boAt Wave Ultima Review: Attractive 1.81-Inch Arc Display Smartwatch

In this blog, I am going to review the new boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch.

It comes with a curve arc display, which gives it a unique look; also, this smartwatch has Bluetooth calling function to make calls.

In addition to the display, I noticed that the Wave Ultima offers many useful features, making it one of the best smartwatches in its category.

There are many popular smartwatches in this segment, and it’s a great contender in an extremely competitive budget segment.

In this boAt Wave Ultima review, let’s see if it will outperform other smartwatches.

boAt Wave Ultima Review

What I Like/Dislike About boAt Wave Ultima


  • Large 1.8-inch curve Arc display
  • 550 Nits brightness
  • Multiple customizable watch faces
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Separate notification panel
  • Dedicated Bluetooth-calling chip
  • Over 100 sports modes with auto workout detection feature


  • Plastic body

boAt Wave Ultima Specifications

Display1.81-inch HD
Resolution240×286 px
Brightness550 nits
AMOLED displayNo
Sports modes100+
Watch faces100+
Voice assistantNo
Heart rate monitoringYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Blood pressure monitoringNo
Step counterYes
Bluetooth callingYes
In-built GPSNo
Bluetooth versionv5.3
Quick replyNo
Raise & wakeYes
Always-on displayNo
In-built gamesNo
Camera controlYes
Music controlYes
Battery lifeUp to 10 days

What’s In The Box

  • boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card

Design & Build Quality

The boAt has tried to make the design of Wave Ultima very attractive.

boAt Wave Ultima Design

On the right side of the smartwatch, you get to see the power button and mic, while the speaker is given on the left side.

However, from the point of view of user experience, I prefer the crown button as it allows you to perform many tasks that are impossible with the simple power button.

Apart from this, you can see some sensors and a charging point on the backside.

In this boAt smartwatch, you get to see a plastic frame instead of a metal, which is a bit disappointing because, in this budget, other smartwatch brands provide metallic frames.

And since the boAt Wave Ultima emphasizes design and looks, it would have been much better if it had a metal frame.

Along with this, you get to see silicone straps which you can replace with other straps.

In short, the boAt Wave Ultima sports a very attractive design, but due to the plastic body, it cannot provide you with that much better build quality.

Display & Watch UI

boAt Wave Ultima Display

The boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch features a 1.8-inch Curve Arc display that enhances the look of the smartwatch manifold.

Although you do not get to see an AMOLED display, but due to the great resolution of 240 x 286 px, this display provides very good quality.

If AMOLED display is your first priority, you can go for these best AMOLED display smartwatches.

One of the good things about the display is that it offers a brightness of 550 nits, making it easy for you to use in outdoor conditions.

Its arc display provides a very attractive look but does not have a bezel-less display; you will see some minimal bezels.

Now let’s take a look at its UI.

In general, when you swipe down in the smartwatches, you see the control panel, but in boAt Wave Ultima, you have been given a separate notification panel.

In this section, you will see all the notifications of the smartphone.

You have also been given a feature that when a notification comes in your smartphone, a dot appears in the corner of the smartwatch’s display, which lets you know about new notifications.

On the other hand, on swiping up, you can access its control panel, where you can see some options like flashlight, brightness, dial pad, settings, etc.

Also, by swiping left, you can access all the widgets of the smartwatch that give you direct access to options like heart rate monitoring, spo2 monitoring, music player, etc.

You can also use the physical button to go to the menu section of the smartwatch.

boAt Wave Ultima UI

In the menu section, you will see the following options.

  • Health data
  • Sports
  • Phone
  • Sports record
  • Heart rate
  • Blood oxygen
  • Stress
  • Breath training
  • Sleep
  • Weather
  • Music
  • Event reminder
  • Clock
  • Ambient sound
  • Flashlight
  • Find phone
  • Settings

Apart from these, you can go to Settings to access the rest of the smartwatch options.

In short, the display and UI of the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch perform well, and you don’t notice any lag.

Watch Faces

I liked the watch face segment of the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch, as you see so many unique and amazing watch faces.

To change watch faces, you can long tap on the screen, and you will get to use some in-built watch faces.

In addition, you can also select watch faces using the smartwatch’s companion app, where you get to see a large library of over 100 watch faces.

The app also allows you to customize these watch faces.

Bluetooth Calling

The most important feature of the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch is Bluetooth calling. To make it even better, boAt has used a Bluetooth-calling chip.

In this Bluetooth-calling smartwatch, you get to see Bluetooth version 5.3, ensuring seamless connectivity while calling.

This smartwatch has a good-quality mic and speaker, which are responsible for providing you with a better calling experience.

Apart from this, this smartwatch also gives you some additional options for a personalized calling experience, like setting the ringtone of your choice and controlling the ringtone’s volume.

In short, the calling function of the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch will leave you without any complaints and you will be able to enjoy a smooth calling experience.

Sports Modes

I also recommend the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch to sports enthusiasts as it offers more than 100 sports modes.

The boAt is known for its in-depth sports data reports, where you can analyze the data for each sports activity.

Along with this, you also get to see the feature of auto workout detection in the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch, which works in walking and running sports activities.

Apart from this, through the smartwatch companion app, you also get to see an account of your sports data which you can analyze.

In short, you get to see enough sports modes in this smartwatch that you can perform.

Health Monitoring

One of the beautiful features of smartwatches is that they can help you with your health monitoring.

Although you should not use the health data captured by smartwatches for medical purposes, but this feature certainly proves to be useful in many ways.

In the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch, you get to see essential features like heart rate monitoring, Spo2 monitoring, and stress monitoring.

You can also access them directly through widgets, or in the menu section, you can see separate options.

Their data is quite accurate in heart rate and spo2 monitoring, although if you test it on a delicate part of the body, the accuracy will be better.

You can get the data of all these health monitoring features in one place in its companion app.

App Functionalities

To access all the features of the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch, you will need the boAt Wave app, which is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

To connect this boAt smartwatch to your phone, you grant all permissions to the app.

In the app, you will see an account of your health monitoring and sports activity data.

The good thing about the app is that it shows you health and sports data separately, making them easy to analyze.

Battery Life & Charging

Regarding the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch, boAt claims that this smartwatch is capable of providing a battery life of about ten days in typical usage.

However, if you use its Bluetooth calling function more, this smartwatch offers a battery life of 2 to 3 days.

Apart from this, you get to see the magnetic charging cable with this smartwatch, which can fully charge in about 2 hours.


boAt Wave Ultima Comfortability

The boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch is designed to provide maximum comfort.

To keep it light, plastic material has been used; although I am not in support of it, but it cannot be denied that smartwatches provide better comfort due to being light.

Let me tell you that the total weight of the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch is only 45 grams.

In this, you also get to see very good quality silicone straps which are replaceable, and you can replace them with any third-party straps.

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Other Features

Besides all these essential features, boAt Wave Ultima has some more exciting features.

In this, you get to see the IP68 water rating, which makes it usable for swimming.

You also have the option to check out these amazing waterproof smartwatches.

Apart from this, the smartwatch also comes with an ambient sound detection feature which shows you the intensity of the surrounding sound.

Nowadays, you can also see this feature in other low-budget Bluetooth-calling smartwatches like Pebble Cosmos Prime.

Who Should Consider

Now let’s talk about those who need to consider the boAt Wave Ultima smartwatch.

First, if you want a large unique display on a low budget, you can use this smartwatch.

However, you can also try the following low-budget segments:

Second, if you are more attracted to style and looks, you can still go for this smartwatch.

Third, you get to see Bluetooth calling chip for a better calling experience in this smartwatch, so if the calling feature matters to you, feel free to go for it.

Who Should Avoid

Some of the people who should not consider this smartwatch are as follows.

First, If you prefer a metallic body, this smartwatch is not for you; instead, you can go for Fire-Boltt Visionary.

Second, people who want an AMOLED display can also stay away from it, although its display quality is amazing.

boAt Wave Ultima Best Alternatives

The boAt Wave Ultima is not the only option in its segment, but you will also find many amazing smartwatches from Noise and Fire-Boltt in this segment.

The following smartwatches are the best alternatives to boAt Wave Ultima:

Fire-Boltt Ring 3


  • Advanced Bluetooth calling chip
  • 1.8-inch large display
  • Full metal body
  • Voice assistance
  • 118 sports modes
  • In-built calculator & games
  • Heart rate & Spo2 monitoring

You can also check out my full Fire-Boltt Ring 3 review and boAt Wave Ultima vs Fire-Boltt Ring 3 in-depth comparison.

Noise Icon Buzz


  • 1.69-inch display
  • AI voice assistance
  • Built-in games
  • Noise health suite
  • Weather report
  • 7-Day battery life
  • 100+ Watch faces

Fire-Boltt Ring Pro


  • 1.75-inch HD display
  • 320×385 px high resolution
  • Pin code locking functionality
  • Split screen access
  • IP68 water rating
  • Unique rotating multi-functional button
  • Quick charge technology

Check out my full Fire-Boltt Ring Pro review here.

boAt Wave Ultima Review: FAQs

Does the boAt Wave Ultima have a metallic frame?

No, you get to see a plastic body in this smartwatch.

Does boAt Wave Ultima have an AMOLED display?

No, you can see a 1.81-inch curve arc HD display with a good resolution of 240 x 286 px.

What is the battery life of boAt Wave Ultima?

Typically, this smartwatch can last about ten days, while with the Bluetooth calling function, you can use it for 2 to 3 days.

How many sports modes does boAt Wave Ultima have?

In this, you get to see more than 100 sports modes, and this smartwatch also has an auto workout detection feature.

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