Fire-Boltt Epic Review (120 Sports Modes, Large Display And More)

Fire-Boltt has launched another low-budget smartwatch named Fire-Boltt Epic, I have been using it continuously for the last few days, and through this blog post, I will tell you whether you should go for it or No.

As a side note, many other smartwatches are already available in this segment, such as:

Now it remains to be seen whether the Fire-Boltt Epic will be able to overtake its competition or not because people are very fond of some other smartwatches.

I found this smartwatch very interesting because Fire-Boltt launched it in about 8 different colors (black, black gold, blue, green, grey, pink, red, and rose gold).

So you will have a lot of options to choose from.

Now, without further delay, let’s dive into my thoughts on the Fire-Boltt Epic.

Fire-Boltt Epic Review

What’s in the Box

  • Smartwatch
  • User manual
  • Magnetic charger
  • Warranty card

Design & Build Quality

In the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch, we see a rectangular dial with a function button for navigation purposes on the side, while some sensors and a charging point can be seen on the backside.

Fire-boltt Epic Design and Build Quality

Around the function button, you will see a raised design that enhances the watch’s overall look.

At the same time, silicone straps are seen in it, and as usual, they are replaceable with any 20mm straps.

Apart from this, if we talk about the build quality, we get to see a case made of plastic, due to which its total weight is very less.

Let us tell you that the Fire-Boltt Epic is a smartwatch coming in the low-budget segment, and in this segment, we mostly see the plastic build.

However, there is also an advantage to this: the watch’s weight is significantly reduced by plastic, so it is no problem wearing it all night.

Overall, the Fire-Boltt Epic is great in design and build quality, though it would have felt more premium if it had a metallic build.

Display & UI

The Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch shows a 1.69-inch display with a resolution of 240×280 px.

We see the display with this resolution in most of the smartwatches in this segment, and here I would say that you will not have any problem with this; you get to see very good details.

Fire-boltt Epic Display

i) Swipe Functionalities

Firstly, by swiping up, we can access the notification panel, where you can view notifications for calls and messages.

On the other hand, by swiping down, we can access the control panel of the watch; some toggle buttons are also given in this panel like:

  • Connection on/off
  • Vibration on/off
  • Flashlight
  • Theater mode
  • Brightness
  • Weather
  • Settings

In addition, by swiping left, we can access all the widgets like:

  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Measure HR
  • Exercise
  • Measure BP
  • Spo2
  • Weather
  • Shutter (camera control)
  • Player (music control)

And in this way, you will be able to complete a bunch of different tasks easily with the help of these widgets.

And finally, by swiping right, the menu section of the watch is enabled, with the help of which we can control the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch.

ii) Menu Section

In this section, you will see the following options:

  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Measure HR
  • Exercise
  • Measure BP
  • Spo2
  • Weather
  • Shutter
  • Player
  • Breathe
  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm
  • Countdown
  • Flashlight
  • Game
  • Settings*

*By going to the watch’s settings, you can change the menu view, set the vibration intensity, and access options like resetting the watch.

In short, the UI of the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch is quite smooth; there is no lag or stutter, and even the grid menus are easy to use.

Sports Modes

The best feature of the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch is the sports modes, as we see 120 sports modes.

You can access them by going to the Watch’s Exercise tab, which has two modes; First, by going to the widget section, and second, by the menu section.

You see a lot of detailed information in all the modes, and since it has an IP68 water rating, you can also enjoy swimming.

Watch Faces

The Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch has a slew of great watch faces; there are also some in-built watch faces that you can change by long tap on the home screen.

You will need the app to access the entire library, which has a dedicated section for watch faces.

In this library, you can see more than 140 great watch faces that you can install on your Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch.

Plus, you’re also allowed to customize the watch faces.


In the Fire-Boltt Epic, you will not have any problem in terms of notifications; in fact, you get to see an additional feature.

You can also mute and decline the call in the call notifications, which is a useful feature.

On the other hand, talking about SMS notifications, you get messages without emoji support, which you can read but cannot reply to.

However, you can select the messaging apps whose notifications you want to receive in your smartwatch; for this, there is a dedicated section in the app.

In short, I have no complaints about the notifications for the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch.

Health Monitoring

In the Fire-Boltt Epic, you see heart rate, spo2, blood pressure, and sleep quality monitoring as health features.

You can also access them through the widget section or the menu section.

Let’s talk about their accuracy.

I compared heart rate and spo2 data with medical equipment, and I got pretty accurate results; although you might get a difference of a couple of points sometimes, I can say that the accuracy is pretty good.

Fire-boltt Epic Heart rate, Spo2 and BP Monitoring

Apart from these, we have also been given the feature of BP monitoring, but unfortunately, I do not have any medical equipment, due to which I could not find its accuracy.

Otherwise, if we talk about the steps counter, I do not expect this feature to be accurate in any smartwatch of this budget as you do not get to see proper steps count even in high-end smartwatches.

App Functionalities

To connect Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch with your phone, you need to take the help of the Da Fit app; if you don’t know how to connect the Fire-Boltt smartwatch with a phone, then you can take the help of the above guide.

In that guide, I had also given information about all the functionalities of the Da Fit app, so you must have a look at it.

Fire-boltt Epic App Functionalities

This app allows you to set reminders or alarms apart from choosing watch faces and notification apps.

I like the user interface of the Da Fit app; it is quite smooth and easy to use.

Battery & Charging

In the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch, the company has claimed 7 days of battery life, but if you use the smartwatch a lot, its battery life will be 3 to 4 days.

However, I wrote a guide on smartwatch battery-saving tips, with the help of which you can improve the battery life of any smartwatch to a great extent.

A magnetic charger has been provided to charge the Fire-Boltt Epic, which takes about 2 hours for the watch to be fully charged.


The Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch features a medium-sized dial and 20mm straps made of high-quality material.

Due to these, I did not have any problem wearing it, and due to the replacement of straps, you can use the straps of your choice to increase the overall comfort of the watch.

Other Features

Apart from all these features, there are many other features in the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch, like games.

You have also been given some in-built games in this watch, which you can play in your spare time.

Apart from this, you can also set reminders which is an important feature for me.

In addition, this watch comes with a camera and music control feature, but unfortunately, we do not get to see the volume control option.

Who Should Consider the Fire-Boltt Epic

Now let’s talk about those who need to consider the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch.

First, if your budget is around 2000, you can feel free to go for it.

Second, if you want a low-budget non-calling smartwatch with a plastic build and a big display, you can consider this Fire-Boltt smartwatch.

And thirdly, if you are a sports lover and do different sports activities, then Fire-Boltt Epic will prove to be a useful option for you.

Who Should Avoid the Fire-Boltt Epic

But there are also people for whom the Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch does not prove to be a good option.

First, if you are looking for a Bluetooth calling smartwatch, avoid it as it does not have a calling feature.

Second, avoiding it would be a better option if you want a premium smartwatch with a metal build.

Third, if you have a good budget, then ignore it because you will have to compromise on many features; it is better to choose these budget smartwatches:

Fire-Boltt Epic Specifications

Display1.69″ HD display
Resolution240×280 px
AMOLED displayNo
Sports modes120
Watch faces140
Heart rate trackingYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Sleep monitoringYes
Stress monitoringYes
BP trackingYes
Bluetooth callingNo
Quick replyNo
Raise to wakeYes
Always on displayNo
In-built gamesYes
Camera controlYes
Music controlYes
Volume control (music)No
Battery lifeUp to 7-days

What I Like/Dislike about Fire-Boltt Epic


  • Full-touch color display with complete capacitive touch
  • Multiple sports modes
  • In-built games
  • Water-resistant


  • No volume control

Fire-Boltt Epic Review: Bottom Line

There are not many options available in the Indian smartwatch market in the budget segment of 2000, but Fire-Boltt is constantly trying to capture the audience who does not have a good budget.

It has also forced other brands to enter this segment, and due to this competition, we users get to see some good options.

You can take the Fire-Boltt Epic as an example, as we see a large 1.69-inch display with full capacitive touch with a good resolution of 240×280 px.

The most important thing about this smartwatch is that more than 120 sports modes have been provided; plus, over 140 watch faces will also help attract the users.

In short, the Fire-Boltt Epic is a useful smartwatch that offers decent features despite being on a low budget.

Fire-Boltt Epic Review: FAQs

Is the Fire-Boltt Epic Worth it?

Epic is a low-budget smartwatch with a large HD display, good resolution, smooth UI, 120 sports modes, multiple watch faces, and IP68 water-resistant features, so I can say that it is worth buying.

Is the Fire-Boltt Epic Waterproof?

Yes, this watch comes with IP68 water resistant rating, which can survive for about 30 minutes in a depth of one and a half meters of freshwater.

How many Sports Modes does the Fire-Boltt Epic have?

There are a total of 120 sports modes in this watch.

Does the Fire-Boltt Epic have AMOLED display?

No, this watch comes with a full-touch color HD display that offers complete capacitive touch, which results in a better touch response.

How to Connect Fire-Boltt Epic to phone?

To connect it with any phone, you need to download the Da Fit app; after downloading, you go into the app, tap on Add Device, and connect the smartwatch; make sure you have given all permissions.

How to change Watch Faces in Fire-Boltt Epic smartwatch?

To change the watch face, you can long tap on the home screen where some in-built watch faces are given; for the rest, you can use the Da Fit app.

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