6 Must-Have Smartwatches Under 3000 in India

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best smartwatches under 3000 that offer a range of features to fit your lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re into fitness, style, or simply want to track your daily activity, we’ve handpicked some great options for you.

And the Fire-Boltt Visionary is our top recommendation at the moment.

So sit back, relax, and let us help you find the perfect smartwatch for your needs and budget.

Best Smartwatches Under 3000

1. Overall Best

Fire-Boltt Visionary

Fire-Boltt Visionary Smartwatch Under 3000


  • Attractive design
  • Internal storage
  • AMOLED display


  • No quick reply


Resolution368×448 px
AMOLED displayYes
Watch faces100+
Voice assistantYes
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes100+
Wake gestureYes
Internal storageYes
Heart rate trackingYes
SpO2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Battery lifeUp to 5 days

Launched around 5000, this smartwatch now costs around 3000 and is the best-selling smartwatch on Amazon, with over 33,000 reviews and a 4.3 rating that shows how popular it is.

It is my favorite Fire-Boltt smartwatch under 3000 as it comes with all the features you may need.

Let’s start with the display, which is the most prominent aspect of this Fire-Boltt smartwatch.

The Fire-Boltt Visionary comes with a 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 368×448 px, along with 500 nits brightness.

The build quality is metallic, featuring one multi-functional crown button and a shortcut button.

I love the fact that Fire-Boltt has given extra attention to its design and created something similar to the Apple Watch.

Those who can’t afford an Apple Watch can opt for this one.

Apart from the design and display, I’m impressed with two things.

First, the Fire-Boltt Visionary works well in terms of health and fitness.

It comes with a heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, sleep quality monitor, and female health care features that work with great accuracy.

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On top of that, it offers over 100 sports modes, allowing you to keep track of your fitness activities.

And the best part? This smartwatch has an IP68 water resistance rating, making it suitable for use while swimming.

The second great thing is that it comes with dedicated internal storage.

Yes, you read it right.

In fact, it is one of the first smartwatches with internal storage in this segment to offer this out-of-the-box feature.

You can also connect your top-rated music earbuds to this watch and enjoy your favorite songs on the go.

And this feature makes it the best smartwatch with music storage under 3000 on the market.

When it comes to battery life, the Fire-Boltt Visionary won’t disappoint you.

With normal usage, you can expect 4 to 5 days of battery life.

However, by utilizing these battery-saving tips, you can extend it up to 7 days with ease.

All things considered, if you’re looking for the best smartwatch under 3k, you won’t find a better choice than the Fire-Boltt Visionary.

It is also one of the highly rated smartwatch for men.

You can also check out my Fire-Boltt Visionary review here.

2. Best Round Dial

Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED

Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED Smartwatch Under 3000


  • Affordable pricing
  • Sleek, premium design
  • High-quality Bluetooth calling


  • No dedicated step counting widget


Resolution466 x 466 px
Brightness700 nits
AMOLED displayYes
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes110+
Watch faces100+
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Voice assistantYes
Battery lifeUp to 7 days

If you’re on the hunt for a circle smart watch under 3000, you’ve got to check out the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED. 

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First, the display is awesome.

It’s a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen with really sharp images, thanks to its high resolution. 

And if you’re out in the sun, no worries—the screen is bright enough to see clearly.

The watch itself looks sleek with a stainless steel design and a rotating crown on the side. 

That crown makes it super easy to scroll through menus.

Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff: features.

You can actually make calls from this watch. 

It has a quick-access dial pad and even shows your contacts and call history. 

If you need some extra help, it comes with an AI voice assistant, too.

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Into sports or working out? This watch has tons of sports modes—over 110, actually. 

Plus, it can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep quality in real-time. 

It even has special health features for women, making it the best smart watch for ladies in India.

So, if you’re looking for the best smartwatch under 3000 for ladies, you can check this one out.

What’s also cool is that it’s water and dust resistant. 

So you can wear it while doing dishes or even during a light workout. 

And if you ever get bored, there are built-in games to keep you entertained.

So if you want a solid round dial smartwatch under 3000 rupees, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED is definitely one to consider.

3. Best AMOLED

boAt Ultima Chronos

boAt Ultima Chronos Smartwatch Under 3000


  • Smooth UI
  • Seamless call quality
  • Accurate health functions


  • Strap quality could have been better


Resolution410×502 px
AMOLED displayYes
Watch faces100+
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes700+
Wake gestureYes
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Battery lifeUp to 7 days

Next, let me introduce you to the boAt Ultima Chronos. 

This watch is an absolute game-changer, especially those looking for the best smartwatch under 3000 with AMOLED display.

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First off, the display is huge and stunning.

It’s got a 1.96-inch AMOLED screen with a high resolution of 410×502 pixels. 

Plus, it’s always-on, so you can quickly check the time or your notifications. 

With 650 nits of peak brightness, it’s easy to read, even under bright sunlight.

And because of its large display size, it is the best big display smartwatch under 3000 on the market.

One of the coolest things is the DIY watch face studio. 

You can make your own custom watch faces, so your watch can be as unique as you are.

Powered by Crest OS, the user interface is so smooth that you’ll love navigating through all the cool features.

Speaking of features, the boAt Ultima Chronos is not just for telling time.

It’s packed with tech.

The Advanced BT calling with a premium speaker and microphone is a standout. 

It has an interactive dial pad and you can save up to 20 contacts right on the watch. 

Plus, you can earn boAt coins that you can use for discounts on different merchants.

For the fitness buffs, this smart watch from boAt has got you covered. 

It can monitor your heart rate 24/7, track your blood oxygen level, and even monitor your sleep. 

The “energy score” tells you how well you’re doing overall. 

It also has over 700 sports modes and female wellness features.

Lastly, it has an IP67 rating, making it a budget water-resistant smart watch.

So, if you’re looking for a feature-packed, affordable AMOLED smartwatch under 3000, the boAt Ultima Chronos is seriously worth considering.

4. Best Calling

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Plus

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Plus Smartwatch Under 3000


  • Premium design
  • Seamless call quality
  • AMOLED display


  • Inaccurate health monitoring


Resolution410×502 px
AMOLED displayYes
Watch faces100+
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes115+
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Battery lifeUp to 7 days

If you’re searching for a smartwatch under 3000 with call function, look no further than the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Plus. 

Seriously, this smartwatch gives you a seamless calling experience.

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But first, let’s talk about the display.

This watch has a large 1.96-inch AMOLED display with an awesome high resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. 

That means everything looks super clear. 

Plus, it’s always on, so you don’t have to wake it up to check the time. 

And with 600 nits of brightness, you can see it even in the bright sunlight.

Design-wise, it’s got the classy look of an Apple Watch Ultra but is way more budget-friendly. 

The stainless steel build and premium strap give it a fancy feel, and it has a rotating crown, which makes scrolling super easy.

Now, let’s get to the really cool stuff—calling features.

You can make and take calls directly from the watch, thanks to the advanced Bluetooth calling. 

It even has a quick-access dial pad and AI voice assistant to make things easier. 

Your contacts and call history can also sync right to the watch, so you’re always connected.

For all the sporty folks out there, this fitness watch is a dream. 

It offers a whopping 115+ sports modes to track your workouts. 

Plus, it’s IP67 certified, so a little water or dust won’t mess it up.

Health-wise, it does a lot. 

It can track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and even your sleep. 

And it’s got special features for women’s health too.

So, if you want a smartwatch under 3000 with call function and AMOLED display, the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Plus should be at the top of your list.

4. Best Noise

Noise Pulse 2 Max

Noise Pulse 2 Max Smartwatch Under 3000


  • Decent display
  • Advanced Bluetooth calling
  • Over 100 sports modes


  • Slightly thick bezels


Resolution240×284 px
AMOLED displayNo
Watch faces100+
Voice assistantYes
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes100+
Wake gestureYes
Heart rate trackingYes
SpO2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Battery lifeUp to 10 days

If you’re a loyal customer of Noise and in search of the best Noise smartwatch under 3000, take a look at the Noise Pulse 2 Max – one of the most affordable smartwatches offered by Noise.

It comes with a 1.85-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 240 x 284 px.

Featuring a peak brightness of 550, this smartwatch has enough brightness even outdoors.

The Noise Pulse 2 Max also has one of the most advanced Bluetooth calling functions in this segment, allowing you to have an excellent calling experience.

Thanks to TruSync technology, this smartwatch provides a better connection and a stable calling experience.

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What I like the most about these Noise smartwatches is that they connect to your phone with the help of the NoiseFit app, which is one of the best smartwatch apps in the budget segment.

This app lets you analyze your health and fitness data on one page, and you can also set your own watch face and customize your watch as per your liking.

Let me tell you that this smartwatch can monitor your heart rate, SpO2, and sleep quality. It also features female health care support.

And when it comes to sports modes, the Noise Pulse 2 Max offers more than 100 sports modes with auto-detection features.

Finally, this smartwatch boasts a remarkable battery life of 10 days, eliminating the inconvenience of frequent recharging.

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Overall, if you ask me about the best Noise smartwatch under 3000, I will always recommend the Noise Pulse 2 Max.

The Bottom Line

As a final point, I hope this list of the best smartwatches under 3000 has helped you find the perfect match for your needs and budget.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one, but I’m confident that my selection will make your decision easier.

After careful consideration and research, I have determined the overall best smartwatch under 3000 to be the Fire-Boltt Visionary.

No matter which smartwatch you choose from our list, we’re sure you’ll be happy with your purchase.

These smartwatches are all great options that offer excellent value for their price.

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