Fire-Boltt Gladiator Review: You Don’t Need It

In this blog, we are going to talk about the Fire-Boltt Gladiator smartwatch.

Despite the fact that the Fire-Boltt Gladiator may look like an Apple Watch Ultra copy, it has some unique features.

It has several distinguishing features that make it stand out among other smartwatches.

In this review of the Fire-Boltt Gladiator, we will thoroughly examine all aspects of the smartwatch, from its design to its features.

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch Review

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch

Bottom Line

The Fire-Boltt Gladiator sports a massive display and over 120 sports modes.

However, there are also several shortcomings that make it less competitive compared to its rivals such as Pebble Cosmos Engage.

Those who desire a larger display and particularly like the design of the Apple Watch Ultra may find this smartwatch appealing.


  • Massive 1.96-inch display
  • Enough brightness
  • Metallic build quality
  • Over 120 sports modes
  • Animated watch faces
  • Voice assistant


  • You can’t use third-party strap
  • IP67 water resistant
  • Limited watch faces

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Specs

Resolution240×282 px
AMOLED displayNo
Sports modes123
Watch faces
Voice assistantYes
Heart rate monitoringYes
Spo2 monitoringYes
Blood pressure monitoringNo
Step counterYes
Bluetooth callingYes
In-built GPSNo
Quick replyNo
Emoji supportNo
Music StorageNo
Wake gestureYes
Always-on displayNo
In-built gamesYes
Camera controlYes
Music controlYes
Battery lifeUp to 5 days

Design & Build Quality

The design of the Fire-Boltt Gladiator smartwatch is giving rise to speculations that it is an Apple Watch Ultra clone.

It’s important to note that the Fire-Boltt Gladiator smartwatch does contain a side function button and a crown button that are similar to those on the Apple Watch Ultra.

While the speaker grill is visible on the smartwatch’s opposite side.

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Design

Its overall design may have been inspired by the Apple Watch Ultra, although it is not an exact clone.

In terms of build quality, the Fire-Boltt Gladiator boasts a solid metallic frame that adds to its overall durability.

Additionally, the quality of the straps is impressive, as they are made of soft silicone that does not irritate the skin.

Unfortunately, the straps are not removable, which may be a drawback for some users in the long term.

To sum up, the Fire-Boltt Gladiator turns out to be great in terms of design and build quality but the absence of replaceable straps could be a deal breaker for many.

Display & UI

In Fire-Boltt Gladiator, you get to see a massive 1.96-inch display, which makes it the biggest display smartwatch.

It comes with a resolution of 240×282 px and the company has used 3D glass on it so that the display comes out great.

At the same time, you will also get to see the brightness of 600 nits, which is capable of keeping the display visible outdoors.

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Display

On the other hand, it does have thin bezels, the bottom bezel is relatively thicker, which may not be aesthetically pleasing to some users.

Let’s talk about the user interface.

You can access the control panel by swiping down, the notification panel by swiping up, and the widget section by swiping left.

You are also allowed to customize its widget section where you can place your favorite widgets which I found to be a very useful feature.

Apart from this, you can access its menu by swiping right.

One of the best things you get to see in Fire-Boltt Gladiator is that it comes with 8 different UI themes, so you have the option of customizing different menu styles.

In short, the Fire-Boltt Gladiator’s large display makes it the perfect choice for thick wrists, and its UI is also quite decent.

Watch Faces

Most of the Fire-Boltt smartwatches come with a lot of watch faces, but in the Fire-Boltt Gladiator, you get to see only limited watch faces.

Despite the restricted watch face selection, it’s important to note that there are animated watch faces that provide a quirky touch.

Future updates may include the addition of more watch faces.

However, in my opinion, the smartwatch should have come with a wider range of watch faces initially.

Along with this, it also has some built-in watch faces which you can change by tapping & hold on the screen.

One of the watch faces available on the smartwatch is the Inspire from the Apple Watch Ultra.

A notable feature of this watch face is that tapping on it causes the color to change, adding an element of interactivity and interest.

Its functional crown button allows you to easily change the watch face on the smartwatch.

Additionally, you have the option to create and set a custom watch face on the smartwatch.

Bluetooth Calling & Notifications

Fire-Boltt Gladiator is a calling smartwatch that gives you the facility of hands-free calling.

It gave me a decent calling experience, the speakers are not loud enough to use outdoors but good enough for indoor conditions.

Although the voice clarity is quite good which makes the calling experience better.

It also has transfer call function, which can be a convenient option to have.

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Bluetooth Calling

An interesting feature of the Fire-Boltt Gladiator is the ability to turn off the Bluetooth calling function, which is not a common feature on other smartwatches.

In addition to this, the smartwatch offers both ringtone and vibration mode options, which can be useful in different scenarios.

Also, you are allowed to access all the notifications but you will not be able to reply to them.

In short, the Fire-Boltt Gladiator isn’t the best when it comes to Bluetooth calling, but performs decently.

Health Monitoring

In the Fire-Boltt Gladiator smartwatch, you get to see health parameters like heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, stress monitor, and sleep quality monitor.

And with this, it performs very well in terms of accuracy, although you may occasionally find inaccurate readings.

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Health Monitoring

It also comes with a wear detection feature which prevents the smartwatch from giving false readings on non-living things.

The Fire-Boltt Gladiator also has a female cycle tracker which is a useful feature for women.

Sports Modes

In Fire-Boltt Gladiator, you get to see 123 sports modes which makes it an ideal smartwatch for sports.

You can also analyze the records of all your activities in the smartwatch itself, which is quite convenient.

However, one disappointing thing about it is that the smartwatch is IP67 water resistant which doesn’t allow you to take it to the swimming pool or in the heavy rain.

This can be a deal breaker for many but I have prepared a list of the best waterproof smartwatches for you which can be helpful.

Battery Life & Charging

In Fire-Boltt Gladiator, you will get to see about five days of battery life in typical usage but it can last up to two days with the Bluetooth calling feature.

You do not get to see the support of fast charging in this smartwatch and it takes about two hours to charge.

For your convenience, I have shared some tips to improve smartwatch battery life in this guide that you can try.

App Functionalities

You can connect the Fire-Boltt Gladiator to your phone through the Da Fit app.

For more details, you can see our step-by-step guide on how to connect a Fire-Boltt smartwatch to a phone.

This app allows you to analyze all your health and fitness data.

Fire-Boltt Gladiator App Interface

Plus, it lets you customize multiple settings and features of the smartwatch.

Other Features

You do not get to see any extraordinary features in Fire-Boltt Gladiator but it keeps many basic features.

Its most impressive feature is the E-card which allows you to save multiple QR codes to the smartwatch.

Fire-Boltt Gladiator E-card Feature

Apart from this, features like built-in games, a calculator, weather report, camera control, music control, and voice assistant are available.

Another thing I found convenient about it is that you can set an alarm from the smartwatch itself, most smartwatches require their companion app for this.

Who Should Consider And Who Shouldn’t

If you want a smartwatch that is similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, has a massive display, and offers multiple sports modes, you can go for the Fire-Boltt Gladiator.

However, if advanced calling functions, better water resistance, and a range of unique features are important to you, this smartwatch may not be the best choice.

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