7 Best Earbuds Under 3000 in India (My Top Picks)

In this blog, I am going to talk about the best earbuds under 3000.

In the sub-3000 range, you will have access to quality TWS earbuds from top brands like OnePlus, JBL, Jabra, and more.

You can expect the best music experience, clear calls, and seamless connectivity in this price range.

These are the prime choices.

To save some cash, have a look at these top earbuds under 2000 rupees.

Best Earbuds Under 3000

1. OnePlus Nord Buds – Overall Best

OnePlus Nord Buds


  • Good build quality
  • No distortion, even full volume
  • Great battery output
  • Easy-to-switch between paired devices
  • App support
  • Clear calls


  • No ANC support


Battery life (earbuds)8 Hours
Total playtime30 Hours
Type-C chargingYes
Fast chargingYes
Voise assistantYes
Low latencyYes
IP ratingIP55

OnePlus is famous worldwide for its top smartphones, and now they have launched their new earbuds: OnePlus Nord Buds.

If you are looking for the best earbuds under 3000, I recommend the OnePlus Nord Buds.

You see 12.4mm, titanium drivers in these earbuds, which provide the best music experience.

Since they are very lightweight and ergonomically designed, you get to see better comfort and passive noise cancellation, which further enhances your music experience.

The best part here is that you are also allowed to customize the sound to have a personalized sound.

The company has given quad mics focusing on better music and clear calls, where you also get to see the support of AI noise cancellation so that you can make clear calls without any interruption.

If you’re on a budget, check out these best noise canceling earbuds under 2000 rupees.

Often we keep connecting our earbuds from one device to another, and it always takes a lot of effort during this process, but OnePlus Nord Buds offer you smooth switching between paired devices, which is helpful.

These earbuds provide a total playtime of around 30 hours, while you can use them for 7 to 8 hours on a single charge.

Apart from this, they also have fast charging support, making them usable for 5 hours in just 10 minutes.

In short, if you are looking for the best earbuds under 3000 that need the best music experience, clear calls, and long battery life, OnePlus Nord Buds will be the best option.

2. Jabra Elite 3 – Best In-Ear

Jabra Elite 3


  • Ergonomic design
  • Customizable sound
  • HearThrough technology
  • Great battery backup
  • App support
  • Mono mode


  • No touch controls


Battery life (earbuds)7 Hours
Total playtime28 Hours
Type-C chargingYes
Fast chargingYes
Voise assistantYes
IP ratingNa

If you prefer stemless earbuds under 3000, you should go for Jabra Elite 3.

These are premium TWS earbuds that offer you the best-in-class music experience.

But what impressed me was the design, which has an ergonomic shape that makes them fit snugly in your ears and doesn’t fall out.

They are lightweight, and with an ergonomic design, they offer passive noise cancellation, further enhancing your music experience.

For personalized sound quality, the brand has integrated Sound+ app support in these earbuds so that you can customize their sound based on your interest.

I also tested them in calling and got a good experience.

Let me tell you that you get to see quad mics that come with noise cancellation support, helping in clear calls.

One thing that surprised me a lot is that you get physical buttons instead of touch controls in these earbuds.

Since the Jabra Elite 3 are premium earbuds, the touch controls should have been given in them, which I did not like.

However, the physical buttons are handy for those troubled by the problem of the wrong touch while removing the earbuds.

These earbuds support Bluetooth version 5.2, which gives you stable connectivity; they also support mono mode, making it super easy to use a single earbud.

Often we use mono mode to save the battery of earbuds which is very handy for Jabra Elite 3.

On top of that, these earbuds give you 28 hours of total playtime, while on a single charge, you can use them for up to 7 hours.

In short, if you want premium in-ear earbuds under 3000, the Jabra Elite 3 will be a great option.

3. JBL C115 – Best for Music

JBL C115


  • Good battery backup
  • Balanced music experience
  • Compact size
  • Good sound quality


  • No volume control


Battery life (earbuds)6 Hours
Total playtime20 Hours
Type-C chargingYes
Fast chargingYes
Voise assistantYes
IP ratingNa

The JBL C115 is one of the best earbuds under 3000 that you can buy for a better music experience.

Let me tell you that you have been given 5.8mm drivers, which, despite being relatively small, produce good sound.

Here you’ll hear balanced music where the treble is good, but the bass is less, so if you prefer high bass, ignore it.

Apart from this, their charging case’s size is also pretty small, so you can easily carry them in your pocket.

The JBL C115 earbuds come in the budget range of 3000, but still, you get to see physical buttons instead of touch controls.

Although they are pretty soft and press quickly, I always prefer the touch controls in true wireless earbuds.

As I told you, these earbuds have small-size drivers, which makes their overall size small and light, and they fit comfortably in the small ears.

These earbuds provide a total playtime of around 20 hours, while you can use them for 5 to 6 hours on a single charge.

If you are a music lover, you will love these earbuds as you see JBL’s signature sound, which can provide high-quality, balanced music.

Along with this, these earbuds also perform well in calling; you can prefer them for calls.

For more options, you may also want to consider exploring these top earbuds for music.

4. Skullcandy Dime

Skullcandy Dime


  • Great music experience
  • Decent mic quality
  • Compact size
  • Fast connectivity


  • Average battery life


Battery life (earbuds)3 Hours
Total playtime10 Hours
Type-C chargingYes
Fast chargingNo
Voise assistantYes
IP ratingIPX4

I’ve used several Skullcandy headphones and have always loved the quality.

If you are looking for the best earbuds under 3000, Skullcandy Dime can be a good choice.

The case of these earbuds is minimal, even smaller than a car key, which makes them highly comfortable to carry, and the design is very creative, which I liked.

Since these earbuds come from Skullcandy, their products are known for the best sound; you can also expect the best sound quality in these earbuds.

Although you will not get to see high bass in these, these will be the best option if you are crazy about balance music.

These earbuds are water-resistant, with an IPX4 rating, which means they are protected against splashes of water.

So, if you wear them to the gym, you won’t have to worry about any damage due to sweating or accidental splashes of water.

You can also check out these earbuds for working out.

In these, you get to see Bluetooth version 5.0, which is a bit outdated, but they get fast pair support, which automatically connects to the last paired device as soon as the earbuds are taken out of the case.

I liked one of their features; when you try to pair them with a device, and if they are not able to pair for some reason, they automatically go into pairing mode.

Generally, in such a situation, you have to turn the earbuds off and on and then connect; this feature proves very useful.

I also tested their mic and got decent experience; the good thing is that you can see the mics in both earbuds.

Apart from this, you get to see a total playtime of 10 hours in these, while the earbuds can provide you with 3 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Indeed, this battery life is significantly less according to the budget of 3000 as you see total playtime of up to 40 hours in this budget, but considering the rest of the features, it is justified.

However, if you use these earbuds’ battery-saving tips, you can extend their battery life by a few hours.

5. Oppo Enco W11

Oppo Enco W11


  • Compact, glossy design
  • Clear vocals
  • Low latency
  • Soft touch control
  • Decent battery backup


  • Bad calling experience


Battery life (earbuds)5 Hours
Total playtime20 Hours
Type-C chargingYes
Fast chargingNo
Voise assistantYes
Low latencyYes
IP ratingIP55

You can also consider Oppo Enco W11 one of the best true wireless earbuds under 3000 rupees.

The good thing about these earbuds is that they are kept small so that they do not feel bulky after wearing them, and the size of the charging case that comes with them is also kept compact, which makes them easy to carry.

In this case, you get to see a glossy finish which makes them look like premium earbuds; however, I prefer the matte finish more as they protect the case from scratches.

The sound quality of these earbuds is also good; you will get to listen to balance music, and the vocals are quite clear in these earbuds, which proves to be very useful for movie lovers.

However, if you are a high bass lover, I would not recommend these earbuds as the bass is a bit low in them.

Although these earbuds are not made for gaming, I tested them in gaming and found the latency to be relatively low; however, you can see some latency in FPS games like COD Mobile.

But you can get these best low latency earbuds for better gaming experience.

I also used these earbuds in calling, but unfortunately, they did not perform as well as I expected; the other person would hear unwanted sounds while calling in a noisy place.

However, if you make calls indoors, they give a better performance.

These earbuds provide a total playtime of around 20 hours, while on a single charge, you can use them for 4 to 5 hours.

In short, if calling is a priority for you, you should ignore them; on the contrary, go for them if you prefer the compact size and balanced sound quality.

6. Realme Buds Q2

Realme Buds Q2


  • Elegant design
  • Rich bass
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Transparency mode


  • Not good at calling


Battery life (earbuds)6 Hours
Total playtime25 Hours
Type-C chargingYes
Fast chargingYes
Voise assistantYes
Low latencyYes
IP ratingIPX5

In the list of best earbuds under 3000, the Realme Buds Q2 is also a great contender that offers you the best sound quality.

In these earbuds, you get to see high bass, which will be the best option for bass lovers.

You can also hear clear vocals, making these a good choice for movie buffs.

These earbuds do not give that much better performance in calling; they do not have noise cancellation and catch the surrounding sounds.

However, they will give you a good calling experience in a quiet environment, so avoid them if your priority is calling.

Apart from this, the company has also offered ANC in these earbuds.

However, I did not find this valuable feature during testing; you will not see any significant difference if you turn ANC on and off.

However, you get to see the transparency mode, which allows you to hear the outside sounds clearly, and this feature works well.

Well, comfort is a personal thing, and everyone’s comfort is different, but I can say that they will feel highly comfortable to most people.

I also found the battery performance of the Realme Buds Q2 TWS earbuds to be excellent; they offer you around 25 hours of total playtime while on a single charge, you will be able to use them for 5 to 6 hours.

They come with fast charging support, which allows you to use them for almost 3 hours with just 10 minutes of charging, which I found pretty interesting.

In short, if you prefer rich bass, excellent battery backup, and stylish design, the Realme Buds Q2 will be a great option.

7. boAt Airdopes 441 Pro

boAt Airdopes 441 Pro


  • Massive battery backup
  • Balanced sound
  • Fast charging
  • Earbuds are lightweight
  • Seamless pairing experience


  • The charging case is a bit bulkier


Battery life (earbuds)5 Hours
Total playtime150 Hours
Type-C chargingYes
Fast chargingNo
Voise assistantYes
IP ratingIPX7

Next up in the best TWS earbuds under 3000 is the boAt Airdopes 441 Pro, which comes with a massive battery backup.

Let me tell you that in these boAt earbuds, you see a total playtime of about 150 hours, while on a single charge, they can be used for 5 hours.

The charging case tends to be a bit bulky since they use a bigger battery for longer life, but the company has done a great job of keeping the size compact.

Also, I found the design of the earbuds quite attractive; they come with ear hooks so that the earbuds do not fall out.

If you tend to listen to a lot of music, the Airdopes 441 Pro will be a good choice as you get to see boAt signature sound, which makes the music listening experience manifold better.

Along with this, these earbuds will also be a good choice for bass lovers, they do not have very high bass, but the bass has been optimized very well, which enhances the overall music experience.

You can also use them for calling, they do not get as much better noise cancellation, but there is not much problem with calls.

In short, if long battery life is paramount for you, you should go for the boAt Airdopes 441 Pro.

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Bottom Line

Under Rs 3000, you can find earbuds that offer great features and performance.

These budget earbuds provide high-quality sound, clear calls, and comfortable fit, making them a great choice for a seamless user experience.

If you’re having trouble deciding which earbud to buy, this buying guide can help.

Keep in mind, the OnePlus Nord Buds are the top pick for earbuds under 3000 rupees.

Additionally, you may want to explore these alternative budget guides.

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