5 Best Smartwatches with Heart Rate Monitor (My Top Picks)

I tried out different smartwatches and using their heart rate monitors in various real-life situations.

After testing them extensively, I found the best ones in a market full of options.

These smartwatches proved to be really good at giving accurate and helpful information, whether I was doing intense workouts or dealing with everyday stress.

So, if you want a smartwatch that combines technology, health features, and everyday usability, don’t miss out on my top picks.

I’ve tested them, so you can trust my recommendations.

Best Smartwatches with Heart Rate Monitor

1. boAt Ultima Chronos – Overall Best

boAt Ultima Chronos


  • Smooth, bright display
  • Seamless call quality
  • Accurate health functions
  • Lightweight


  • Strap quality could have been better


Resolution410×502 px
AMOLED displayYes
Watch faces100+
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes700+
Wake gestureYes
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Battery lifeUp to 7 days

The boAt Ultima Chronos is not just a smartwatch; it’s like having a personal health assistant right on your wrist.

After spending a couple of weeks testing this device, I can say it’s the best smartwatch with a heart rate monitor I’ve ever used.

First, let’s talk about its dazzling display. 

The large 1.96-inch AMOLED screen is absolutely stunning, with a resolution of 410*502 pixels that make everything from text to images pop with vibrant color.

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And get this—its brightness goes up to 650 nits, which means you can easily read the display even in bright sunlight. 

Plus, it has an ‘always-on’ feature, so a quick glance at your wrist keeps you updated.

One feature that absolutely blew me away was the accurate SpO2 monitoring. 

Knowing your blood oxygen level is a game-changer, especially when you’re pushing your limits in a workout. 

And speaking of workouts, this boAt smartwatch supports a mind-boggling 700+ sports modes. 

Whether you’re into skateboarding or dancing, the boAt Ultima Chronos has got you covered.

The Energy & Sleep Score is another highlight. 

You wake up to a detailed report of how well you’ve slept and how energized you should feel. 

For the ladies, there’s a Female Wellness feature that keeps track of menstrual cycles and offers health reminders.

Want to take a call without pulling out your phone? Advanced BT Calling lets you save up to 20 contacts directly on your smartwatch.

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Moreover, you earn boAt Coins with each interaction, which you can use for discounts at various stores.

Overall, the boAt Ultima Chronos is a full-package deal. 

It’s a health guru, a mini-smartphone, and a fashion statement all wrapped into one.

And if you want to delve deeper, here is my in-depth boAt Ultima Chronos review.

2. Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED – Round Dial

Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED


  • Vibrant AMOLED display
  • High-quality Bluetooth calling
  • Sleek, premium design


  • Slow charging


Resolution466 x 466 px
Brightness700 nits
AMOLED displayYes
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes110+
Built-in GPSNo
Watch faces100+
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
In-built gamesYes
Battery lifeUp to 7 days

Now, if you’re someone who loves having a round face smartwatch on their wrist, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED is all you need.

I’ve been wearing this high-tech beauty for a few weeks, and let me tell you, it’s the real deal.

First, let’s talk about its look and feel. 

This Fire-Boltt smartwatch is wrapped in stainless steel, making it not just sleek, but sturdy too. 

And the rotating crown on the side? Super cool and practical for scrolling through options without smudging the screen.

The 1.43-inch display is a little window to crisp, colorful details with an amazing resolution of 466×466 pixels. 

Plus, it has a brightness of 700 NITS.

Now, onto the health features, my favorite part. 

The continuous heart rate monitoring keeps track of your ticker all day long, and if it detects something unusual, it’ll send you an alert. 

How’s that for looking out for you? 

It also comes with an SpO2 monitor to check your blood oxygen levels, and a sleep tracker to let you know if you’re getting enough restful shut-eye.

Moreover, you can take calls directly from the watch thanks to BT calling, and it has an AI voice assistant to help you out when your hands are busy. 

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Whether you’re a runner or a gym fanatic, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix offers over 110 sports modes.

And for those of you wondering about taking it on adventures, it’s IP67 water-resistant, so a little splash won’t hurt it. 

Plus, it even has an inbuilt game for when you’re bored and waiting in line or just chilling at home.

In summary, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch is an ideal option for individuals seeking a round-dial smartwatch specifically for heart rate monitoring.

For those seeking further information, here is my comprehensive Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED review.

3. Noise Pulse Go Buzz – Best Under 1500

Noise Pulse Go Buzz


  • Affordable
  • Decent display quality
  • Over 100 sports modes with auto workout detection


  • You can’t swap out the strap for other types


Resolution240×280 px
AMOLED displayNo
Watch faces150+
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes100+
Wake gestureYes
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Battery lifeUp to 5 days

Hey everyone, if you’re looking for a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor that’s easy on the wallet but still packs a punch, you’ve gotta check out the Noise Pulse Go Buzz. 

I’ve been trying it out for a couple of weeks, and let me tell you, this smartwatch is a total steal for under 1500 rupees.

First things first, the display is pretty awesome. 

It’s got a 1.69-inch TFT display that’s super bright at 550 nits. 

So, whether you’re out in the sun or in a dim room, you can still see everything clearly. 

And if you like to switch things up, you’re in luck.

This heart rate monitoring smartwatch has over 150 watch faces, so you can change the look as often as you want.

When it comes to health features, this Noise smartwatch is no slouch. 

It’s got 24/7 heart rate monitoring and SpO2 monitoring, so you can keep tabs on your heart and oxygen levels. 

It also tracks your sleep in four stages and can even monitor your stress levels.

For the ladies, there’s also a female cycle tracker.

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Moreover, this watch has 100 sports modes with auto detection. 

Plus, you can pair it with the NoiseFit app for even cooler insights into your health, and you can even join community challenges to make fitness more fun.

Now, what about battery life? 

This watch lasts up to 7 days on a single charge. 

But if you’re using it a lot for calls, expect about 2 days—which is still not bad.

Want more? Here’s my in-depth guide on improving smartwatch battery life.

In short, the Noise Pulse Go Buzz gives you a whole lot of smartwatch without breaking the bank. 

From its accurate heart rate monitoring to its awesome display, this is hands-down the best smartwatch with a heart rate monitor you can snag for under 1500 rupees.

4. Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Max – Best Under 2000

Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Max


  • Biggest display
  • Premium metal design
  • Over 120 sports modes


  • Brightness should have been better


Resolution240×296 px
AMOLED displayNo
Watch faces100+
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes120
Wake gestureYes
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Battery lifeUp to 7 days

So you’ve got around 2000 rupees to spend and you’re thinking, “What’s the best smartwatch with a heart rate monitor I can get?” Well, I’ve got your answer: the Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Max. 

Trust me, this watch is an absolute powerhouse.

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First, let’s talk about the display.

It’s got a 2.01-inch display with a 240×296 px resolution. 

You get a lot of screen space with super-thin bezels, so it looks really slick on your wrist. 

And everything on the screen is sharp and easy to read.

Now, onto the health stuff. 

This watch doesn’t just tell time; it also tells you how you’re doing health-wise. 

It’s got an accurate heart rate monitor that works 24/7 and an SpO2 monitor to check your blood oxygen levels. 

It can even help you relax with breath training exercises. 

And it’s also got a sleep monitor to make sure you’re getting the quality sleep time you need.

Moreover, it has over 120 sports modes. 

Plus, it’s IP67 water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about splashes or getting caught in the rain.

Apart from this, you can make calls directly from the watch and even use voice assistance. 

And let’s talk about battery life—you can go a whole week without charging it.

So, if you can stretch your budget a tiny bit, you won’t regret picking up the Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Max. 

It’s got a big, bright screen, loads of health features, and a battery that keeps going. 

It’s hands-down the best smartwatch with a heart rate monitor you can grab for under 2000 rupees.

5. Fire-Boltt Visionary – Best Under 3000

Fire-Boltt Visionary


  • Attractive, premium design
  • Multi-functional crown button
  • Music storage


  • No quick reply


Resolution368×448 px
AMOLED displayYes
Watch faces100+
Bluetooth callingYes
Sports modes100+
Wake gestureYes
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep trackingYes
Battery lifeUp to 7 days

If you’ve got around 3000 rupees, the Fire-Boltt Visionary is what you need.

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First of all, the display is totally fabulous. 

It’s a 1.78-inch AMOLED screen with a 368×448 pixel resolution. 

That means everything looks super crisp and vibrant. 

Plus, with a 60Hz refresh rate, your swipes and scrolls are gonna be smooth as butter.

Now, let’s talk about health. 

It checks your heart rate with amazing accuracy, so you always know how your heart is doing. 

It also monitors your blood oxygen with the SpO2 feature, and it even tracks your sleep.

The Fire-Boltt Visionary has more than 100 sports modes. 

That’s right, it can keep up with you whether you’re swimming, running, or doing yoga. 

Plus, it’s IP68 water-resistant, so a splash of water or a little rain is no biggie.

And here’s a surprising perk: it has built-in music storage.

You can also connect your music TWS earbuds straight to the watch. 

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Oh, and did I mention Bluetooth calling and voice assistance? 

You can take calls and even control stuff with your voice, all without pulling out your phone.

So if 3000 rupees is in your budget, the Fire-Boltt Visionary is a no-brainer. 

And here is my detailed review of the Fire-Boltt Visionary in case you’re looking for more information.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it. 

We’ve explored a variety of the best smartwatches with heart rate monitor features, all designed to be your personal health coach right on your wrist. 

But if you want the best of the best, the boAt Ultima Chronos is the top pick in smartwatches with a heart rate monitor right now. 

With its stunning display and incredibly accurate heart rate monitoring among its many features, it truly stands out.

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