Fire-Boltt Emperor Review: This Feature Is a Game-Changer

For the past few days, I have been using the Fire-Boltt Emperor smartwatch, and I must say that it has some really cool features, such as customizable buttons and the best quality display.

However, I have also discovered some drawbacks. 

But are these drawbacks impactful enough to discourage people from buying this watch?

I will answer all your questions in this Fire-Boltt Emperor review, so please bear with me until the end.

Fire-Boltt Emperor Review

Fire-Boltt Emperor Review

The Bottom Line

The Fire-Boltt Emperor boasts several notable features, including a high-quality display, an improved UI design, customizable buttons, and a sleek metallic design.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the shortcomings as well, such as the limited availability of watch faces and its IP67 water resistance rating.

If you can overlook these limitations, I would recommend considering the Fire-Boltt Emperor as it offers good value for money.


  • Premium design with metallic build quality
  • AMOLED display with super high resolution
  • Customizable button


  • No palm gesture and double tap to wake feature
  • Limited watch faces
  • IP67 water resistance


Resolution410×502 px
Brightness600 nits
AMOLED displayYes
Always-on displayYes
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes100+
Built-in GPSNo
Watch faces50
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Voice assistantYes
In-built gamesNo
Battery lifeUp to 7 days

Design & Build Quality

The Fire-Boltt Emperor showcases a sleek edge design that adds to its attractive appearance.

Moreover, the watch features edge glass, which contributes to its overall design form factor.

You’ll notice a crown button on the watch that serves multiple functions. It can be used to power the watch on/off, change watch faces, or scroll through the menu.

Additionally, there is another button on the watch that is surprisingly customizable. This means you can assign it to perform any task you prefer.

The press and long press actions on this button can be set to execute multiple tasks.

Fire-Boltt Emperor Design

Turning to the back side of the watch, you’ll find a charging point and a few health sensors.

Now, let’s delve into its build quality.

The Fire-Boltt Emperor is crafted with a metallic frame, lending it a premium appearance. The edge design further sets it apart from its competitors.

Overall, the Fire-Boltt Emperor earns high marks in terms of design and build quality.

Display & UI

The most exciting aspect of the Fire-Boltt Emperor smartwatch is its display.

This smartwatch features a 1.96-inch always-on AMOLED display with a super high resolution of 410×502 pixels.

The high resolution results in deep blacks and incredibly sharp image quality, making it one of the best budget AMOLED smartwatches available.

Fire-Boltt Emperor Display

Additionally, it offers a peak brightness of 600 nits, which is more than sufficient for outdoor usage.

Since it has an always-on display, you have the option to choose from two AOD (Always-On Display) watch faces.

The UI (User Interface) of the Fire-Boltt Emperor smartwatch impressed me greatly.

It offers an improved UI compared to previous Fire-Boltt smartwatches.

By swiping down, you can access the control panel, while swiping up allows you to access the notification panel.

Swiping left enables access to widgets, and swiping right activates the split screen, which displays recent apps.

You can also customize the widgets according to your preference.

Furthermore, you can choose from four UI themes to personalize your big display watch

There are two ways to do this: through the settings menu or by double-pressing the crown button, which instantly changes the UI theme. 

Exciting, isn’t it?

However, I did not find the palm gesture and double tap to wake features in this Fire-Boltt Emperor smartwatch.

In summary, the Fire-Boltt Emperor excels in terms of display and UI.

Watch Faces

Fire-Boltt has not provided the exact number of watch faces available for the Fire-Boltt Emperor smartwatch.

However, during my exploration of the watch face library in the app, I discovered only 40 to 50 watch faces.

This quantity may not be sufficient for users who enjoy regularly changing their watch faces.

Regrettably, the Fire-Boltt Emperor smartwatch falls short of expectations when it comes to the variety of watch faces offered.

Bluetooth Calling & Notifications

The Fire-Boltt Emperor is a smartwatch designed for making calls, equipped with a microphone and speaker of good quality.

In terms of the calling experience, I have found that the watch provides decent call quality both indoors and outdoors.

However, I would not recommend using the calling feature in crowded places, as it may result in poorer call quality due to external noise interference.

One amazing feature I have noticed in this Bluetooth calling smartwatch is the ability to reply to calls and SMS messages, which can be quite convenient in various situations.

Regarding notifications, the Fire-Boltt Emperor supports all social media apps and allows you to enable or disable notifications from specific apps according to your preference.

Overall, the Fire-Boltt Emperor offers decent call quality and provides convenient features for call management and notifications.

Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is a crucial aspect that I always consider when evaluating a smartwatch, and the Fire-Boltt Emperor impressed me with its accurate health reports.

The Fire-Boltt Emperor is equipped with a 24-hour heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, sleep quality monitor, and blood pressure monitor.

Fire-Boltt Emperor Health Monitoring

Additionally, it includes a female health suite, making it a suitable choice for women.

In terms of accuracy, I compared the watch’s data to that of my oximeter, and the readings were consistently precise.

Occasionally, there were minor inaccuracies, which can be expected, but overall, the watch demonstrated great accuracy.

The watch also features wear detection, although it does not show any error when worn on non-living objects, which is a bit peculiar. 

Unlike the Fire-Boltt Shark, the Fire-Boltt Emperor does not generate false readings.

Overall, the Fire-Boltt Emperor performs admirably in terms of health monitoring and provides accurate readings for heart rate, SpO2, sleep quality, and blood pressure.

Sports Modes

The Fire-Boltt Emperor offers a wide range of sports modes, with over 100 options available for tracking.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can assign its shortcut button as a sports button for direct access to these modes.

However, it’s important to note that the watch only comes with a few built-in modes.

If you wish to access more, you will need to install them through the app.

To analyze your fitness data, you need to navigate to the watch’s app, where you will find comprehensive health and fitness data reports.

While the smartwatch’s tracking capabilities are commendable, it is disappointing that it only has an IP67 water-resistant rating. 

Personally, I would prefer a higher level of water resistance, as I want to be able to use my smartwatch confidently in wet conditions. 

Unfortunately, the Fire-Boltt Emperor falls short in this aspect.

Battery Life & Charging

Since the Fire-Boltt Emperor smartwatch has an always-on display, it requires daily charging. 

However, by following this guide on how to improve the smartwatch’s battery life, you can extend it up to 7 days. 

The package includes a pogo pin charger that can fully charge the smartwatch in 2 hours.

App Functionalities

When it comes to app functionalities, the Fire-Boltt Emperor requires the Fit Cloud Pro app to connect to your phone. 

Fire-Boltt Emperor App

However, I must admit that I am disappointed with Fire-Boltt’s practice of using different apps for their smartwatches, which can be confusing for users. 

Comparatively, Noise has a better approach with a single app for their smartwatches, eliminating confusion and improving user experience. 

Nonetheless, with the Fit Cloud Pro app, you can analyze your health and fitness data, download various watch faces, and customize the watch’s settings according to your preferences.

Other Features

Moving on to other features, the Fire-Boltt Emperor includes a calculator and an interesting addition, a calendar. 

It also offers a voice assistant feature that enables hands-free usage of the smartwatch. 

On a side note, I have previously published a list of top-rated smartwatches with voice assistants, which you may find worth exploring. 

However, it lacks a built-in game feature, which has become quite common among smartwatches nowadays. 

Additionally, the Fire-Boltt Emperor provides a password protection feature, allowing you to secure your smartwatch with a password.

Final Verdict

Now, it’s time to share my thoughts on whether you should go for the Fire-Boltt Emperor smartwatch or explore other options.

Considering the impressive features such as the AMOLED display, super high resolution, premium design, metallic build quality, decent call experience, and accurate health monitoring, they outweigh the drawbacks like IP67 water resistance, lack of palm gesture control, and limited watch faces.

If your budget is around 3000 and you can overlook these limitations, the Fire-Boltt Emperor would be a suitable choice for you at the moment.

However, if you are open to exploring alternatives, I recommend checking out these top options as well.

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