should Consider

Now let’s talk about those who should consider the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch.

Firstly, this watch should only be considered by those looking for a calling smartwatch as this feature has to compromise with the rest of the features.

Second, if you don’t like a smartwatch with a crown button, you can go for it.

Third, if you do sports activities and health monitoring, you can also consider it because this watch provides very accurate data.

And fourth, if you prefer the metal build, it is easier to consider the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch.

Who Should Avoid

But apart from that, some aspects will make you want to avoid the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch.

First, if you don’t need a calling smartwatch, avoid it.

Second, if you want longer battery life, avoid it as it can only provide a maximum battery life of 4-5 days.

And third, if you prefer a plastic build, avoid it.


Display1.72″ HD display
Resolution320×380 px
AMOLED displayNo
Battery life4-5 days
24/7 Dynamic monitoringYes
Step trackerYes
Calories burnedYes
Sleep monitorYes
Sports mode60
Meditative breathingYes
In-built GPSNo
Quick replyNo
Low battery reminderYes
In-built storageNo
Music & camera controlYes
Music volume controlNo
Wake gestureYes
In-built calculatorYes

What I Like/Dislike about Fire-Boltt Beam Calling


  • Attractive design with solid metallic build
  • Loudspeakers with a decent mic
  • Multiple sports modes
  • Health monitoring with good accuracy
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Great calling experience


  • No quick reply
  • Average battery life

Fire-Boltt Beam Calling Review: Bottom Line

The Fire-Boltt Beam Calling is definitely a great smartwatch that comes with a lot of good features despite being on a low budget.

In this watch, we get almost all the features we need.

Usually, due to giving the highest priority to the calling feature in a calling smartwatch, we have to compromise with the rest of the features, but we cannot deny that the rest of the features in Fire-Boltt Beam Calling are also handy.

Most importantly, it provides health monitoring data with reasonable accuracy, which is very helpful for health-conscious people.

Plus, 60 sports modes are enough to attract any sports enthusiast.

In short, after using the Fire-Boltt Beam Calling smartwatch for a long time, I can say that if you are looking for a low-budget calling smartwatch, definitely give it a try.

Fire-Boltt Beam Calling Review: FAQs

How to monitor SpO2 and heart rate in Fire-Boltt Beam Calling?

You can use shortcut cards to monitor SpO2 and heart rate.

For this, go to the home screen, swipe left, and all the shortcut cards will be opened.

Here you will be able to do SpO2 and heart rate, sleep monitoring, and step count.

Apart from this, SpO2 and heart rate monitoring can also be done by going to the menu section of the watch, which requires a right swipe.

How to change watch faces in Fire-Boltt Beam Calling?

There are several ways to change watch faces on this watch, the first being the home screen.

On hold for 2 seconds on the home screen, some in-built watch faces are seen, which you will be able to set.

Second, you can install any watch face by going to the watch faces section in the Da Fit app.

Also, we can customize the watch faces.

How to access AI Voice in Fire-Boltt Beam Calling?

This watch supports a voice assistant, for which you have to access the AI ​​voice option in the menu section, after which you can perform some tasks through voice commands.

How to save battery in Fire-Boltt Beam Calling?

To save battery in this watch, you should turn off Bluetooth when not needed and do not use 24/7 health monitoring.

Instead, use them only when needed, as Bluetooth and 24/7 health monitoring consumes the most battery.

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